Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunch at the Pink Fig

The weather has been horrible these past few weeks.  I really don't recall a winter in the past that was quite as cold as this one.  Last Sunday we all had cabin fever and when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds we decided to find a sunny spot where Stefan can play and where we can sit like "dassies" and enjoy the warmth of the sun as well as get a good meal.  Earlier last week I met Cat at the Pink Fig and thoroughly enjoyed it was a repeat performance.

 Stefan was quickly occupied in the sandpit.

 He then found this car and unfortunately it needed to be powered by a human.  So first Bianca pushed him around the play area.

 When B got tired, Oupa had to step up to the task and for the next 15 minutes this went on.  Then Oupa decided he needed a break.

 Stefan did not agree...

 ....and he entertained us with a fully fledged tantrum...

 ...and I was fortunate to capture it for his 21st birthday... didn't have the desired affect... he threw himself down on his back and screamed and kicked...

 It worked...two little boys felt sorry for him.

 The tantrum was forgotten as his two new slaves pushed him around.

 The very elusive Bianca with Riaan.  I struggle to get this girl to sit still when I take a photo.

My Bokkie and I.

This week the weather was horrid again...but we are planning a date night tonight...and tomorrow we hope that the sun will shine and that we will be able to sit outside and drink it all in.

How are you doing?  Having a good weekend?



  1. Awesome photo journal once again Lynette. Just love seeing you life through photos and of course the last pic of you and your Bokkie is the most precious.
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    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Wonderful photo, thanks, thank you as if you visited at home) We have, finally, the present summer, warm and sunny, you can swim and sunbathe.
    Well, your winter, similar to our summer ....

  3. I LOVE the photos of the fully fledged tantrum ... Connor didn't throw too many of those cause I was quite a fierce Mom and he knew he would get a very hot bum. I would love to see Stefan's face when you show them at his 21st!!! I love that the two kids felt sorry for him and took over the task of pushing him around ~ it really is more difficult for us grown ups.

    The photo of you and your Bokkie is absolutely beautiful ... You two sure suit each other to perfection!!!

    Here in Jhb the cold wind has blown in and we scrapbooked at my home and had the gas heater going nearly the whole day as we sat on the enclosed patio which still gets some wind through the spaces where the thatch comes down to the roof. However we had a fantastic day in the company of our precious Scrap Addicts.

  4. I love that smile on Stefan's face, after his tantrum attracted some new man power!! Too cute!!

  5. I LOVE that you kept snapping while he was having the tantrum :) And how he got those two boys to push him :) :)

    Always love seeing photos of you and your Bokkie!

  6. LOL!!!! I think one of my fave activities is watching The Tantrum.....& he picked the PERFECT spot....grass is soooo forgiving to head banging!!!!! Great pics for future bribery!!! It's cold here, too.... Hope you have a lovely date night....I'm struggling with leaving my warm bed!!!!!!

  7. Sorry I had a giggle at the oscar winning performance photos and jus could imagine the sound as well! I had a 2 year old tanty thrower as well and I found ignoring her worked some times, but it was hard when I was out shopping etc.. The photos are great! My weekend has been busy. Today we celebrated my husbands sisters husbands 60th birthday and I came home to find out a cousin who I also went to school with had an accident on his farm and was unbelievably awful news... If I did not have Jesus I would really wonder how I would cope with all the bad news that is around us lately... Take care...

  8. Hehe...those are great tantrum photos! And the photo of you and your bokkie, beautiful.

  9. Such cool photos! Love the tantrum ones… priceless!

  10. Oh that's a beautiful picture of you two! And love the tantrum ones - keepers. We truly enjoyed the Pink Fig (I did a little PE blogpost about it and some others) and will certainly nake a plan to be there again. Loved seeing you

  11. Awesome! Glad you got someone to hold Bianca down!! :)
    Aren't we lucky that they grow out of the tantrums?!
    Be blessed this week (with lots of sun).

  12. Love the tantrum photos! LOL
    Looks like a great place!

  13. Fun snapshots. I'm almost tempted to see kind of results I could get with a tantrum; but I suppose I'm too old for that.

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha Stefan had me in stitches!!!! Toddlers and tantrums. In sure the boys had fun carting him around.
    Hope the weather is warmer this week

  15. Gorgeous photo's as always Lynette...and I agree...this winter has been quite a chilly one! It has meant that I have had more scrappy time though....because one really doesn't want to be outside....but inside is just as I had had to dress up warm at my scrappy table!!!!! ;-)

  16. I love that you caught the tantrum photos and the next photo he has a huge smile on his face again. Ah, little boys. :)

  17. Hi Lynette! Such wonderful photos and I love all of the action shots. They are so fun and fabulous! I especially love the one of the 2 of you at the end!!! I am OK but my 83 yr old mom fell and broke her left hip a week ago after almost recovering from her right hip fracture at the end of December. We were just starting to talk about her going home with visiting nurses, etc. Her surgery went well and she is now at a rehab facility to get her back up and walking again. Oh my goodness!

  18. Loved your little photo story! Definitely one to keep for the future. Yes here it has been chilly too. We don't have the right clothes & homes for it to be bearable for too long...

  19. OMGoodness...those photos are classic! LOL...what a treat they will be for his 21st birthday! That was lovely of the 2 young boys to push him around, but probably not a good lesson for him as he will be thinking that chucking a tantrum will get him what he wants! Oh well...hope you all enjoyed your day in the sunshine :) xx


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