Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Finnabair event in Jeffreys Bay

We were so blessed to have the fabulous Finnabair (also known as Anna Dąbrowska).  I was blown away  by Anna's lovely nature and humility.  A really, really nice person.  Our first day was our class with Finnabair.  She taught us to make an artsy canvas using lots of mechanicals and other embellishments.

A photo with the talented Finn.

A very good teacher indeed.

 The class that she taught was called "over emotional".  This is the canvas after the elements were stuck down in place.

The next step was apply gesso to all of it...and I managed to get gesso on my photo to...yay me! This creates a canvas for the sprays and other mediums that was added later.

A photo taken by Priscilla.  My happy place...deep in thought will my hands are busy.

Anna leaving her mark before she left.

 Before class on the second day Kobus and I went for an early morning stroll on the beach.  

 OH, how I love the beach...I am truly a saltwater girl.

 My darling man had two days of playing golf while I was playing with paints, paper and other mediums.

I cannot imagine ever living away from the coast.

The second days classes were with these two talented ladies.  Jowilna Nolte and Cariena Basson.

 Another lovely bonus is meeting bloggy friends... (Here I am with Lisa Marie)

...and making new friends.  I love the bubbly Christelle to bits.

This is the layout...with awesome techniques that Jowilna taught...the perfect backdrop for the photos taken during the event.  Moments captured to be remembered.

So close ups: 
 We masked and misted.  Inked, stamped and stitched to our hearts content.

 Moments captured.

 We were taught how to transfer images on serviettes and use them as embellishments...

 ...and how to tone down bright papers or washi tape with gesso.

Wonderful moments to remember.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and spending some time with me.



  1. Oh, how cool !!! You had a scrap-marathon or a master class with Finnabair !!! This, I believe, was marvelous !!!!
    ... I was even a bit jealous))))

  2. Perfect couple of for him & scrapping for her!! Match made in heaven....AND seaside thrown in!!! Love your scrappy photos..... I had a peek at the FB looked a FABULOUS time & the food looked pretty yummy too!!! Love both projects...the serviette thing looks fab & of course, Finnabair ROCKS!!!

  3. Love your gorgeous canvas and beautiful layout, looks like lots of fun too!

  4. How fun! LOVING all the photos and love love love your lo!! Such gorgeous colors and loving that you scrapped the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. How lovely is that canvas and what a great way to feed your soul. Some day, when the kids are all grown we are also going to have times like these...

  6. Gorgeous canvas and layout special lady!!!! I love your work! So glad you got time to play.

  7. How divine to indulge your passion for a weekend. I was just wondering if that was the same workshop Lisa-Marie went to and the next pic was of you and her :)

  8. Wow! What a supadupa weekend! Anne (Finnabair) does get around doesn't she. And you learnt a lot of things. I'm only a teensy bit envious.... Plus the beach nearby....Well you deserve it. You work very hard and this was time to play.
    I love your double LO, the color is gorgeous too. And that 'over emotional' canvass is stunning.
    Wonderful that you made new friends and met existing ones. (I was going to say 'old' ones, lol)

  9. Wonderful projects! All the workshops sound amazing, and so does the beach! Craft get-togethers are definitely one of the best things in life.

  10. What a blessing! And your work is gorgeous.

  11. Oh you know what? There has to be a scrap room in heaven where we can continue to create with the passion we have on earth only better! How wonderful to do those classes and meet such special people!! Love the beach photos, beautiful place! And your layouts look amazing! I shall expect more finn inspiration on your pages now you know!!! And just for some trivia... My given name coralie I have been told means maiden of the sea.... Haha! So perhaps I was meant to be a lover of the beach from birth!!! Love those moments!

  12. Oh how fun Lynette! You made such wonderful projects! Thanks for sharing all that crafty goodness and the beautiful photos! I love the beach but hide from the sun. It's a double edge sword.

  13. That seems like an inspiring event! The photos and scrapping are stunning!

    I would have loved to stay near the coast as well, Lynette! You are lucky!!

  14. Your projects are beautiful! Such a wonderful event to attend. Like you I also love the ocean ... it's were my soul comes to life!! XxX

  15. Your projects are beautiful! Such a wonderful event to attend. Like you I also love the ocean ... it's were my soul comes to life!! XxX

  16. Oh my goodness!!! I am so jelly! I would LOVE to take a class with theeeee Finnibair! Your canvas looks like it turned out amazingly!

  17. It looks like an amazing time, Lynette! It must have been so cool to meet Finnibair, let along learn from her! I love the canvas you made - stunning! And your 2-page layout is gorgeous, too - the best part is that it is full of wonderful memories. I love that you documented the photos from your class.

  18. What an absolute wonderful time you had Lynette! The fact that your hubby had 2 days of golf while you were having crafty fun sounds ideal. Your projects look amazing! Wish I could meet you IRL too. :)
    To live near the sea is real bonus for us, as we moved to Perth from Johannesburg. I love the sea too and hope we can retire somewhere with a view over the ocean. One can always dream hey?! ;)
    Thank you so much for always popping past my blog and for all the lovely comments you leave me. I really appreciate your ongoing love and support.
    Take care. xx

  19. Oh my goodness what great photos and what an amazing time you had! What an experience you will always treasure!

  20. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time! lucky you. Can't wait to see the finished canvas!

  21. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time! lucky you. Can't wait to see the finished canvas!

  22. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Your canvas looks amazing. Love your LO and the transfers look stunning. Very soft effect with the gesso technique too. That beach looks lovely.

  23. Wow, that sounds like an incredible two days! Both of the projects look cool. And I'm glad that you and your husband both got to enjoy your hobbies--scrapping for you & golf for him.

  24. How wonderful to spend the weekend doing what you love, with special people. Beautiful end results! xx

  25. Wow....that was certainly an event not to miss! Beautiful creativity and art...beautiful lessons...beautiful friendships and beautiful time spent doing the things you love!!!!!! Perfection! ;-)


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