Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Around here

Is this thing still working?
Countless times I have sat here staring at this screen.
Words would not come.
The cursor just blinked and mocked me for my inability to put in words what is in my heart.

The thing we do at the Mission when we are faced with what looks like an impossible situation.
We run into God.
We praise and worship Him because we love Him and He is our only way.
We praise and worship Him because He has brought us through countless storms.
We praise and worship Him because we are totally dependent on Him alone.

Over the past nearly 17 years in ministry we have learned some things the hard way.  We have learned that nothing will stop us from doing what we were called to do.  We have learned that nobody can hurt us and distract us...

....that is except our children.
One huge chink in our armour.
So no guessing where the enemy aimed last week...

We had an awesome week of worship where we trusted the Lord to move our mountains the way only He can.  It ended on a very high note on Friday night.  Two hours later I received a message that sucker punched me.  I did not see that one coming.  So much bitterness and anger that my heart was crushed.

Another thing we have learned in these years.
When we earnestly seek His face...He answers.
He often shakes foundations and things that is in the dark come to the light.
It could break your heart...but it remains a spiritual attack that must be handled in a spiritual way.
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28.



  1. Some times words are useless. I have been in such pain that groans had to make do for my prayers. Trembling lips would have to do for my worship. Shaking hands would have to do for praise. But He is faithful. And our Friend Holy Spirit interprets into an offering that melts the heart of Father God... And He sets His Angels on the course for our help. Sometimes we don't understand why it takes so long for relief, but we must never forget,His time is different than ours.. We go by minutes, He goes by eternity.. I pray you will know His suffiency, His enabling and His Grace.. And those who,love much, hurt much.. May He pour His Healing balm over you. Bringing you to the restful place in His arms... Sending love.....

  2. Ai my friend. I hope that your heart will be wrapped in Jesus' love.

  3. I am so sorry my friend ... hugs and prayers to you and your family .... <3

  4. Sending Huge Hugs for you Lynette. xxx

  5. I don't doubt that you are doing awesome things for the kingdom for the attack to be so great to your heart in the form of your kids, Lynette. It's no consolation, of course, but I pray that He gives you that love in many different ways and makes your way "perfect" before Him.


  6. "From the suffering can not save nothing - not an advanced science, including medicine, no efforts to ensure social justice, no other achievements of the human mind. When the power of scientific knowledge we exclude one trouble comes another. We have learned to cure many diseases, but created civilization stress, which falls on us are many dangerous challenges and the soul yearns and aches sometimes stronger than the physical illness. We know that the disease, fear of death, infidelity, betrayal, slander, lies, human anger hurt our heart, and even the very tempered people are not able to protect themselves such armor, which would save them from the evil influences of the world. Even those who live intense religious life, who leaves the world in a full shutter, experiencing grief and suffering, otherwise it can not be because suffering was the result of sin, it has entered into the flesh and blood human being "(Patriarch Kirill)
    Lynette Be strong!

  7. Good girl. You KNOW the way. What I think is truly amazing is you STAY true to it. So many of us find that really, really hard. And sort of do the eye roll, 'Yeah if you're so keen on me doing it right....then stop the crap going on so I can...." You so do NOT do that. I am in awe. Go You. And Yes, the enemy has a way of trying to detract, distract, destroy..... play all sorts of little pranks......... and not so little ones....... sigh......still don't make it easy. Praying big time xo....Oh, and What Lizzy C said. She & you put/say stuff totally brilliantly!!!

  8. OH! And I am SOOOO glad the P & W went sooo well:)

  9. My heart feels so heavy for you, reading this Lynette. I can only hope and pray that you feel the soft tender touch of Jesus. Baie sterkte, xx

  10. Sorry to hear of your pain Lynette. Hope things get better very soon.

  11. Oh Lynette, I'm so sorry. Being so far away, all I can do is pray. I pray for protection of course and that you will will stay strong in Him, and that He gives you peace. The enemy attacks where it hurts most. But I do believe He sends you angels to soothe the pain. Keep doing what God wants you to do. Sterkte.

  12. Thinking of you my friend and sending much love and light your way!

  13. Sending hugs and prayers your way, Lynette.

  14. I have been hanging onto this scripture myself for weeks. Yrs anything to do with out children and their partners and friends is very affecting for sure! I'm also in the mood to punch someone myself right now!!

  15. This reminds me of the canvas I made a few weeks ago..."When Fear Knocks on the Door, Send Faith to Answer it"...
    I keep holding onto this sentiment! xx

  16. I'm so behind on blog reading and commenting. Just seeing this! Will be praying for you as always that the devil may try but those who are for the Lord will always triumph!! Lots of hugs and love


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