Saturday, March 12, 2016


I need to tell you that Lizzy is right.  Normal is indeed only a setting on a washing machine.  There is NO normal in life.  Today, for the first time in more than two weeks I feel that I can unplug, breathe deeply and just chill.  My son was visited by the surgeon this morning (even though the surgeon is supposed to be off this weekend) and he is happy with Wynand's condition.  He would most likely be discharged again on Monday after they have removed his sutures.

On Tuesday evening when we drove home from visiting Wynand in hospital we anticipated that he would be discharged on Wednesday morning and that it would be our last late night returning from the hospital.  On Wednesday I pampered myself to a lovely hair appointment...knowing that Wynand was on his way home and that we would see him later the afternoon.  When we visited him, we noticed that his breathing was laboured and he was in pain and uncomfortable.  On Thursday morning when we woke we found that Nadia had sent us a message that Wynand's condition had deteriorated to such an extent that she was taking him to the hospital's Emergency Ward.  X-Rays confirmed that he had a lot of fluid in his lungs and at that stage his pain levels were totally out of control.  The surgeon was worried and started injections diuretics as well as blood thinning medication to prevent blood clots.  On Thursday night his pain escalated and the nursing staff did a poor job at managing it.  No need to tell you that they were severely scolded and given a lengthy sermon on pain management by a very angry surgeon yesterday.  My son was sent for a CT scan and the scan was clear of blood clots but still showed fluid in his lungs and around his esophagus.

I can't explain to you how I feel.   On the one hand I have absolute faith in the Lord and I know that He has promised Wynand total restoration...but on the other hand there is nothing worse for a mother than watching her child suffer.  I would gladly suffer on his behalf if only I could.  I cannot even remember how many people told me to "just breathe".  I can however tell you that your child will always be your matter what their ages.  You will always worry about them!

In my last post I told you that I am "special investigator"on  CSI Color Story Inspiration for the month of March.  Last Saturday I took out my detective kit and managed to solve case file  #194.  Scrapbooking is still the very best therapy for stress.

 Here is my layout:
Supply list:  Patterned papers: My Minds Eye; Cardstock: American Craft; Letter Stickers: Pink Paislee; Chipboard: Blue Fern Studio; Flair: Adri du Preez (bicycle) and My Minds Eye (this day); Buttons: Crate Paper; Enamel Dots; My Minds Eye; Die cuts: Wilna Furstenberg; Twine: Unknown; Ink: Distress Ink in pumice stone; Embossing Paste: Studio 490; Stencil:  Crafters Workshop. Embossing Powder: Lindy's Stamp Gang.

The case file:

Here is how I solved it:

The Scheme:  I used all 5 colours.

Evidence:  Stipes, Stars, String, Something loopy (the border chipboard), toys (flair); diamond shape.

Testimony:  I used the title PLAY.  My journaling ïs about a favourite toy: "Stefan, this will probably always be the ost favourite toy of all time.  We can take you anywhere, as long as we load your motorbike.  This will most probably be the only toy that will outlast your childhood."

Some close ups:
 I love that the My Minds Eye Market Street Collection was such a good match for the Scheme of the case file.

 I had a large number of cut files from Wilna Furtenberg's IHeart Sudio...I cut them up and layered them under my lollipop flowers.

 I used a diamond shape stencil behind this cluster and then used Distress Ink in Pumice Stone as a watercolour over the embossing paste.

 I added the little bicycle flair and lots of enamel dots.  (love those)

 The "something loopy" to use was this Blue Fern Studio border that I embossed with slate grey powder.

My "new" favourite way of documenting the story is with this cute typewriter font in journaling strips.

Thank you for visiting my blog...I hope you are having a restful weekend.



  1. So sorry to hear that he is having complications ... my thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Your page is gorgeous! I am LOVING the colors and the flowers!

  2. How sad that the recovery Wynand delayed due to complications ... a few days and nights for the nerves and emotional experiences. Let us pray for his recovery and your strength, Lynette.
    As well, we have a thing for which you can escape from the worries at least for a while. The layout is perfect as a photo of Stefan.

  3. Sorry to read this sad news. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers Lynette! Your layout is super cute! You really rocked the challenge!

  4. I can only imagine the awfulness of having a sick adult boy! You are soooo right - they never really stop being our 'babies' - no matter how much they may protest.... Hope he keeps moving forward in the right direction & THIS time leaves hospital for good! And WINNER of a surgeon you've gotten there:) as for your page- well, that would be a winner too if you weren't already a winner being asked to guest!!!!! Love the brights, the subtle bg texture & most of all the lollipop flowers. They look AMAZING...& you are going to be sooooo enamoured with the Cocoa V goodies.... Something to look forward to to play with!!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your sons setback. Sending hugs and prayers. Your layout is a sure winner though! Love it.

  6. It is the worst to see your child in the hospital! You (and your son) have been in my thoughts and prayers. I agree, scrapbooking is a great stress reliever! Speaking of, I so love your work! Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me!

