Thursday, February 4, 2016

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hi there,  We are having the hottest summer ever this year.  Port Elizabeth is normally known as the windy city but this year we have had a relative wind free summer...and I believe that is the reason why it is so hot.  I am not complaining.  I love the warm and balmy evenings and we spend a lot of time in the pool.  I realise again how incredibly blessed we are to live on the coast.  Our favourite beach is Sardinia Bay.  It is part of a nature reserve and there is no development...the down side is that you have to climb a huge dune when you have to return to your car.  Here are a few photos of our last visit to the beach.

 On top of the can see how ant like the people are down on the beach.

 Our little man.

 Horses and dogs are welcome.

 Stefan playing in the rock pools...he even caught a few little fishes.

 I love this photo.

 Stefan being covered with sand by Oupa.

 What is not to love?

In December I was in desperate need of some creative therapy...and off to Jeffreys Bay I went to spend the day at Cariena's shop.  She taught such awesome techniques with liquid pearls, inks, stamps and die cuts.  The whole background of this 2pager was created from scratch...and I LOVE these colours.

I used some photos that I took when all the children and grandchildren visited in December.

 Here you an see how beautiful gold liquid pearls look when rubbed through a stencil.

 This is my favourite colour combination.

 Stamping with different coloured distress inks.

 How beautiful is this stamp in different colours and layers.

Now that is what you call wholesome therapy.

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  1. Wow! I love summer and the heat! still better hot in than cold ... cold when about 30 in high humidity - brrrr ..., but now we have thaw.
    Layout beautiful, Lynette! very interesting and beautiful effect of the golden medium!
    Thank you for the clarification on blogger!

  2. Your designs always inspire me and love those photos, a day a the beach is just lovely!

  3. Such gorgeous pics - all of them - but my favourite is the one of the horses too!

    Lynette, is J-Bay the place for surfing and scrapbooking these days?


  4. I think I need to come for a visit. ;) Those views are just stunning. Speaking of stunning... soooo much textural goodness going on in that page. I especially love the little texture on the banners. I'm totally going to steal that trick!

  5. Beautiful layouts Lynette! Love all the pretty photos on the pages and the others! Looks like a wonderful place to play in the sun and sand! GREAT therapy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVING the family photos and love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors and those amazing textures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We share the hot weather here too Lynette. Luckily a bit cooler this week. Love the gold bits through the stencil and the various colours on the stamping. Clever work with the gold blossoms on the trees and how cute are those little kidlets playing. TFS

  8. Great beach photos! I wish I could stay near the coast as well! It looks lovely, and I really do think you have a more quality of life down there! Enjoy!

  9. Being cold and wet in the UK at the moment I am quite jealous of your climate (and the beach!)Lynette! The background on your layout is stunning and what a beautiful way to display your photo's. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xx

  10. Oh the beach does look so good.. and a dream of mine is to ride a horse along a beach.. one for the bucket list!! and lovely layout, love the idea of liquid pearls and a stencil.. fabulous stamping too.. and a bit of creative therapy makes the world a bit easier to live in... hehe... have a good weekend.. xx

  11. Just dropping by to say hello! So loving the background you've created. I've never used liquid pearls thru a stencil. Must give it a try! Xx

  12. Love that liquid pearls idea! I've so many of them that need using! And that swirly stamp - that helped create a fabulous bg. Gorgeous page.... Gorgeous beach. I'm with you. - that horse caravan photo.... Totally dreamy:):)

  13. Oh what a lovely beach! And what gorgeous weather. Lucky you. I can imagine you like that beach. I would too. It reminds me of a beach I used to go in my childhood. Golden sands, rock pools and not developed.
    Fantastic double page! Yes, I love that liquid pearls too. It has a great effect. (I haven't got any but I have Acrylic Effects Paste and one of the colours is gold. Similar thing)
    Beautiful photo of the horses on the beach...

  14. Love your photos and your page is gorgeous ... Never thought of using liquid pearls in that way. Would LOVE to attend a class with you ... I will put that on my Bucket List for 2017.

  15. The variety you bring to how you scrapbook pages is just phenomenal. This one is beautiful and whimsical at the same time!

  16. Beautiful beautiful Saards! And yes, that horse photo is fantastic

  17. Looks like lots of fun. Love the stamp - different way of creating the page you want when you can't find the right paper!

  18. Loooooving your gorgeous page and beautiful photo's! So stunning!
    Yes...this has certainly been a VERY hot summer this year and we have spent many happy hours in the pool! You are certainly lucky to have the beach! ;-)


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