Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Things I love & don't love

Hallo there,  thank you so much for the compliments on my previous post.  Some of you made me giggle because you said that the dress I was wearing in the photo on the layout is pretty...but you could only see the very top of the I thought I would show you another photo of the dress full length.  This photo of my darling man and I was taken at a wedding in 2009 on a wine estate outside Stellenbosch.  It is really a beautiful dress and in one of my favourite colours.
In the good old days we had an amazing blogging fraternity.  A great bunch of women full of compassion, love and a good ear.  Many of us became such wonderful friends...but over the years many stopped blogging.  So today I am following in Allie's footsteps with this post. Make a love/hate list...don't over think it too much...okay?   I challenge all my old blog buddies to follow suit...if you no longer have a blog just do it in the comments section.  I need to hear from all of tag you're it.

Things I love

the first cup of coffee in the morning
tight hugs
spending time with my loved ones
people that REALLY listen
losing myself in a book
capturing images on camera
hot soups and stews in the winter
the sun on my skin
sitting at the beach
my time on the treadmill...when I feel the tension melting away
being warm
being alone
living out our calling
being creative with paper and glue
a long deep warm bubble bath
beautiful wordy quotes
pretty stationary
chattering children
laughing babies

Things I don't love

people's sense of entitlement
small talk
being cold
foul and vulgar talk
cigarette smoke
snakes and spiders
being lied to
feeling manipulated
mean spirited jokes
people who complain all the time
road rage
unresolved issues
brussel sprouts

I am waiting to hear from you



  1. Awesome dress and a stunning photo of two beautiful people, inside and out xxx
    Ooh now for the love/hate situation. Will do my little list soon. Love yours.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Thank you are the first friend in the computer that I met in real life.

  2. I have to agree 100% with both your lists and I love your dress, color is perfect on you!

  3. It is a beautiful dress. I love that colour and it is a great pic... neat list of things you love and dislove :D

  4. Lovely post Lynette with a gorgeous photo of you and your gorgeous man.

    I will have to do a list on my blog.

  5. Lovely photo Lynette! Gorgeous dress. I love turquoise too. As for your list.... I agree with practically everything down to the brussels sprouts. But I don't mind ironing though. And I don't like the treadmill either. But there you are, almost the same things.

    1. The treadmill is something that I need to love. I had back surgery years ago and walking keeps my back the same time exercise keeps the fibromyalgia pain monster below the surface. I am ever so slightly addicted to walking....I guess it isn't a bad addiction to have.

  6. Lovely photo Lynette! And a gorgeous dress. I love turquoise. As for your list.... I could write a similar list. Only I don't mind ironing and unlike you, I don't like the treadmill!

  7. Dress is beautiful, and how gorgeous Lynette, you look at it!
    Interesting list, you must make for yourself a ...
    a cup of coffee in the morning I love.
    Without coffee a day does not start.

    1. I am fortunate coffee arrives next to my bed compliments of my daughter or my husband.

  8. You did it! Yay for you - I see why you say we are similar: its pretty amazing how much, hey?!
    This makes me nostalgic for the old blogging days

    1. I am nostalgic for the old days I am waiting for the blog posts to flood my reader ;-) Hope I won't be waiting in vain.

  9. That dress is MWAH! I love the colour blue! I am NOOO good at list off the cuff...always forget important stuff & that annoys me;) both your lists are really neat....treadmill, though? EXERCISE?? Hmmmnnnn.....that would be on the 'don't do it. Ever.' List ........!!!!!

    1. The colour blue, turquoise and all the different shades of aqua.

  10. Your dress is gorgeous!!! And loving the list!!!!!

  11. oo I love the dress... and you are so pretty! as for the list.. yep.. yep and more yeps from me!! had to smile to see we share the love NOT for ironing!! seeing hurt animals is another for my hate list.. or people who hurt animals... lots to think about on your lists.. Have a GOOD day!

    1. There is a lot more I could add to my love and hate lists...these are totally random. Cruelty of any nature would be on my hate list.

  12. Love the dress; actually something that glamorous should be called a frock. I agree with most of your lists, apart from the treadmill. After many years of ironing 30 plus shirts a week, I don't iron much anymore. Just put them through a permanent press cycle and let them drip dry on a coat hanger.

    1. I love how the word "frock" rolls of my tongue...I think I will use it in future. If I really HAVE to do the laundry...I take it off the line when it is still slightly damp, after a few minutes in the tumble dried it needs no iron.

  13. Great photo of you two!
    Love that list! I will definitely do one too :D

  14. That is a stunning dress! Suits you. :-)

    Things I love
    -BIG challenge at work
    -Nicola and her wit
    -The new puppy cuteness that is Polka
    -Super hot vet that gives me discount
    -Being able to breathe through my nose again
    Things I don't love
    -Weeds are slowly reclaiming my garden
    -One chewed up.boot courtesy of Polka

  15. It is a beautiful dress! And the color is superb.

    I only have a minute, so here is an abbreviated list of 5 things I love: books (e-books are cool, but I still love paper books the best), chocolate in almost any form, getting letters from friends in the mail, beach trips with my neighbors, and movie nights with my family. Like anyone, I have my pet peeves, but I don't know if I can say I "hate" anything. Hate is such a strong word. I'd rather just focus on the things I love.

  16. It is awesome to know a little more about you!

  17. Stunning dress - it's made specifically for you. I think I'll do this on my blog tomorrow.

  18. So fun to learn more about you! AND you DO look amazing in that beautiful dress! :)

  19. There's still a great blogging fraternity Lynette and I am still amazed at the wonderful internet friends I have made...and you are certainly one of them! I love your bloggy friendship and love visiting your blog, because there is always something that catches my thoughts, or is a reminder...even is just something small! I will put my list on my blog this weekend! xx

    1. I would love to see your list. I am thankful that some of my posts inspire.

  20. Loved to find out a little more about you. No surprise my list would be pretty similar to yours, and I will try to make one for my blog . It's funny really, that when push comes to shove we all have similar likes/dislikes wishes /dreams. People all over the world have much more in common than what separates us! I also love how the blogging community is mostly warm and supportive, even if I have not blogged that long and cannot compare this to the good old days :-) And of course my friend, you DO look absolutely stunning in that turquoise dress! :-) xx

  21. What a pretty dress. The color is gorgeous.

    I stumbled onto your blog through Lynn's. It's very nice. Your post about fibromyalgia was inspiring.

  22. I love that my blogging friends have not forgotten about me :-)

    I hate that i have not blogged or even read blogs in ages.... I miss everyone

  23. Loved reading all your loves and don't loves...and learning more about you :) One that stood out to me is "people who REALLY listen". I love this too, and find that nowadays there are lots of people who rarely do!


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