Monday, December 29, 2014


Today I feel somewhat out of sorts.
I don't know whether it is because the weather has been bleak and wet these past few days...and I miss the sun.
I don't know whether it is because this year is nearly over.
I just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.

Is there something about life that I am somehow missing?

So tonight we sat in a quaint Italian restaurant.  K with a glass of Merlot and me with my glass of water...and I ask the questions.

What are we missing?
Do we have balance between work and play?
What can we do different in the coming year?
How do we break the monotony of going to work and coming home?
How do we bring that spark of excitement in the everyday life?
How do we live fully right now?

We challenge one another to find creative ways of doing things.  He teases me.  He isn't familiar with a melancholy me.  We laugh.   We dream and make plans.

Is it only me...or are you reflecting on the past year and do you feel slightly flat?



  1. This year literally flew by faster than any year I remember in the past ... I just feel out of sorts this year ...

    Hugs to you ... I am hoping things get better soon!!!

  2. I hope you shake off that feeling soon - 2015 holds such promise - I am sure of that!

  3. Hope your blues are passing quickly. I think that sometimes at this time of year it is easy to feel this way. Sometimes the years just seem the same and I think it is a good thing to question. Sometimes a person has to rewrite the map a little to find a happier day to day. Being happy is really the greatest gift but I think it is something that most of us have to work at. Best wishes for 2015 to you and your family! :)

  4. A little sad that here is another year has passed ...
    And questions ...? Yes, straight to the point - it is necessary to stop and think how we live? maybe it's worth to change something in your life?
    Since we have a Happy New Year! And let him bring only joy!

  5. Hope you feel great going into 2015.
    I also feel a bit blah not sure if we put too much pressure on ourselves ?
    Blessing for 2015 & may it be a balanced, healthy & whole year for you & your family.

  6. I usually feel flat after Christmas, there is usually such a build up to it and lots to do and plan and cook and then it is all over so quickly.. this year however we went to the beach, had a quiet day, and I am not as flat as I usually am.. So the change was good this year.. The year has gone so quickly, the days melt into each other.. I usually reflect on the past year in the quietness of my mind, and always pray that God goes with me into the new year.. I trust you find a still place in the next day or two and just get to spend some time in the presence of our God and just feel His love and strength, and His Eagle Wings take you into 2015, cos we cant do it without Him.. Blessings for the New Year.. and love..xx

  7. Yes I often feel like that at this time of the year too. I am tired and I just want to start a fresh new year. I always do my spring cleaning at this time of year too so I am weary as well. The buildup to Christmas and all the partying and the visits... I am often told I am a little grinch because I love my quiet time and I need it and the constant people demands at this time of the year are just tos much for me.... I love your questions. They are good ones and making me think now too... Happy New Year my friend. I hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for you. <3

  8. ...and not to forget your very dear friend has just had a very great loss.....of COURSE you're gonna feel a bit blah. And it's that reflection time. & as everyone else has said- life skims away sooooo makes you think on what's important, what's not, what's left to achieve...where has a life gone.......hmmmffff! Tongue in cheek firmly here....I was FINE til I started writing this!!!! Seriously? Me? Just glad I have a quiet, nice life like I have. Feeling blessed, to be honest!!!!

  9. It's not just you...I am feeling very meh about everything. I think I'm just going to lay low and take some time to reset.

  10. It certainly is not just you ... As my work year came to an end today I felt overwhelmed by how much I still needed to do but decided to wrap it up and start again on Friday.

    New year ... New boss ... New challenges.

    I wish for you and K everything that is beautiful in 2015.

  11. Ya, I guess everyone has their ups and downs in life, I certainly do, and I hope that things will get better and better for the new year to come!

  12. Lynette you are such an awesome memory keeper for your amazing family, they are blessed to have you.
    Wishing you a 2015 filled with tons of love and joy.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  13. Reflections always have good and bad moments...but I try to focus on the good one's.....
    I try and make peace with the bad one's and look forward with hope and faith to all the many good one's to come! x


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