Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dewan turns five

I know I have said this hundreds of times...and I sound like a stuck record...but I cannot get over how quickly time goes by.  At the end of April we celebrated my grandson Dewan's fifth birthday.  It feels like yesterday when he was the baby of the three musketeers (Leane, Lukas, Dewan).  Lache and Kobus booked the Barnyard as the venue.  The children always love the interaction with animals.  Here is a glimpse into our day.

He is an angry birds fan...and Lache is fortunate that her neigbour is a wonderful baker

Dewan kyk vir Ouma!  This little man just hates the camera and begging doesn't even work to get him to look at me.

Very reluctant.

The temperature was well into the 30 degrees on this day.  The children feeding a donkey.

This little monkey has lost her first tooth while on holiday in Plettenberg Bay

My oldest son Kobus...with his youngest son Juan

Cousins and best friends

The three musketeers.  It doesn't matter how many other children are invited to a party...these three always end up together.

Blowing out the candles

Time for a tractor ride...

...and I get a gift of a beautiful smile.

The boys discovered the sprinkler in the tortoise enclosure and they were all running around in their underpants.  This must have been the highlight of the day for them.  Wonderful how the simple things often gives the most pleasure.



  1. Happy birthday to Dewan. Here's to many more years of happiness and god health!

    I love parties like this where the kids can run around and play and just enjoy being kids

  2. Oh Happy Birthday young man!! and yes I totally agree with you.. somehow the days are just flying by... cannot believe we are nearly at the end of may... >??? It looks like a really hot day with everyone and their hot faces.. but oh the fun of a sprinkler!! and that cake is awesome too...

  3. What an awesome birthday!!!!! LOVING the photos!! His cake is AWESOME!! I want one of those!!!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful party!
    Ps! Love the new cute.

  5. How fast kids grow!!! A wonderful day!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Dewan!!!

    Such a gorgeous cake and it looks like you had a wonderful party!!!

  7. Good to see the fun birthday photos, finally getting a smile from the birthday boy, Dewan! Yes, time goes too fast....Ava turned four in February and Grayson is already four months old, wow! It is almost time for me to pack my things and head home for the summer since Raegen only has one more day of school. Very anxious to see your next layout!

  8. Your family is absolutely beautiful!! I love seeing their smiling faces. Makes me happy too!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Dewan! The sprinkler photo is so cute. You are right--sometimes the simple things are the most fun. But I must say that I am also impressed by that Angry Birds cake, which is not so simple!

    I also like the new header and profile photos on your blog, Lynette. Very pretty!

  10. Looks like a fun party!! And his Angry Bird cake is too cute!! :)

  11. Awww... sweet, precious moment!!!! Priceless!!!!

  12. Great photos...fabulous that they're good friends....& you got a smile & what a gorgeous one:) And & simple pleasures.....& I bet it is the thing they remember best:):)

  13. A delightful post filled with life's blessings.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  14. Love the new header Lynette! And beautiful kids, stunning cake, great party

  15. I can't believe how much your grandbabies are growing! It's been so much fun to watch them grow on your blog. I'm so grateful to share in your joy!

  16. Happy Birthday to Dewan! I am surehe had a wonderful Birthday and was spoilt rotten! You are so right...the time is flying by and it is never more obvious that with these little ones!

  17. It looks like that they had a blast. What fun!

  18. Looks like Dewan had a great birthday and the weather was brilliant! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I delight in reading bits of Afrikaans here and there! (I'm Dutch so I understand Afrikaans)


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