Thursday, January 15, 2015

Those unplanned MOMENTS...


The thing about living spontaneously is that you have to fight the urge to just say "no" before you think it through. Our friends Cliffie and Reynette have a holiday home in Mossel Bay and when they invited us to go and spend the weekend with initial thought was " is too far".  Then I remembered my decision to be more spontaneous and my no changed into a YES.  Three hours later we were on our way...and it was the start of a lovely weekend full of laughter, lots of talking and lots of eating.

We quickly realised why Mossel Bay is such a popular summer holiday destination.  The weather was awesome.

 Early on Saturday morning the guys spent some time in the jacuzzi before breakfast.

 They are our best friends and have always been loving and supportive.

 My darling and I.

 We are so much more than just friends.  She counsels at the Mission and most of the people believe that we are real life sisters.

 Capturing moments walking along the beach.

 These two are so similar that sometimes it is scary.  They both love to tease and had us in stitches regularly over the weekend.

 Mossel Bay is really very beautiful.  These pools are at the Point.

 The lighthouse with the Cape St Blaize cave that dates back to Middle stone age.

 A real Afrikaans advert ;-P
 Yup...K made us walk all the way up past the cave to the lighthouse.

 From the cave you get a beautiful view of the point and the pools that seem to be very popular.

 German tourists asked us to take a photo of we asked them to take on of us.

 Then we moved on to Kaai 4.  What an amazing restaurant.  The floor is sea sand and it is so informal that most people just arrive barefoot from the beach.

 "Roosterkoek"...flat bread roasted over hot coals form the basis of nearly all their meals.

 Yummy lamb "potjie" choice of the day...note the enamel plates :-)

We ended spending most of the afternoon here.

The Sunday afternoon we had coffee and cake at Delfino's before driving back to Port Elizabeth.

Needless to say...this little man was very happy to see us and told us that he was sleeping in our suitcase.  Probably scared that we would leave him behind again.

When last have you done something without planning it?



  1. You have such a wonderful set of friends and it must have been so lovely to spend quality time with them. I would have been so stressed at something like that thrust upon me with only hours to spare but go you for biting the bullet and saying yes! Love the last photo, it made me smile. xx

  2. So thrilled that your NO changed into a resounding YES and it seems like you had an awesome time. Stunning photos as always.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. Oh sigh! that all sounds so wonderful and the photos are really lovely.. you could be sisters, certainly sisters in Christ! and the last time I did something without planning..... humm.. a long time.... So does this mean I go out and get a tattoo!!hehehehe!!! NAAA I dont think so!!

  4. Looks like a much needed get away!!! Lovely photos...would have to get around to that area myself now...

  5. Wow! That looks fantastic.
    Hehe...yesterday ;-) also turned out pretty good.

  6. How fun!!! I am loving all the photos!! Such a beautiful place!!!!! And you two do look like sisters!!!

  7. So awesome! Have you watched the movie YES MAN with Jim Carey? It is all about saying yes when you would normally say no and has really helped me try new things ;)

  8. Sounds wonderful!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. You and I are so alike. I am the homebody; Travs my opposite.. challenging me to go out. Each time I was not in the mood to go anywhere but went anyway, I had the best time (and he'd secrectly gloat!).
    I have an overwhelming sense of wanting to see you and be in your presence. I believe that being with you and getting just a simple hug is going to change my world.
    Lots of love xoxo

    1. My friend I am so afraid that I wouldn't live up to your expectation. Love you too xx

    2. Don't sell yourself short Lynette ... I feel exactly like Lisa-Marie!!!

  10. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! What a beautiful spot and so great that you said yes. I agree that the unplanned events are always the most fun. Years ago when my kids were little we would spontaneously plan a supper together with our friends. We would combine foods we had on hand and pick one of our houses to go to. They were the best meals and always seemed to have the most laughs. Stefan is so cute. Like a little kitten does as soon as you open up the suitcase.

  11. It looks like a nice respite. In 2015 I'm trying to plan more not less, but I hope there are unplanned surprises too.

  12. That would be the best suitcase ever!! He missed his oupa and ouma!!!

    Unplanned trips are the best!! Sadly with our hectic work schedules no such thing in our lives but I really wish we could "just do it"

    And as always - lovely pictures

  13. Wow what a gorgeous place to visit! You got some great photos Lynette!

  14. Oh WOW!!!! So happy that you did take the trip and that it was such a wonderful mini-break.

    You girls certainly do look like real life sisters and K and Cliffie could pass as brothers.

    The restaurant looks amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  15. oh wow that is fun!! LOVE the photos your share!!!
    Most of our travel were not plan, hubby would be sitting there at his desk and then turn his head over to look at me and asked, I need to go to Tokyo, you want to come along? Ya, like in 3 days.

  16. What a fABULOUS weekend...& to think it almost wasn't one:) It's easy to say no, I reckon. Harder to get your head around spur of the moment stuff. So thanks for that salient reminder! I've just arrived home from a short break away with my BFF.....but you & yours....DEFFO twin looking sister thing going on there!!!

  17. Oh yes, I also have a hard time being spontaneous. I like to plan, plan, plan. But it's good to be spontaneous sometimes, and it looks like your weekend turned out great. I'm especially interested in the barefoot beach restaurant; I've never seen a restaurant like that before.

    It's almost the weekend again, and I hope you'll have a great weekend, Lynette!

  18. Beautiful place !!! the ocean is gorgeous !!! Happy for you - wonderful holiday!
    It is a pity that so far away from me))

  19. Total 100% food for the soul stuff! Looks amazing. I need to do something like that

  20. So glad you changed your NO to a YES and had a super time away! The photo's are gorgeous! ;-) I so love that droe wors board...tooooooo funnnnnneeee! LOL

  21. Wow Lynette! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for taking us on your journey!

  22. Well I have definitely not spent enough time in Mossel bay ! I need to make a proper visit. The problem is there are so many wonderful places on our doorstep ...


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