Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My life...perfectly imperfect.

Thank you for your comments on my previous post.  I appreciate the encouragement and the prompts on where to start ;-)  I haven't posted many of my latest photos and I am not going to overload you now.  Today I am going to post a little about why I love my life.

Last month I wrote a post about my marriage of 35 years to the love of my life.  I also mentioned it on Facebook and was contacted by our local newspaper and interviewed for an article about anniversaries.  I was a bit gobsmacked by the attention because I always considered it normal that marriages should last through better and worse.  A few people commented that I have "a perfect" life.  THAT really made me life perfect?

Yes...I have been happily married for 35 years...and yes we are still very much in love....BUT it doesn't just happen.  A good and happy marriage is all about give and take and a lot of hard work.  Like any other couple we don't always agree...we argue and get cross with each other.  He drives me totally insane when he makes decisions that affects me without consulting me.  (A year ago he sold my car and only informing me when the buyer arrived to collect it) I know I drive him crazy because when I believe strongly in something  I WILL JUST NOT LET IT GO.  (He wanted to do business with a man recently. I had a strong feeling that this man wasn't honest and I did not let it go until my DH burned his fingers with this man...then I told him....yes you know it....I TOLD YOU SO).

Another reason why people believe we have the perfect life is because I have beautiful children and grandchildren.  Oh yes...that sure makes your life PERFECT{LY} chaotic.  The reality is family life is messy...children and in-law children often don't get along and frankly just don't like each other.  I guess these are the things that makes my life PERFECTLY normal.  I still consider my children and grandchildren to be my greatest blessings and I love them to bits.  My love for them isn't based on them liking and getting along with each other.  I have learned that I can spend quality time with all of them individually.

The reality is that we have been married for 35 years and we have never had an empty nest.  My chicks tend to always find their way back home.  Another fact is that my chicks are spoiled...and I end up picking up, closing doors and cleaning up after them.  Sometimes my life is a PERFECT mess. I am definitely not going to get the prize for the Ouma that has the tidiest house.  As most of you know Bianca still lives at home with two year old Stefan.  Having a two year old around is quite house more often than not resembles an obstacle course with ride-on toys, books and lego strewn throughout the house.

He might look like a little angel....and he has a twinkle in the eye that barely disguises just how mischievous he is.  He often falls asleep in our arms or in our bed...and we usually wake up with him banging on the door and calling for his Oupa.  You see...his Oupa actually belongs to him alone ;-)  It is amazing to have a young child grow up in our home again.  He is the source of much joy and laughter.

He is also a strong willed child that wants things his way or else...

...we see many many meltdowns...

We are happy.  We are involved in the good and the bad...the happy and the sad of our children's lives.  We are blessed to be working full time in the ministry that the Lord called us to.  I would say that my life is perfectly imperfect and I love it.

How would you define a "perfect" life?



  1. Spot on! its hard work but worth it. As to perfect ? I have no idea

  2. Who knows what perfect is. I was also told one day that i had a 'perfect life' Ha ha. What a joke!

    Need to get back inot blogging too :(

    And yes, i think you hit the nail on the head xx

  3. Beautiful photos of you and your family Lynette!
    Perfect life, urg.... call me pessimistic, I don't know one! I am constantly trying to look through my imperfection to find what is perfect for me, but nah..... not there yet!

  4. Your life sounds very much like my parents - who actually have been married about 37 years (I think) - I found my way home for 4 years and my niece is there more than she isn't now :) It is how I would want it to be one day (ok I don't want a divorce for my kids BUT I want them to always be able to come home if they need to)

  5. I love it! People see glimpses and they think that's the whole picture. It never is!

    you do have a beautiful family but there's so much more to you :) :)

    Embracing imperfection along with you

  6. I don't believe in a perfect life. I believe in making concessions for people & making things work!! Which is what you do! Then you can enjoy the good bits that are in every day :)

  7. I do not know whether there is a perfect life ..? I think we should listen and hear each other, and Lynette, you to manage to it fine! ( or you great at.) sorry for bad english.

  8. I'm sorry, but to end the post with 'those' made me LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLLLL VERY much:) I've got only one little grandboy who's about to turn 2 & I think it's a real giggle when they try to get their own's such a blast watching them grow & learn, too.....GREAT post. Very real. Most unperfectly perfect!!! Oh, yes, & don't we all LOOOVE to savour that "I told you so" moment...when we know we should hold it in. The great thing about a longer marriage. You actually DON"T HAVE TO SAY THE WORDS...& they know you know what you're thinking. The look is all ya need, eh??!!!! I must say, that short gap between one generation leaving...the next arriving...& before my parents got old & needed help, was a VERY sweet time in our life. We travelled. We LOVED it. Still, one has to love the 'now' that one is standing in, I reckon. Sorry....rambling. Good to see you blogging so quickly:):)

  9. Exactly what a "perfect" life should be...imperfect, but filled with love and joy!! :)

  10. Yours is as perfect as mine ... lol ... I get accused of having the 'perfect' life all the time too!! I just LOVED this post my friend ... you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Beautiful photos Lynette! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Great photos!

    Mmm...perfect life. I'd say it's one where the good outweighs the bad. One where you are content with your decisions and leaves a positive legacy. The perfect life is the one that you are happy having. :-)

  13. Perception is what makes it perfect!
    A perfect life is just as you have described it: Happy and blessed with its imperfections!
    The photos of Stefan are cute!

  14. A perfect life???I am not sure if there is one.. a happy life.. oh yes!! What we feed will grow, if we nurture and feed our marriages, relationships they will grow, if we neglect or abuse them.. they will not grow well but will even perish.. We also have choices, we can choose to be happy, or to let things get us down.. Peace is not absence of trouble, but calm in the storm.. Well done on your 35 years, I am coming up to 32 in september.. It has not always been easy happy or good, but we made a commitment and we try to just keep going together.. Wonderful photos too, gota smile at the tantys in the last photos.. hehe.. May God use that strong will for His purpose!! Have a good weekend!

  15. Such an endearing post Lynette, brought a tear or two welling up, reading all about your perfect imperfect life. But you are soooo blessed having a loving husband and kids and grand bambinos, something that has not been destined to be for us. But our marriage of nearly 30 years is such a huge blessing in itself.
    Gorgeous photos as well.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  16. It sounds like lots of perfect mixed in and muddled up with the imperfect - that's the way things tend to work in our world too.

  17. Perfectly imperfect is the best way for life to be ... If there was no imperfect parts I think it would be really boring.

    I LOVE your photos ~ the one of K and then the one of you are my favourites!!!!

    Good marriages don't just happen they take work and love and patience and concessions ... And they should last ~ however we know that that is not so in today's 'instant world'. I am fortunate like you to have a marriage that has stood the test of time ... this year we have been married for 27 wonderful years. You and K are an example to others of how you can work at it and make it last!!!

  18. First of all, Happy Anniversary! And how cool that you were included in a newspaper article. What an honor for you.

    As far as perfection goes...there are no perfect people, no perfect lives. We're all just trying to figure it all out and do the best that we can. I suspect that when people said that you have a perfect life, what they really meant was that they look up to you and admire you. As they should. You are a good role model BECAUSE you work to keep your marriage strong. You are a good role model BECAUSE you follow your instincts and stand up for your beliefs. You are a good role model BECAUSE you work with the hand you were dealt, imperfections and all.

    Take care and keep well! :)

  19. Exactly the way it should be!!!!! Your life is perfectly perfect!!!! ;-)

  20. I love that you have a perfectly imperfect life. It's what it means to be grateful. We would not know the good without the bad. You blog always inspires me, so glad to know you through this world wide web. XOXO


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