Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Currently I am...

...running around like crazy.  I cannot believe that we have been back at work for more than four weeks.  This year is really running away from me at the moment.  I don't get time to blog.  I don't get time to play in my scrap studio.  So I am just writing a quick catch up blog.
Reading:  I completed three books during our time at Plettenberg bay.  "The little old lady who broke all the rules" by Catharina Ingelman-Sunderberg.  The mammoth "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt and "The collected works of AJ Fikry" by Gabrielle Zevin.  At the moment I am not reading anything...
Listening to:  I am loving Matt Redman's "10000 reasons" and Chris Tomlin's "How great is our God."  and yes....they are on repeat in my car too.
Laughing at:  Our grandchildren are our constant source of joy and laughter...never a dull moment with them around.
Swooning over:  A plot in Seaview...sadly I don't know whether it is meant to be.

Planning:  A way of stealing some time (somewhere) to just catch up on my blog buddies.  Other than that I am planning to get to the end of the year with my sanity in tact.  We have just finished a 4 week long "Leadership Training School" at the Mission and it was a very emotional journey with some of our leaders.  We have already had our first Christmas party last week when Santa Shoebox spoiled our little ones at the mission and there is still a couple of parties to go.
Eating lots of:  Junk!!!!  This is seriously a pattern.  When I am tired I tend to eat way to much sugary stuff to get the energy levels up.
Feeling: That what ever is meant to be...will be. Que Sera Sera.
Discovering:  That I quite enjoy the idea of training up our children to take over from us at the Mission.  I am looking forward to a lot of down time (somewhere) in the future.

Looking at:  Ways to incorporate mixed media in my scrapbooking.  We had a stunning international event in Jeffreys Bay last weekend with Kasia Krzymińska (Yup...the Prima Educator) giving us a great mixed media canvas class called "Harnassed Chaos".  On the Sunday Jowilna Nolte stood in for Marion Smith and we made a double page layout.  All in was a great weekend for me...and for hubby who played golf for two consecutive days.

Wearing:  Some warm casual clothes.  I think the wind blew away summer this year.
Cooking:   Hubby's turn to cook some lovely fillet steak...which we will have with baby potatoes, veggies and a lovely creamy mushroom sauce.
Wondering:  Where the year went????  Seriously...the older one becomes the faster life goes...scary stuff.  Another thing I would love to figure out is how it is possible for a mother to abandon the children that she carried for nine months and birthed in pain.   We have had two instances where mothers have abandoned their children at the Mission...and it is heart breaking to deal with the little ones.

Hopefully I will have time later this week to share the projects we made in Jeffreys Bay...and maybe read a few blogs.



  1. I also have how great is our God on repeat! Love the song.

    In happy to read your kiddies were spoilt by santa shoe box such an awesome project that brings so much joy

    Hope you plan to take some downtime to relax and rejuvenate before the new year

  2. Good to hear from you Lynette! Time is just flying lately! I can't believe that the holidays are just around the corner! I hope that you find some much relaxing "me" time soon! I am looking forward to seeing your projects! I hope this short note finds you smiling!


  3. Well hello! So lovely to see a blog in my feedly. And of course you know I love reading these currently things, especially when the people put in effort, like you do :)

  4. I figured you were a tad busy.....& after returning from 2 weeks in NZ to sooo many bloglovin' posts.....a squillion emails.....& the general I'm home & everything's a mess catch up.....oh, I SOOOOO Feel your pain.....I do hope you find some down time soon, but realistically - betcha you're looking forward to the post Chrissy time!!!!! LOVED that you had time to drop by & write what you're up to.....blessings....& if you need the sugar for energy, then you need it.....or replace the hit with the odd banana or two. At least it sounds healthy!!!!!

  5. I think you are absolutely right with the older you get the quicker time passes! I feel that my life is in a constant rush but at least I am finding time to scrap with friends too. Make sure you find some 'me' time even if it's a chapter of a book or some splattering of paint!

  6. Totally agree with you ... this year GONE ... just like that :(

  7. This is a wonderful post ... I hope you carve out some time to play this weekend.

    I feel those little people's pain ... there is a little person inside of me who still suffers with the pain of abandonment! Mothers just don't understand the long term pain they are causing their kids! And you unfortunately never grow out of it.

  8. I must say this year has definitely gone a lot faster than I think it should!!!

  9. You sound busy, and rushed.. And yes we are all in the same boat that is flying out to sea leaving behind 2014 in its wake! The days do seem busier as one gets older, or perhaps it is because one gets a little slower! Love reading your thoughts, keep enjoying your grandchildren and finding things that make you smile! That weekend sounds like it was an amazing and inspiring time. Take care!

  10. wow what a fabulous post .... love hearing about you and your life ... big big hugz to you x

  11. Hallo my friend! Great to catch up. Oh yes, this time of the year is pure and simple crazy defined.

  12. Hi, Lynette !!! I am always happy to read your blog! and I will wait for the story about the meeting with Kasia, when you have time to write. I understand that blogging is just a small part of life. Much more important to spend time grandchildren, children, beloved husband, work in the mission ...

  13. Yes, everything is on fast forward. It makes me sad to hear that mothers are abandoning their children. The only bright spot I can see is that they left them with you at the Mission.

  14. I so enjoyed reading your blog! And, yes, life goes too fast, especially as we get older. I am looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the mixed media into your beautiful layouts. I will keep the Mission and the abandoned children, poor little children. Praying for the Mission and all of your families dedication.

  15. Loved reading this post. Always fun to learn more about our blogging friends and to hear where they are in life at a given moment. Hopefully you will have more creative time soon. :)

  16. I have just noticed in your sidebar that my blog link is not updating. That is strange as I thought those problems are over. Maybe it is our slow internet here in SA that makes it take a day or so to show/...I sure hope it's not broken again!! I really enjoyed reading this. Sounds like a busy but fulfilling life you are leading right now. I'm also finding it a challenge to scrap & blog & blog hop as much as I would like at the moment. November is a busy time of year in Africa.

  17. Great post Lynette. Yes, time flies as we get older, not sure why. I admire you so much for the work you do at the mission! Would love to bring the Scrap Addicts and come and scrap with you in 2015 for a weekend
    Sending you blessings across the miles

    1. Scrapbooking with you would be an ABSOLUTE TREAT!!!!! Please say we can come!!!!

      Like Ali I am in awe of the work you and Mr K do ~ It is something that resonates with my soul.


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