Wednesday, November 11, 2015

As we speak...

Something light for today...

Learning to live in the moment...whatever the moment might bring...
Loving the warm weather and feeling the sun on my skin
Enjoying crafting...when my hands are the times when I commune with God best.
Watching Homeland...the only program I try to never miss
Reading After Me by Jojo Moyes
Craving Malva pudding with custard
Accomplishing a lot of admin that has been left on the back burner...sigh.
Thanking the Lord daily for His supernatural provision to all the people at the Mission.
Hoping for somebody to take over some of the admin I do at the Mission...the pressure is getting to me.
Wishing that I was sitting on the beach at Plettenberg Bay right now
Dreaming of a cruise in the Mediterranean.
Drinking lots of water and diluted apple juice with ice

What are you doing as we speak? 


  1. Trying not to fall asleep on my computer as I blog around;) Love these 'snippets' of your life.....sounds like we need to send up prayers for a capable admin peep to take the weight of your shoulders. Then you can do more than just dream about that beach, eh??!!!

  2. I am reading your blog at the moment :) I just started dinner and while it is cooking, I am checking out my friends blogs :) LOVE Jojo Moyes!!!!!

  3. Sittin on my lounge with my iPad and hopping around my friends all over the world and seeing what is new on their blogs with Jamie Oliver cooking show on the TV raving around his healthy food! Just wish he would come and cook it for me!! Enjoy the moments in your day!

  4. If I lived closer I would happily take over some of the admin from you special lady!!!

  5. Deleting lots of unread posts from my blog - but none in my Friends category. That mean I am enjoying catching up with you and others before I tackle a backlog of chores around here. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love these kinds of posts. So much fun to consider where we are at the moment.

  7. Such a lovely glimpse into your life, Lynnette! Thanks for sharing.
    Joanne xo

  8. I am busy deciding which project I must do next. I have so many DT projects to do that I have to get cracking and priorities are certainly coming into play! ;-) Inbetween I have to get gifts etc ready for very very busy! ;-)

  9. Catching up on blog reading :)


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