Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The weekend that was - Seaview Lion Park

This past weekend we all took it slow.  I spent Saturday playing with paper, glue and glitter (a girl must have some sparkle)  Here is a little glimpse of what I am working on. The page is inspired by a page kit by Glenda Viljoen...and as usual I deviated a tad.(artistic license?)

We are trying to do something out of our normal routine each weekend.  This weekend we decided to take Stefan to the Seaview Lion Park on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

They have other wild animals as well...I love zebras.

 I love the sea in the background of this photo...the wild and the beach...the best of both worlds.

 A close up of this mama.

 Mama with her babe.

 The cute baby giraffe

 We arrived at feeding time...and the lions stormed up the slope to where the food was placed...

 ...and then swiftly dragged it away to go and eat in peace.

 A photo of the four of us.

 Stefan was in awe of the great creatures.

 It always saddens me to see wild animals in captivity.  They were born to be free.

 The siberian tiger is so obviously out of place in our hot weather.

 Stefan and Bianca are equally camera here is helping me capture his mama. 

I love this one of them...even with his "cheesy" smile.

 ...and one of the two of us.

Now I am off to go and finish that page.  I will post another scrappy post later this week.



  1. I also find the captured animals sad but it does give us all a chance to see them up close. Those lions in full speed are awesome - and scary!

  2. Fabulous photos. I'm with you re: captured animals....but those lions look happy enough! They are majestic animals, they really are. Loving that photo of Stefan & his Mum, too. Looks fabulous....can't wait to see your finished page. And OF COURSE you can take 'artistic' licence, comes with the territory I reckon!!!

  3. Oh wow the lion park photos are stunning, I actually thought the lions were running towards you without a fence between you.. so relieved to see the fence.... I love zebras too.. and the lions are majestic.. I guess in some ways the animals are safe behind the wire as sad as it is.. You all look relaxed and happy.. and that page is looking good.. love the seaweed.. looking forward to seeing the whole page later on... His grace to you...

  4. Love love love all the photos!!! That one of the lions running is amazing! And so happy Stefan was able to get Mama in the photos!!!! That makes my heart happy!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fantastic post Lynette! Love all the photos of the beautiful animals and your family :) TFS

  6. Love this post of your special time with your family!

  7. That fence seems kind of flimsy to me! But the lions are magnificent. What a fun day you must have had!

  8. I love that you're doing something fun each weekend - I have it every year on my list... but to do once a MONTH :) And some months it's a big scramble!

  9. Oh it looks so lovely and warm there. Weekend outings to new places are always a treat. Stefan looks as though he enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the full layout reveal.

  10. Looks like a beautiful page! I would like to tag along to one of those amazing safari park!

  11. Great photos! Had to smile about the one with Bianca and Stefan! That looks like a beautiful place! I agree: I hate animals in captivity too!

  12. Thank you, Lynette!
    Lovely photos, travel with you. Stefan probably was delighted.
    Noticed white lioness, do these happen?

  13. wow Lynette .. this is a glorious post .. full of adventure and beauty ... just love the texture in your layout and all the colors and details ... beautiful x

  14. Gorgeous photo's....there's such beauty in Africa!

  15. Looks like a fun adventure! Great photos.

  16. Such lovely photos. We are off the the Kruger next week for a week and I can't wait. I have my cameras charged and I just want to go.


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