Monday, February 9, 2015

Moments captured

Ha...I was on top of the whole keeping up with blogging thing...or so I thought.  I tried very hard to keep up to date with reading through Bloglovin...then things got busy and I skipped a day...or two...and now my unread blogs is sitting at over 200 again.  I just cannot for the life of me keep up with the happenings at the Mission, living life and reading/writing blog posts. 

Reality is that in just over a week we are off to the KwaZulu Natal coast for a two week vacation. My love is turning 60 and does not intend spending it at home.  That means that everything admin related at the Mission must be up to date, all SARS returns done ahead of time and all payments scheduled for the time we are away.  On top of that our end of financial year is at the end of February when we are still away...and I start getting heart palpitations just thinking of the "to do list".  

Today I just want to share some moments captured these past two weeks.
 Lukas with their two hounds.

Wynand and Nadia is married 7 years...and still so very much in love.

 Luki lost his first tooth and started Grade 1 this year.

 It always touches me deeply when my grandchildren start at the same school their fathers attended.

 Stefan helping Oupa clean the pool.

 We are so blessed to have this little man growing up in our home.

 His favourite place...Oupa's chest.

 Living in Port Elizabeth is wonderful.  When we woke up last Sunday the weather was HOT and we decided to visit the Addo Elephant park which is only 30 minutes away from our city.

 We got up close with the big animals...this photo was taken in the hide near a watering hole...and to see the baby elephants play in the mud was awesome.

 A pretty flowering wild plant.

 The plant that forms the staple food for the elephant was in flower...I never knew that they flowered.

 At the Hapoor watering hole the elephants were enjoying the cool water.

 I really managed to capture some great moments.

 A warthog waiting for his turn at the watering hole.

 Zebra standing close by.

 Juan and Stefan started their new school this year.  Siembamba is the same school Leane, Lukas and Dewan attended...and long before that Wynand and Bianca.

 I had a birthday and had a wonderful friends date with my friend Janel.

 If I have to tell you that this photo is the only one where all children are looking in the general direction of the camera...and it was the only photo that had all the children in focus...they are my pride and joy.

My five babies in our bed watching a movie.

Have you made some awesome memories this year?
Are you living each day to the full?



  1. I always enjoy seeing your photos. Happy Birthday to you and it looks like you had a great time with the grandchildren. Those photos of the elephants are terrific. It must be amazing to watch them. We have one old elephant at our zoo that we have been enjoying for years.... Lucy. Not an amazing existence for her mind you when you compare to these ones.

  2. oh my gosh, Lynette, your grandkids are growing SO beautifully!!!! Love the pic of them all in the bed!!!

    I'm with your hubby on celebrating in style!!! Is the whole family going with you, or just you two?

    PS in other news, I'm considering coming down to PE at some point this year (maybe during these school holidays if I can get leave....). tell me if you'll be around :)

  3. You & your Grandies-- that one touched my heart. AWESOME wild life shots.... AMAZAGOBS at those frolicking elephants. ENJOY ur break---& I know you LIKE to comment, but seriously? You don't need to do so on all the posts.... It's LOVELY you pop by, but a comment here & there. Don't overburden yourself, woman!!!!!!! But keep up these photo posts if possible--- soooo enjoying them!!!!!

  4. Love love love all the photos!!! Those elephant and zebras ones are amazing! Brookie came over to see them on my computer and loved them too!!! And that first photo you have ... totally melts my heart!!!!!

  5. Love the elephant photos Lynette! They are my favorite, and it would be awesome to see them that close. I just have to settle for the zoo, though! HA!! Hope you and your hubby have a great birthday vacation!

  6. This time of year is really busy ... Just do what you need to and don't exhaust yourself worrying about the blogs you haven't read!!! Get yourself ready for your wonderful break and enjoy K's birthday.

    LOVE all your photos!!!! I adore elephants and the images you created are amazing!!!!

  7. The button "mark all as read" is a wonderful tool to help start on a clean slate!

    When did Stefan grow so big!! Actually when did they all. And the pictures are just adorable the ones of them in your bed and with you!!!

