Thursday, November 26, 2015

Harkerville Saturday Market - Photo post

When we are on vacation we love to go to places where we can relax, have something good to eat, a aromatic cup of coffee, sit long and people gaze.  During our last holiday in Plettenberg Bay we visited the Harkerville Saturday Market.  It is situated on the road between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay and comes alive every Saturday morning.

 A place where locals and visitors meet...

...and sit a while.

 Flowers can be bought.

 Believe it or not...these are all made from felt and other fabric...lovely pin cushions?

 Fresh farm produce

 Sand art for the children.

 Interesting stalls with lots of handmade products.

 Tea time treats.
 Beautiful handmade glass jewellery.

 Home made cheeses.

 Fruit and other snacks to "dry" for.

African Art...
...all too pretty.
Our favourite foodstall...the Bundu Breakfast...

...where you have a choice between the "full monty"...

...or the "half monty".  
 ...yup....the sitting the very best part.

 ...followed closely by people watching... you can see a very "relaxed" environment to spend your morning.

Thank you for visiting my little place in cyberspace...and for sitting for a while ♥


  1. Oh I love sitting in the shopping centre and people watching with glazed eyes and mind far far away! Great photos, looks like a lovely place to spend some time.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks like a place we would love to spend time at.

  3. Loving all the photos! Those pin cushions are beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. seems to be great place to move around

  5. I love places that are interesting to wander around and if there are beautiful things to buy - even better!

  6. Looks like an amazing market! Out here we call them, "farmer's market". Lots of goodies to be had at this one. Love those felt cupcakes. I thought they were desserts at first!

  7. Oh, what an interesting place !!! Thank you for sharing photos ...
    sweets are mouthwatering ... from felt pity that!

  8. Ohhhh, that looks Sooo relaxing & fun! Those little cakes.... Amazing & I love the breakfasts!! My DH would go craaaazy over the cheeses! Great photos. Making me hungry though.....better go have a quarter monty brekky;)!!!!!!

  9. Lovely place! Would love to visit one day! Great photos, Lynette!

  10. Looks so peaceful … but interesting as well! Xxxoo

  11. Lovely photos - love the felt food. Also great for children - pretend play!

  12. When I come to visit you we can go and have a loonnng visit at the market!!!

    I would go for the half monty at Bundu Breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  13. Thanks for taking me to that market. I can imagine you love it. I would love it too. It looks a bit like a craft fayre. Lots of home made products and a relaxed atmosphere. Those cup cakes look so real, and I love those African dollies. The flowers are gorgeous and the breakfast made my mouth water.
    Have a good week,

  14. I love farmers market, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us!

  15. Great photos Lynette! Looks like you had a lot of fun! TFS :)

  16. I love places like this! Food, people watching and photos :)

  17. I truly enjoyed reading your post and seeing your amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with all of us. (I was blown away by those felt flowers and cupcakes. So realistic looking and beautiful!!)

  18. Love to see all these photos and getting an impression of where you live!

  19. That looks awesome!! Unfortunately there is nothing like this here in Durban. I would absolutely love that!!

  20. Gorgeous photo's and looks like an awesome place to visit! ;-)

  21. That does look like quite the spot to while away a Saturday morning. I like that those platters of sweets were non-fattening.


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