Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Natal vacation (Part one)

Hallo there,  we had an awesome time on the Kwazulu Natal coast.  
We stayed at the Umhlanga Cabanans just one street back from the main beach.
On Sunday 22 February my darling man turned 60.  We booked a table at the Versailles Restaurant and had a stunning 5 course meal to celebrate the occassion.

I commissioned some of the sand artists to sculpt this birthday message from sand.

I love this photo.
Some more sand sculpting.

...they are really talented.

Every morning we strolled down this walkway.  I was amazed at how clean it was.  Umhlanga can teach a few municipalities how this is done.

Our hike to the other side of the lighthouse gave us a good 6km walk each morning.

A very impressive pier.  I again realised that I am a real saltwater girl.

We also visited the Durban Botanical gardens.  

I just love the vegetation in this area of South is so lush.

Kobus and I went a tad "snap happy".

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and the waterlilies didn't open.

Here you can see how beautiful the crocus' plants are.

The fig trees are amazing...they have roots coming down all the way from the branches...and when the roots reach the ground it becomes solid like another trunk.

You can see how massive some of these trees are.

The beautiful "fragrance" garden.

One of those rare moments...when you get somebody to snap a photo of both of you together.

...and a selfie of course, with a beautiful flowering plant in the background.

We also visited the colourful Victoria Street Market...  

...and while there they mixed us a wonderful curry mixture according to our taste.

I will be back next week to share some more moments from our vacation.



  1. Oh that looks absolutely wonderful and relaxing and all that a holiday should be...

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos from your vacation! LOVING those sand sculptures!!! The one for hubby is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed your vacation photos, Lynette!
    Last year we didn't go anyway in Durban but only on the main beaches along the promenade but we were very impressed by the way everything looked. We haven't been on that coast for many years and that is not the way we remember it. Things did change in Durban a lot and for the best. and uMhlanga is certainly a very nice place!
    "One of those rare moments...when you get somebody to snap a photo of both of you together" - and then your DH closes his eyes!!! :-)))) lol

  4. Amazing, talented sand sculptures! Beautiful photo, Lynette, wonderful, beautiful coast! Great idea to celebrate it's birthday there!

  5. I am so jealous of your amazing vacation! Everything looks so bright and colorful - Maybe there are some inspiration images in there for your cards!! I bet your husband just loved that sand sculpture! So cool!

  6. What a beautiful place!! Love the sand art you had created for your hubby, Lynette!!

  7. Your photos look really amazing, so are the sand sculpting.

  8. Ah beautiful photos I felt like I was transported away along the path and amongst those amazing trees and colors.. a wonderful time you will cherish... enjoy the moments..

  9. Those sand sculptures are truly amazing. All in all, it looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  10. Beautiful photos Lynette! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fun and safe vacation!

  11. Makes me feel like I've been on holiday, too! Happy birthday to your man...what a lovey gesture! And those sand sculptures are amazing! We have the same sorts of fig trees up north in the tropics of Australia....some are MASSIVE. Very impressive! Loved the complex you stayed at. Looks VERY relaxing!!!

  12. Such vibrant and gorgeous holiday photos. Love the sand sculpture and having your own brand of curry spices ground especially for you. I hope you feel refreshed and relaxed as you head off home :D

  13. I really think it is time I visited the botanical gardens & definitely want to go for a walk on the walkway - haven't done that for months! Lovely photo!!

  14. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos .. I love the ones of Mr K on the beach with his birthday message!

    Next time we go to Durban I am certainly going to make the Botanical Gardens a stop on the plan ~ not that we ever do a plan!!! I don't remember ever going to the gardens. We do the walkway at Umhlanga daily when we are there and you are right about it being so clean. When we were there in November we did early morning walks and saw the guys cleaning and they also do it the whole day.

  15. I can see you had a wonderful 60th celebration. Congratulations to K. Your photos depicts the beautiful lushness and vibrance of colours in Natal.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  16. Beautiful! Looks like a very happy and relaxing celebration!

  17. Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!!

  18. Beautiful pics Lynette....I so love Natal and the Umhlanga area....glad you got some R&R!! ;-)

  19. It look like a lovely time. Belated birthday wishes to your fella!

  20. Looks like a paradise. How wonderful to experience such a beautiful environment. Happy Birthday to Kobus and I love that sand sculpture made for the occasion. What a great gift!

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos and sort of going there with you. What a beautiful country! The botanical gardens are just amazing and I love the sand sculptures. (I have a friend who is a sand sculptor).
    It's great that you have several nice photos of you and Kobus together.
    I'm now off to see part two...


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