Friday, January 8, 2016

Unpacking my word for 2016 - GRACE

Hi there to all my friends in the computer.  I wish you a wonderful, joy filled 2016.  I am shocked to see that more than a month has passed since my last post. December was a hectic month in the Jacobs household and I have captured many of the moments and will do a photo post of December in photos soon.   There has been times in the past month that I have seriously considered throwing in the towel with blogging and just closing it down.  My time is often times limited and I have to decide whether to blog or to create...the pressure of keeping up with all my friends sometimes becomes a burden and when I see the length of my Bloglovin unread sometimes scares me.  But here goes to continuing on this journey.

My word for 2016:

GRACE defined: (noun)
  1. The exercise of love, kindness, or good will; disposition to benefit or serve another.
  2. The divine favour towards man; the undeserved kindness of forgiveness of God; divine love or pardon.
  3. Beauty, physical, intellectual, or moral; easy elegance of manners; perfection of form.
In this past year I have been hurt by those I didn't expect would ever hurt me...those who are the closest to me.  The first reaction when that happens is either to lash out and pay in kind or to withdraw and start building walls to keep yourself from getting hurt.  

If I choose to lash out I will end up not liking myself and alienating those that I really, really love.  

If I choose to withdraw and build walls to protect myself against hurt, I will lose out on the love that I would have received if I stayed open and receptive to those around me.

This year's word is something that I cannot do in my own strength...I am going to need the Lord's power to extend grace to those who hurt me and those who I come into contact with.  I cannot love them in my own strength when they don't deserve it. I want to flow in grace and forgiveness.  I want to share this beautiful song with you.

Grace is undeserved love that benefits or serves another.

Grace is kindness and forgiveness even when they don't deserve it.

Grace is a choice and a challenge.

Grace will keep away bitterness.

Thank you for reading♥
Do you have one little word to live by this year?
Please share it with me♥


  1. I hope this year that God pours his grace out even more richly on you, so that you can in turn pour it out to others. Have a blessed 2016, Lynnette.

  2. I love your word for this year! I have chosen "go" as mine, to help me continue with my weight loss goals!

  3. Oh gosh, I know! It will take plenty of grace.

    A lady I follow on my organising queen instagram account also has grace as her word - I will tag you to read what she said.

  4. Have a wonderful 2016, Lynette! All the best to you and your family.

  5. Ah Grace... sigh.... what a beautiful word... Grace flows when love stops, Grace flows when words cease, Grace is always waiting.. I pray you know the flow of Grace from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.. and another good thing about Grace.. it does not depend on us.. there is nothing we can do to earn it or lose it, we can try and ignore it, but it will always be waiting... beautiful Grace... my word this year is peace.. I shall pursue it, I shall learn about it, I shall let it surround me in the storms that come this year.. I will seek it with a passion knowing that perfect Peace comes from the Peacemaker and lover of my soul.... Grace and peace to us both in 2016..xx

  6. Hey special lady ... I am delighted that you have decided to continue blogging ~ I think the important thing is that you do not put pressure on yourself to blog and read blogs but do it when you have time. Blogland would definitely be poorer without you in it!!!!

    I love you word ~ And my prayer for you is that it shows up in abundance in your life not only in 2016 but always!!!! I am saddened that your heart has been hurt and I am grateful that you have shared that with us so that we can also learn from it and apply the learning in our own lives ... I have been battling with the walls I built VERY quickly around myself during 2015 and it takes time and love for those who have hurt me to try and remove the walls but I cannot do it on my own.

    My word for 2016 is 'simplicity'... I keep trying to figure out when and how life became so complicated ... I totally exhausted myself over December at work and am looking at how I can accomplish what I need to in absolute simplicity yet keeping up the excellence for which I continually strive.

    Here's to a grace filled year!!!!

  7. Phew! You not blog? EEEK! That would be simply awful for me. See? Selfish reason but nonetheless.... a reason to keep you doing it when you can. No pressure. Just let it flow when it happens I say. Bit like Grace, really. Good luck with that. Hard work. Absolutely impossible without God's help. Lots of it. Having said that, one step forward & all that & I'm sure you'll get there. Least you have a word. I always have such difficulty. It should NOT surprise you that I often come up with brilliant PHRASES.... [verbosity I have in abundance!!]...but getting it down to a word ends up with much frustration. So I totally 'pass' on the word thing. OI! AND it could've been ME writing about keeping up with blogging and FB and creating and all that GUFF....but you know, it's a lovely sense of community - we all LOVE YA.... well, I do anyways;) .....right. Must move on on that Bloglovin' list!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, Lynette. If you stopped blogging, I would miss you so much. I look forward to reading your wonderful posts, always so full of thoughtful words and beautiful art work. I know blogging is time consuming and would fully understand it you stopped for awhile. ( . . . but not too long! LOL!!!) I love your word for 2016. Loved reading why you picked it and all about it, too. Hugs to you, my friend!

  9. It would be a pity not to see your posts, Lynette ... I miss))
    May 2016 will bring a lot of joy, and no disappointments!
    "God gives man many trials as he can withstand"
    Forces you in your mission.

  10. Just remember Lynette...Grace, and forgiveness, doesn't mean you have to allow that person to act that way with you again....delicate balance...I know!

  11. My dear friend - I totally love your word. Wishing you a graceful and happy 2016

  12. Great word for 2016, Lynette! I wish you Grace!
    My word is Yes! I am saying yes to everything coming my way this year!

  13. Great word choice Lynette! All you can do is do your best :) my husband constantly reminds me that I don't make money blogging :)

  14. A beautiful and soft word...I hope that this year is really an awesome one for you and that grace and love abounds everywhere and in everything! xx

  15. I agree Lynette, with such limited time, I am also often tempted to stop blogging. It just seems like yet another thing on my endless 'to do' list. So glad that you've decided to continue. Wishing you a very blessed 2016 filled with Grace. Hugs.

  16. Oh!!! Dearest Lynette!!! It hurts to read that you have been hurt by your closest friends <3 But sometimes things happens without any reason, at least we can't see why right now. But don't let that dull your sparkle of life,even if it's hard. I know I have been there myself.... and I always struggle with bad selfconfidence... So my word for this year and until time stop is "I Am Enough" And so are YOU!! Not by our self BUT in the Grace of God!!! You are an amazing woman and I am so so grateful for your sweet comments and you always know when I need it the most!! You are so used by God my friend!! Sorry if my english is wrong here and there but I hope you understand what I will say :) Amazing Grace and all the Blessings to You my Sister<3 Anna xo

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  18. Please don't ever give up blogging. I don't read all my blogloving posts, there are only 24 hours in the day. I haven't read yours either for a while. But you are on my prayer list and I saw your name and thought: I wonder how Lynette is. So I am catching up on your blogs now. Grace is a beautiful word. (One of my names is Grace). I have been on the receiving end of grace. My prayer for you is that you may receive lots of grace and that the Lord give you the strength to give it in equal measures. Don't laugh. Nothing is impossible with God. You (through Him) will find a way.
    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.(2 Cor 13:14)
    PS I deleted my comment because I had made several mistakes. I have corrected them now.

  19. OMG I havent blogged in over two months. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we need to be less harsh on ourselves. Well I do. I don't have a word for 2016 but I am guessing it would believe... I need to have more faith in myself. <3

  20. Hi Lynette, this is definitely a post from the heart and one which made me go off on a thinking tangent. I decided I had to choose ONE word for 2016 and more than an hour later I have decided that "growth" is my word as it encompasses many things which I intend to achieve this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


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