Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cape Town visit - Photo post

We returned from our week in Cape Town on Friday time for Leane's 7th birthday party and a friends' 60 year celebration.  Yup...a lot of 60's coming up!  I thoroughly enjoyed our week in Cape Town and spending time with my youngest sister.  She was not in a good place when we arrived but so much more relaxed and at peace by the time we left.  We are already planning our next get together...and it will be soon.
We had an all day conference at Die Grote Kerk in the city center.  It was broken up into three sessions.  During the breaks we headed down to the V&A Waterfront to grab a bite to eat.

Yup...I was snap happy as usual.

Cape Town must be the most beautiful city in our country.

We got a glimpse of Table Mountain minutes before it was hidden by clouds and the rain came pouring down.

We had dinner at the beautiful Karibu restaurant that serves true South African cuisine.  Kobus wanted a glass of red wine with his meal.  You can imagine his face when he was served this "itsy bitsy" glass ;-)

The stunning interior.

The place where "priceless" wine is kept ;-)

The big wheel at night.

Magical setting.

Thursday morning the weather was beautiful and we headed off to the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. This is my beautiful little sister.

Me...on the uncomfortable side of the camera.

The cycad forest.

Kobus saw the heart shaped cobble stone reminded me of Cat.

Some close ups of the beautiful indigenous plants.  Spelde kussing (Pin cushion).

The beautiful King Protea...our national flower.

The thorn among the roses.  I absolutely adore this man.  He was such a wonderful support to my sister.  He just did what comes so naturally to him.  By the time we left...her pictures and mirrors were hung,  toilet seats replaced, locks and gates fixed...and her new house was transformed into a home where I know she will be very happy.

Another beautiful indigenous flower.

My sis and I on the new treetop walkway...the Boomslang Trial.

....and with the love of my life.

The beautiful walkway...a definite must see.

We ended our visit with lunch at the Moyo restaurant. made it to the end.  Thank you my friends.



  1. I love the pics and I gasped when I saw your sister! You look exactly the same - she's just a (slightly) younger version of you :)

    1. PS we have a friend called Kobus who is also very handy and keeps saying to phone him and he'll come and do x, y and z, instead of my usual style which is to make a list and when it's worth it, I get a handyman in :)

  2. Such beautiful photos!! So happy you got to visit with your sister!!!

  3. Amazing photos of your week away. The photo of your man is so natural and gorgeous. I love the day and night photo of the big wheel.

    I also have a wonderful handyman who shares my home and my sisters and friends have had many times when he has come round and worked through their "To Do" List ~ And like your man mine is handsome too so the saying "handsome is as handsome does" is really true.

  4. Oh wow! What stunning pics Lynette! It looks like you've had a stunning time. We are planning on taking a trip to Cape Town at the end of next year. You have given me so many ideas of places to visit where we haven't been before. I can't wait!
    Thank you for your continuous support on my blog. I am definitely going to try to be more 'Blog active' in the future. ;) xx

  5. Great snapshots, it looks like a wonderful little trip. I don't know why anyone as photogenic as you would be uncomfortable in front of the camera. And your sister certainly shares that quality as well. Great pics.

  6. Beautiful photos of the most beautiful city in our country. Your 'little' sister looks just like you. You are both very beautiful.

  7. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing x

    hugs sally x

  8. I am SOOO glad you left feeling at ease re your lil sis...that is GREAT....& I LOOOVE that I can explore the world thru the eyes of others....CT looks magnificent...that nature bridge walk....WOW!!! And your native flowers are sooooo similar to ours in Oz it's spooky:):) the pic of you with your sis is GORGEOUS... Can't wait to see it scrapped....AND... Thanks for dropping on by my blog & leaving such lovely comments:)))) whew! You can stop reading now...!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful photos, both scenery wise and definition! so clear! I love looking at photos of other peoples places, the world becomes a smaller place when we share bits of where we live..

  10. Great photos from your trip, Lynette! So glad to hear that you and your hubby were able to offer your sister some support! She looks just like you!!

  11. These are gorgeous photo's Lynette and yes Cape Town is a beautiful city....I love the Waterfront! Had to laugh at the little glass of wine...originally I thought it was a glass of sherry!!! Yikes!!!!

  12. Gorgeous photo... what camera are you using? I love the night photos and I always struggle with those. I thought that was your daughter.... no wonder you look alike ;) CT is my fave place to go too. Glad you had a good time and I hope that you are feeling refreshed. <3

  13. Beautiful photos! Glad you had a good time, and could be there for your sister!

  14. These are gorgeous photos!!! Echoing all the other comments, you are all beautiful people and your love shines out even through these photos...Denise...seems like one will have to order a super large class of wine!

  15. Awesome!! I need to head down there to see my baby sister too.

  16. Hi, Lynette!
    What a nice trip you had!!! I love your photos, you're a real artist! You and your sister are so beautiful!
    Kisses! Have a great day, Lynette!❤

  17. LOVE these pics! I have been wanting to go on that boomslang walk for ages but am just not getting to it. Your sister looks exactly like you! Glad you could be there for her.

  18. wow what delightful and beautiful pics ... thanks so much for sharing these with us .. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! So very special that you could spend time with your beautiful sister & charming husband.....had to laugh at the photo of his tiny glass of wine!

  20. Awh, dankie dat jy aan my gedink het vriendin. Love nature's hearts. And what a beautiful photo of you. And a blessing K is in your whole family's life.

    I am so glad for her but also for your worried sister's heart that you had the chance to see her and help her through this.

    Lots of love - miss you

  21. Thanks for posting those beautiful photos. SA certainly is a lovely country. I love that treetop walk! Your sister looks very much like you. I'm glad she's in a better place now. God does answer prayers and I'm sure you've been praying a lot for her.

  22. Wow! Such beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Lovely photo !!!! Thank you for almost a tour! Flowers are unusual - quite impressive! and heart on a stone path ... Great!
    I hope you had a wonderful time with my sister and all will be well))))))

  24. Yes CT is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!!! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. And I'm happy your sis is doing better. Hope you can see her soon again.

    And that teeny tiny wine glass made me laugh! I'm sure it was a joke or made just for wine-tastings

  25. Looks like a really lovely time away!! You have me wanting a Cape trip now. Just love it there!


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