Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life is a learning curve

Light painting during a photographic course

I have been wanting to blog...but have deleted each post before I could post it.  I guess one should steer clear of blogging when you are irritated or upset.   These past two weeks I have learned a few things.

  • I have learned that honesty and loyalty are key to having healthy relationships.
  • I have learned that I will always be loyal towards the people I doesn't matter how big they have messed up.
  • I have learned that often people who you expect to be loyal, are not...and that hurts.
  • I have learned that few people can be trusted with my emotional baggage (and I have a suitcase full)
  • I have learned that I have no tolerance for people who don't have a filter between their thoughts and their mouths.
  • I have learned that words spoken...hurts...and cannot be reversed once said.
  • I have learned that as easily as I forgive, I can cut people out of my life.
  • I have learned that above all... I crave quiet and being alone.
  • I have learned that the best way to filter out noise is being lost in a good book.
  • I have learned that people can push you away even when they need you most.
So we never stop learning.  What have you learned recently?



    1. I have learned that even though I have always LOVED to travel, & I'm sure I will do again, that at this moment in time, I simply want to be home. Always. I do not enjoy going away. At all. Not very profound, is it? But it's my here & now;)

      1. Oh Lizzy...there is still so much traveling I want to do. I am also a homebody but I want to see the wide open spaces.

    2. I have perhaps not so much learned but been reminded that Calvary covers it all! I got a new cd this week from hill song and my new song is called Calvary. I sing it over and over. A cousin of mine died last Monday, 32 years old, he had appendicitis and somehow it was so severe that he passed away. 32 years old. I have learned that we really are in Gods hands. Nothing is certain here on earth. Just something I have been reminded about this week... And I do love being at home too! And with school holidays this last week I only went out once! Soo lovely! May you find solace in your home with Gods peace this week.

      1. Yes grace covers it...but that does not take away the disappointment one feels when family are just know that they will not be there for you if you should ever need them.

    3. Lynette right words, in many I recognize myself.

    4. Very profound post special lady. I can relate to what you have said.

      I learned/really understood this very week ... after a very long time ... that one parent can drive a wedge between you and your other parent for seemingly no understandable reason and it can take a very long time for you to understand that that is what caused the 'bad relationship' between you and the other parent. So sad but true!!!

    5. Yes I don't blog about ''all that stuff'' because, as you've pointed out, putting it into words that others will understand & accept is so darn difficult. Being the cynic that I have become I've seen that generally people can & do disappoint but it's still hard keeping your standards of expectation so low so as not to be disappointed...

    6. Sorry to hear you've hit some bumps in the road. I don't know you all that well, but I dare say that you can't really cut people out of your life as easily as you could forgive.

    7. The bumps along the road remind us where we've been but we are comforted by the fact that the Lord's grace will see us through all things.

      I have had to learn to forgive but the one thing I do not do is forget. Because I believe once bitten many times shy

    8. Sounds like a few rough lessons there...

      Mmm...what have I learnt? Well, I'm learning to trust that everything will be okay.

    9. Love you my friend.

      I have learned that above all family is important.

    10. Lovely post Lynette and so super as to your learnings! I have also learnt about friendships and that I need to be discerning as 1 friend does not necessarily fulfill all my friendship one needs different friends for different reasons and we need to know which those are! xx


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