  7. Sending big hug to mom, do remember to take care of yourself in order to take care of your son.
    A fun layout, the colors, the layers, it is just perfect!

  8. I can only imagine how worried you are about your son. I'm having our second on Tuesday and I've worried over her for nine months already!

  9. Sometimes.... the answers to our prayers are simply done.. a yes and here it is.. sometimes..... we go around the mountain... and around the mountain... and we sit on the side of that precipice and look up at how far we have to go.... forgetting to look down and see how far we have come.. and then sometimes we are on the top of the mountain in the cool breeze delighting ourselves in the victory... and then in our earthly travels we see another mountain looming... sometimes we are in that valley, and it seems there is absolutely no way out.. no way through.. no way under.. no way forward.. and then we look up... and in that infinite sky we simply must let go and know that we have an infinite Father with the hugest hands in all the universe and we are in them.. At night when I take my puppy out for her wee, I am blessed when we have a clear sky and the stars are so amazing, they take my breath away.. and I am in awe of just how small i am.. but He sees.. He sees each tear.. He hears each sigh.. and I can only try and understans.. in my little mind try to get a grip on Who He is and why life is the way it is.. Why was I born here in this country, and not somewhere else.. why am i blessed with such freedom and my sisters across the ocean are in danger of their life if they even have a Bible.. Too many questions.. have more faith.. breathe.. trust.. pray...let go.. hold it tight.. why.. why not.. There sure is no normal for life.. not sure why I have typed all this.. it just flowed out.. I certainly will continue to pray for your Sons total and complete healing.. they are always our children.. we will always hold them in our hearts.. we are tied with invisible cords made by the Spirit at conception I am sure.. Your layout is lovely, that bike looks like a wonderful toy which brings adventure and imagination play.. love all the die cut leaves.. love that loopy border too.. life is loopy!!! hehe! sending love across the oceans.. sending my prayers across a bridge of love to you and your family.... xx

  10. Hi Lynette I hope your son is much better now?
    Lovely scrap!

  11. Hope Wynand recovers super quick so that life can get back to normal for him and you guys - it can't be good being on tenterhooks all the time, and it's never a good thing when you know the hospital staff well :)


  12. What a fabulous page for these adorable photos!! Love the bold colors. Praying for Wynand as he recovers. ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  13. I'm so sorry to hear Wijnand's recovery is not going smoothly. I feel with you. Even an adult son is still 'your baby'. I totally understand. We continue to pray for him and all of you.
    Your lay out is great! Good therapy.
    Hang on in there! Hugs,

  14. Ai Lynette - so sorry about the complications but so glad that he seem to be recuperating well now. And I guess that is 100% true - it will always be the worst thing ever to see your child suffer

  15. I can't imagine what you must be going through, as you're so right, you're children will always remain your babies no matter their ages! Keeping my fingers crossed that Wynand will recover super quickly. Sending you BIG hugs!! xoxoxoxo
    Love your layout, it's as stunning as always!!

  16. I am so glad that your boy is doing ok and you are so right no matter how old they will always be our kids. I think you are doing ok too.
    Congrats on the CSI DT thing too :D I haven't played along in forever. Just no time and even less inclination. This is a beautiful layout and such sweet photos. <3

  17. Gosh I really hope your son is on the mend soon. Yes, as mothers we would do anything for our children. I'm so glad you got a bit of scrap therapy in though. And what a fabulous page! It must have made you feel better. All the very

  18. Gosh I really hope your son is on the mend soon. Yes, as mothers we would do anything for our children. I'm so glad you got a bit of scrap therapy in though. And what a fabulous page! It must have made you feel better. All the very

  19. Just catching up on your blog and I am so sorry to hear that your son has been sick. Yes we are forever mamas and never want our children to suffer. Sending best wishes. On a lighter note, congrats on being Special Investigator at CSI! I have to say that I love every last detail of this page!! Oh those flowers!!

  20. Oh, my gosh!! You must be going crazy with worry! I hope your son is finally feeling some better and out of pain! God bless you! I thought I should check in since returning from my adventure! Your layout is terrific. So many great details. Hugs to you!

  21. Oh dear, how frightening. I hope he has turned the corner and recovered. I am glad you were able to get a little unplugging done with scrapping. Your results are so pretty as always.

  22. Lynette ... You are so right about our kids being our babies no matter how old they get!

    I am so sad to hear that Wynand had a relapse ... and that the nurses handled it so badly.

    Your CSI layout is awesome!!! Glad that you took the time out for some scrap-therapy.


  23. Lynette, Praying that Wynand is home and doing better after his setback....hugs to you! So glad that you were able to let go for a short time and scrap. The "Play" layout is the photos!

  24. Lynette, so sorry to hear that Wynand has had a little setback but I really pray for his complete recovery! I pray also for you and the supporting family, that you would have strength and courage. It is never easy for a Mamma to watch her children in pain!!
    Loving your page....the colours just pop and really do like that typewriter font.
    The photo's are so precious too!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers....and sending you many virtual hugs! xxxxx


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