Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stefan's 4th birthday

Hi there,  We have been in Plettenberg Bay since Saturday.  I was so tired that by the time we left home I was on very close to burn out.  Since we have been here it has really been a cycle of EAT. BEACH. READ. SLEEP. REPEAT.  Our day starts with a long walk on the beach...a quick shower followed by breakfast.  The weather has been glorious so we have spent our days sitting on the lawn of the hotel reading...then it is an afternoon nap followed by a decision of where to eat.  I have started to breathe deeply again.

This is the view from our unit...and this will always be my happy place.

Before we left on Saturday we celebrated Stefan's 4th birthday.  The theme of his birthday was "Robots" and for weeks he drove us crazy with the question of when he is getting his Robot cake.

The birthday boy.

 My Silhouette Cameo worked overtime in making the decor.  This banner was on our front gate.

 The Robot cake

 Spare Parts

 Nuts and bolts

 What I love about our home being the "party venue" is that I always get some beautiful shots of my grandchildren.  Here is my wild princess.

 She is growing up way to quickly.

 The party packs, robot stickers and pop corn boxes were all cut on the Silhouette Cameo.

 The moment he has been waiting for forever :-P

 Getting a sugar rush.

The only time they were actually quiet.

 The three musketeers.

 The little ones had loads of fun playing on the jungle gym

 ...and discovering.

 My gorgeous boys Lukas and Dewan first giving their Ouma pretty smiles...

 ...and then some funny faces.

 The perfect party venue...with lots of nooks and crannies.

 Rediscovering how much fun it is at Oupa and Ouma's place.

 Son Wynand and grandson Lukas.

 Another fun photo.

 ...nothing has changed with Stefan and Juan...always being funny and refusing to make eye contact or smile...

 ...they do the "bum shaking"thing the moment the camera comes out :-D

 ...okay too close...but at least proper smiles.

 Dewan...separating himself from the crowd.

 A thoughtful moment...maybe deciding to play along and let Ouma have a good smile?

 This little man just has the most beautiful dimples.

I would love to know what is going through that little head.

This afternoon we drive back to Port Elizabeth. We made a slight miscalculation when we booked ticked to see the Chris de Burgh show and it will now mean two less days in Plett.  My darling man sold my car last week and tomorrow morning we fly to Durban where he bought my next car.  So there really is never a dull moment in my life.

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  1. Hmmm, I'm not sure I would have come back two DAYS early for Chris de Burgh... ;) but then again, D cut our holiday short for Joan Armatrading! (apparently it was amazing so well worth it)

    Congrats to Stefan and to Bianca, keep calm. 4 was not my favourite age.

    Your other grandson looks EXACTLY like his dad, down to the glint in their eyes and their smiles :)

  2. Glad you had a stunning holiday! Happy birthday to the lLittle Man! Great photos, as always!

  3. What wonderful photos of a special boys birthday! They each have lovely charactistics and I am sure you are enjoying them growing up and becoming little people! I hope you are had a much needed time out and a refreshment to keep you going in life. I look forward to hearing about your new wheels too! God bless!

  4. Oh my gosh -4 !!! Happy birthday to you all. And i have to agree with Marcia = but then again we are not as close to Plett as you are so... enjoy - and the new car

  5. I hope you feel refreshed and recharged after your time away! The birthday party looks awesome! My grands would love it! We have a 3 yr old celebrating on Monday! Your configuration is like mine-a girl and then two mischievous boys! Love the robot cake! And the spare parts cookies! You sure put your Silhouette into action!

  6. LOVING the photos!! Looks like the party was a hit!!!!! And glad you had a relaxing time on your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Stefan! Looks like a great party and love all of the favours you made for it! Great photos of the family. The kids are all growing up!

  8. Your grandchildren are growing up and cute as ever! Family time is such a blessing! Enjoy your new car!

  9. Your grandchildren are growing up and cute as ever! Family time is such a blessing! Enjoy your new car!

  10. Wow, what a great party!!! Happy birthday to the "tiny human." :)

  11. Belated birthday wishes from here too. Lots of fun was happening there. Glad you had a trip planned to recover.

  12. Wonderful day! Happy Birthday Stefan!
    Very cute beautiful photo! The holiday was a success !!!

  13. Such a wonderful post Lynette! Lovin' all the photos!

  14. Such a joy filled, happy, family post. Lovely photos and wonderful seeing the kid lets having fun with each other. Glad you had a time of rest and serenity, during your holiday.

  15. Happy Birthday to him! When my son was that age we had a robot party too, because he was such a big fan of a tv show called "Robot Wars"

  16. Wow, your vacation sounds wonderful! and that first photo is so stunning!!
    Congratulations for Stefan! Love the robot cake and adore all the photos! Looks like he had a great party!!

  17. Your holiday place looks great! And the photos of your grandchildren! What a delight! Robots is a great theme for a birthday party. Happy belated birthday little human.
    I hope you now feel rested and refreshed. How was Chris de Burgh? And I hope you are going to tell us about your new car.... How exciting!

  18. Good for you! You need the beach! My good news is that we are safely able to go now but prefer to stay home for a bit and just live a normal everyday life for awhile. Woohoo! Then cruise, here we come!

  19. Glad you got time at your happy place!!!!

    Awesome photos from the birthday party!

  20. Glad you are getting some rest and recouperation! ;-) Love the photies from your boytjies Birthday party...Happy Birthday to him! Love the little goodie packs and the super cake....just perfect for a little boy! ;-)

  21. Scrolling through this made me start with a grin and end with a big ol' smile! What a fabulous theme for a party and super decorations that your Silhouette made!

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  23. So glad you were able to unwind. And the party looks like great fun!

  24. So glad you were able to unwind. And the party looks like great fun!

  25. Lovely blog post Lynette. The party looks fabulous - well done!! You could be a party planner for sure! Hope you had an awesome time in Plett and are now enjoying your new car. Sending you hugs

  26. Such delightful 4th birthday photos. The little ones do make one laugh and keeps the grownups on their toes lol. Love the intro pic of this post!
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  27. Been a while since I've been around! So fun reading about your 4 yo's birthday, since mine was just last weekend. This one is into Thunderbirds.....but man! We had nothing like your Silly designed party gear. LOVED the titles on the food & those popcorn boxes etc. No wonder you were almost burnt out. All that on TOP of working full time. Whoa!! Anyways. Looked like your beach retreat [how true was THAT word!!!] was just the thing! Hope you're not too hectic atm. Apart from planning solar cos of BILLS, I mean;)!!!!

  28. Hi Lynette! It looks like an amazingly fun and very creative party! I love, LOVE the robot theme and how it abounded!!! And all of the happy photos really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation photos, too. It seems I need something like that right now, but it's just not in the cards at present! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with all of us! HUGS to you, my friend!

  29. Lol found your blog again. Such a fun birthday party with wonderful photos.
    You are so blessed having such wonderful break aways to our beautiful coast line.
    Also enjot your new wheels, another blessing!
    Also hope that the show was wonderful.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  30. This is what family is all and togetherness. You grandest are soooo beautiful.You are so blessed.

  31. Hello Sweet Lady...have you dropped off the face of the earth! I am sure you are hecticly busy and I do see some updates on FB. Hope you are well my friend and that you are happy, abundant, healthy and blessed! xxx


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