Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Friends that feed my soul

Do you have friends who gather you?
The ones that allows you to be just who you pretense?
The ones who aren't afraid to speak into your life.
The ones who "get" you.
The ones that want to see you grow into your destiny and purpose.
The ones that can gather all the pieces when you fall apart and give them back to you in the right order?

This has been something that I have thought about a lot lately.  I turned 54 today.  I am at a stage of my life where I don't want to waste any more time on one sided relationships.  I want to nourish the friendships with friends that makes deposits into my life...and I need to cut off those who only make withdrawals.  I have always been too kind, too scared of hurting feelings...too considerate.

Over the years I have come to learn that true friendship comes from two sides and that often friendship don't stand the test of time.  When we were called into full time ministry we lost all our friends.  The work we were doing had no prestige and I think that some of our friends felt ashamed of what we were doing with our lives and who we were spending most of our time with.  Sad...but a fact.  Maybe they though poverty was contagious and they might just catch it if they associate with us.

I have also learned that the friendships that feed the soul need time, attention and intention.  You have to make time for those all important friendship dates.  Just a word for this year is MOMENTS.  I am planning moments with the friends that feed my soul.  Some of my friends I have met "in the computer" and strangely we have a is my intention to make time to meet some of those friends in this coming year and to continue nurturing the ones who already feed my soul.

Do you have friends who gathers the pieces of you?



  1. Ah, what a lovely post and more to the point, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you're having lovely weather - we have winter weather today!

    1. Spent the morning with a friend that feeds my soul...and we have had two cooler rainy days...but I love it after the 32-24 degrees Celsius we have been having.

  2. Happy Birthday Lynette!
    What right, wonderful words in the publication - make you think - whether all friends, that next to you, in fact Friends?
    I wish that despite the heat, the mood was a spring to a meeting with the doctors were as little as possible, wish your friends were with you, no matter what their circumstances.

  3. Happy Happy Day to you! Way to be born! :D I hope your birthday is filled with as much kindness and warmth as you've shown to others. I hope this year brings many deep relationships and moments filled with laughter, light, and love.

  4. Happy birthday Lynette! Such an interesting read. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Happy Birthday Lynette. Hope you have a great day. Friendships are hard. I too have had my share of one sided friendships over the years. Throw into the mix that we moved a bit with my husband's job and I lost a few good friends to distance. I hit the point where I was no longer willing to invest in the friendships. I was busy with my own family and that was enough. My sister has always been my best friend and 4 years ago moved very close to me so we get to spend lots of time together. I feel very grateful for that.

  6. Hoping your birthday was a GOOD one. I have never ever fussed about age... But turning 50 was The One I didn't want to know. Coming up 53 this year I can FINALLY say I'm enjoying birthdays again!!! So, hope you enjoy yours!!!! I have a theory about friends. And life in general. Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything...& a season. Sometimes friendships are for seasons. To help in times of our lives... Not long term...BUT some are sent from God for Always. I love both! And I have discovered Cyber friendships are as real as in the flesh AND I love how scrapping connects peeps!!! Sermon over ;)!!!!!! Hope you ate lotsa cake!!!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I had a little (ok, big) fight with a friend today ... so it's probably best, I don't reflect on that :)

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! I love your beautiful and inspiring words xx

  9. Yes I do! To be honest I think I only realised it last year but she has been my rock for the past 8 years! She knows me better than I think I know myself to be honest.

  10. Happy happy birthday once again my dear friend! And you feed my soul. Thanks for that

  11. HI.. I hope your birthday brought many blessings! It is funny how having a birthday makes one reflect on our lives.. I had a birthday too on the 18th and I am now 53.. so we are close in age too!! I too often think about my life and how much of it on this earth is left.. So I am trying not to sweat the small stuff, but let it go.. I want to drink deeply from the well of Life, and to get closer to God.. There is so much I could say, but I wont say it here.. And Who puts me together again when I am broke.. ? well only God does really.. He wrote the manual. He knows me.. Enjoy the moments!!

  12. Hope you had a great day, Lynette! Friends are a blessing, and it is sad when friendship sours!
    I still think about a friend who cut our relationship without me even knowing what I did wrong... It seems I valued our friendship far more than she did! That is a big loss!

  13. I hope you enjoyed your birthday sweet Lynette. You deserve the best!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my divorce etc. It's been very hard, but a few close friends like the ones you describe has helped make it at least bearable. From here on it will only get better. :-)

  14. Happy Birthday, Lynette! I hope you found a lot of happy MOMENTS on your special day.

    I think that friendships change a lot over the years. Some last, some don't. I've known my oldest friend since we were two years old. I don't get to see her very often (she lives an hour away), but we always have fun when we are together. Other friendships from the past have faded, although a few have been rekindled thru Facebook! My best friend of all, though, is my husband, and I bet you probably feel the same way about your husband.

  15. Hope your birthday was super awesome ... Just like you special lady.

    Interesting and thought provoking post. I am fortunate that I do have some friends who know how to put the pieces back together in the right order ~ We certainly need to treasure those friends.

  16. This is so into me right now, I have just gone through so heart breaking issue with "friends", sigh..... do I believe?????

  17. oh, Lynette, this a tough one... I am with you on that - friendship is a mutual affair - to give each other something that each one needs. But I also believe that there are situations when one should just forget about one's needs and be a friend - just be the mercy of God to the one, who doesn't seem in our eyes to deserve this mercy. Yes, there certainly should be wisdom on how far. Sometimes it is difficult and painful but to me it is even more painful when you expect a friendship in return and not receiving it. It is also painful when you thought that you are friends but that was only a matter of convenience to another person. I am kind of missing the depth of true friendships when, as you said, you can be completely yourself and not look over the shoulder.

  18. and another thought. May be the reason people turn away from you when you take a similar turn in your life like you did, is that they are simply jealous of your bravery to do the right thing in life. That makes them realize how cowardly and selfish they are and they don't want you around to remind them of it. Off course not all of them is the case but very often that is - not all want to hear the voice of their conscience.

  19. First of all, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead will hold many of our Lord's blessings revealed at special times to encourage and bless you. There is so much truth here. Thanks for your example of living a life for our Lord, despite the changes in relationships that have come your way. Often we find out who our "real" friends are when we are stripped of the world's view of status. Hugs and prayers that our Lord will bring real friends into your life - ones who will encourage and stand beside you to strengthen your walk in our Lord.

    ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  20. A belated Happy Birthday and hope you had an awesome day! Friends are certainly important and I agree totally that one has to make time to nuture these relationships! The true one's are the one's that hang around, even when things are difficult and uneasy! I am very blessed to say that I have a sister, who is also my best friend and is a treasure!!!


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