    Enjoy the time away and hope you can relax and rejuvenate xxx

  8. Beautiful photos...and wonderful memories!
    Yes, I believe this year - possibly more than any year before - I am living each day to it's fullest. I am so happy I could burst from joy. :-)

  9. I know this year has raced off at an incredible speed, forget last year, this year is on steroids and going faster!!! This weekend will be the middle of February already!! I hope you get all your jobs done and can get away and have a wonderful time together with your Love!! Those wild life photos are awesome.. I really love elephants, especially the baby ones.. and also zebras.. how amazing to have them out in the wild.. I hope they are preserved forever.. they are precious.. and your children and grandchildren are so precious too.. I am a grandma in waiting...I wonder if I ever will have a little grand baby to spoil!!! Take care.. love from over the seas!!!xx

  10. Love the picture of you with the grandchildren!
    Wonderful memories!
    You stay in such a beautiful place!

  11. Oh dearheart, I hope you know that YOU are so much more important and worth taking time to keep up-to-date instead of your blog reading list. We all understand and I am sending you lots of air hugs. Enjoy that vacation and just breathe!

  12. First of all congrats on K's 60th Birthday. I am sure all the prepping before tge time will be worth the two week break. You are so blessed going on vacation so often during the year. Awesome photos once again and your grand bambinos are growing so fast xxx

  13. Wow, such great elephant pics! Enjoy the holiday - sometimes I wonder if all the stress of getting things done before the holiday is worth the time of? And love all these happy moments!

  14. Oh my goodness, Lynette. You live in such an amazing part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos of the animals, the wild flowers, and of your beautiful family moments! I loved seeing them all!!! And great big birthday wishes to your hubby!!!! I know you will have a great time celebrating with him! And I want to thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for the hugs!

  15. Lynette! I understand about getting panicked when facing the to-do list. I try really hard to stay focused on one thing at a time. Otherwise, I start one thing only to find myself starting something else without finishing the item prior and one day - it was insane walking around my house at how many things I started and never finished. The good news is that I provided humor for my husband! At any point, just take a deep breathe. You will be fine. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures. I would love to be outside! Right now it is below freezing and the temperature is to drop over the weekend - Sunday being a high of only 10! YIKES! Thank you for sharing the sun with us - I do miss it! (It has been cloudy for way too long!) Enjoy your two week vacation - well deserved!

  16. Oh golly gosh! You must be rushed off your feet with so much to do before you go away! I'll say an extra prayer for you. Nothing is impossible with God! Stay calm and keep going.
    With all that you found time to read and comment on my blog today. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

    Thank you for posting all those gorgeous photos. The elephants are awesome! And the photos of your grandies are just as awesome in a different way. Getting them all to look good on the photo is quite a feat. They're all gorgeous!
    Have a lovely holiday and wish you hubby a happy 60th birthday. Tell him: life begins at 60!

  17. Oh my! You live in such an amazing country! So very beautiful. Love these photos. We had grand kids drop by on Saturday, albeit grown up ones. Isn't it wonderful?

  18. OH! I love that you shared beautiful photos of your family. You live in such a gorgeous part of the world. Thanks for sharing your trip to see the Elephants close to you, how amazing!

    I hope you enjoy your hubby's birthday! Have a fun little get-away!

  19. Such precious photos! Your grandchildren are darling! Love all the wildlife photos too! Hope you enjoy your time away!

  20. Lots of precious moment, thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  21. Lovely photos!! I know what you mean - I start keeping up to date and doing well then days can turn into a week or even weeks! xo

  22. what a beautiful post .. how wonderful to have such a large and happy family ..... they are all such a beautiful looking family ... thanks for sharing these oxox

  23. Awesome photos both of your lovely family and of nature.
    I went to Tanzania and Kenya many years ago and it was a life changing experience. The photos of the wildlife brought it all back. I would really love to go back to Africa one day :-)
    I can certainly understand all about the difficulties of keeping up to date and on top of it all..... Sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves and focus on the 'important' stuff. Your blog friends will absolutely be there when you finished your administrative work and of course eager to hear about your time away :-) xx

  24. Wow! Awesome post!! I must bring the kids to Addo, they would love it. Perhaps en route to Grahamstown some time. It's awesome that you have the consistency of your grand kids going to be same school as your kids, what with all the changes we've had here. And Happy Bitthday!!! I think I missed that!

  25. Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope it was awesome! This is one fabulous post! You have truly captured life's precious moments. Blessings!

  26. Such beautiful photos Lynette you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and so close. You don't look old enough to have so many grandies... Love scrolling through your pictoral post. <3

  27. You're so blessed with such a beautiful family!! and living in such a very beautiful country!

  28. Your family is beautiful Lynette and it is awesome that you are all so close and are able to spend a lot of time together! That is the stuff of life! xx


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