Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our visits to Katberg

We were blessed to be able to spend a weekend in Katberg at the beginning of August.  It was our honeymoon destination many moons ago and the first time we visit the area again after 36 years of marriage.  I want to document what the Katberg Hotel is like now because in the past I had written how Kobus and I used to go dancing at the Minetti Hotel in Seaview...and I was shocked to learn that no photos of the Minetti in its Hey Day still exist today.

When I booked the only option was to rent one of these golf villa's.
The golf villas are on the golf estate a stone's throw away from the original Katberg Hotel.

The beautiful Katberg mountains.

We didn't know just how bad the dirt road to the estate would be...if we knew we would have travelled in the bakkie...all the winter rain caused a lot of erosion of the road.

The second day there we walked to the hotel and found it abandoned.

We stayed in one of these rooms 36 odd years ago.

The path leading to reception and the dining hall.

The empty pool and pool area.

Yup...I was there too.

Kobus and old man's marbels ;-)

A baby donkey next to the it's woolly coat.

I drove the golf cart while Kobus played.

A stunning golf course.

This old bridge was also along the road...very high.

This last weekend it was a repeat performance.  This time the Bravehearts Golf members booked for a night and two games and the ladies were fortunate to be invited along.

Sitting outside in stunning weather.  Have I told you that we have had a very wet, grey and cold winter.  Just sitting and feeling the sun on my skin was medicine for my soul.

Spring has sprung in this part of the world and beautiful blossoms were plentiful.

I had breakfast with these two ladies.

The pool area at the Spa.

More pretty blossoms.

The three of us visited the hotel grounds again and this time it was in full bloom.

Azaleas in every colour imaginable.

The fresh green leaves of the oak trees are so bright they hurt the eyes.

Beautiful Camellia.


The gardens of the hotel are in full bloom but the buildings are still abandoned.  According to the managers of the golf estate a lot of money needs to be spend on getting the hotel back to it's former glory.  Unfortunately the road to the hotel has deteriorated so badly that occupancy has dropped and employing 80 staff members when only 20% of the hotel is occupied just does not make economical sense.  The hotel will only be opened again if the local government agrees to upgrade and maintain the road to the hotel.  Sad but true.  If you have a 4x4 vehicle however I can highly recommend this destination.  It is beautiful, quiet and peaceful.  Medicine for the soul if you live in a city.



  1. Such a beautiful place! LOVING all the photos! So sad to see the hotel abandoned!

  2. Oh, that is so sad....but lovely that you could walk around and enjoy the gardens! Looooved seeing the photos of the blossom. Balm to my soul:) And that little donkey! Wish we had them here:):) Glad you had a couple of nice weekends away!!!

  3. So very sad to see Lynette. Amazing how everything is just better when the weather is nice and warm though!

  4. It looks like it was a fun time exploring it, although it must have been so odd to see a place that's so vibrant in your memories now empty and a shell. Sorry I haven't been by this week - I'm in the process of moving so will be in and out of the bloggy world for the next two weeks while I pack and haul and... Sigh.... Move.

  5. Wow, you spring! What are the a remarkably beautiful location Lynette !!! Flowering Garden - a balm for the soul!
    Probably it's an amazing and strange feeling - a return after 36 years ....
    Thank you for the lovely photos!

  6. Everything is better in great light :) We went to Sabie earlier this year and arrived on a grey, dismal day (that doesn't bother me, as you know). However, the place looked awful in that grey light and I was quite disappointed but the next day and the ones following the sun was out and it was beautiful once again!

    Did you forget the weekend late July when I was down there? :)

    PS I've never been to the Katberg!

  7. Nice you could visit again after all this time. But so sad that it has been abandoned!

  8. I had no idea the hotel was abandoned! Dave and I had a few wonderful weekends there , he went off on his motorbike and I lazed by the pool went for walks etc. That road was shocking in those days , but we were fortunately forewarned and went in a bakkie. i still have a video clip (somewhere) of a family of pigs crashing through the grounds being chased by the hotels resident retriever. Boy you have really stirred up some memories with this post!

  9. Such a wonderful change of scenery for the two of you. Trust your batteries are recharged. You are so blessed to go away so often during a year to these beautiful destinations.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  10. How sad that the hotel was abandoned. So many memories though for you two.The gardens are spectacular! Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing.
    PS What is a 'bakkie'? My guess is a pick-up truck (because it has a 'bakkie' on the back..... but I suppose it could be a 4x4....

  11. Congratulations on 36 years of marriage!! You have captured such wonderful memories in this post. I hope the road gets fixed so they can reclaim the abandoned buildings. Your photos are gorgeous!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace


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