Thursday, April 10, 2014

When we DREAM big...

I don't very often write posts about our calling and our work at the Mission.  If you want to know more, you can read THIS post.  You can imagine that in today economical climate it is increasingly difficult to keep a non profit organisation going.  We started the Mission nearly 16 years ago and from the get go we had to work very hard to get the Mission self sustained.  One of our main source of income is a recycling job creation program.

More than 3 years ago K found out that an entire plastics extrusion plant is going to be sold on auction.  He went with the goal of just obtaining a granulation machine. This machine takes huge pieces of polypropylene plastic (found in dashboards, bumpers and other components in the car industry) and chops it up into little pieces. He had a budget of R50000 to work with.  As the auction progressed K ended up buying the whole extrusion plant and granulator for a mere R65000.  I can promise you that he was praying through that whole auction.  If one of the components were bought up by the many scrap metal dealers on the auction it would make what he bid on worthless. That was miracle no 1.
The extruder

When we tried to get the plant running we found that the electrical cables that we have on the property cannot carry enough KVA so everything came to a standstill.  Approximately 3 months later a large cable company arrived at the Mission with a huge roll of cable on the load was a donation.  That was miracle no 2.  As you can imagine with each breakthrough came another stumbling block.  In our case it was that the owners of the property where we wanted to put up the machines were not prepared to give us more KVA on the property.  So our dream was put on hold for more than two years.

Now for the good news.  We found a warehouse where we could put up the extrusion plant quite near to the Mission.  Better news was that the length of cable that was donated was just long enough to take the electricity supply from where the cable enters the premises to where the machines are set up.  Two weeks ago the plant was up and running and I am going to show you what is being done there.

This is what the product looks like that we get from the motor industry:

and this:
from here.... gets put through the granulator:

...and are transformed to this....
granulated plastics that is still to large to be put into the extruder.

Now it is put through another granulator that makes smaller granules.

...that look like this.

Now comes the exciting part:
Thr granulated plastic is put into the inlet to the extruder.

In the yellow part the plastics get melted down.  You can see the steam above it.

The black spaghetti like strands are the melted plastic that now goes through a cooling process in a water bath.

It comes out on the other side of the bath hardened.

It then feeds into the pelletizer.

The final product that is then sold to companies who do plastic injection moulding.

Sorry if I bored you.  
I am just so excited that we are moving on and that the product that this Mission Station produces can be compared to any other professional company out there.  It excites me to know that God is our sole provider.  He has shut doors that He didn't want us to go through and He opened the ones that He wanted us to go through.  I am thankful that the Mission can take care of more than 500 people without the help of government or grants.



  1. That is amazing!!! How exciting!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post, and not just because I am into recycling. :)

    I just think it's great that you have a win-win situation here. The recycling plant supports the mission. The people working at the plant learn valuable job skills. A useful product gets made. Everybody wins.

    I am definitely going to show this post to my husband and son. They love industrial technology, so they'll enjoy seeing the big machines. Thanks for all the photos that show the whole process .

  3. Thanks for sharing - it was good to learn more about the mission.

  4. Wow! That is God in action! Thank you for posting that. I always marvel at the way God works out His plans. It continues to amaze me (although it shouldn't).
    Very interesting to learn how this process works. I didn't know that.
    Does the plant offer employment for your clients or is it the profit that helps run the project financially? (Or both perhaps?)

    1. Hi Lisca, people that have successfully completed our destitute program and have been rehabilitated get the opportunity of employment at the Plastic extrusion plant.

  5. Very interesting...not boring at all! I have been concerned for years about the lack of recycling in some parts of the United States, some small communities say the process is too expensive, although it should be a big priority for all of us. So glad to see that God has opened so many doors for the Mission. Prayers for continued success at the plant.

  6. I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm a bit of a tree hugger so I love any recycling initiatives. But best of all, my heart is BURSTING at how God provides. Exceedingly abundantly ABOVE all we can ask or think :)


  7. That was very interesting and just so wonderful for it all to happen, praise God.. In todays world recycling is the way to go.. well done and may it be a means to provide for the mission to continue...xx

  8. Not boring at all! It's amazing. :-)

  9. God will continue to provide for His children. Thank you for all the good work you are doing at the mission

  10. So awesome Lynette!! Always so nice to read that there are so many good things happening out there in the world too! And even better, when it's happening for one of my scrappy friends too! xx

  11. I love seeing a plan comes together, even if it took several years in your case. Thanks for sharing the process. I think it's very interesting. :) xx

  12. That's totally cool! Hope you are well friend, been praying for you!

  13. Absolutely amazing post ... It is wonderful to see how God as blessed the mission! Loved the explanation of how this all works ... I recycle everything I can and am always happy to hear that there are places that 'make it happen'. All the love in the world and best wishes for your endeavour.

  14. Not at all bored!! That is seriously cool!!! I just love things like that!!!

  15. That is amazing, miraculous for sure & such a FABULOUS way of running a mission.....sustainable in the long term.....well done on persevering through such a LOOOONG time to get to this point.....whoo-hoo!!...& an interesting process to boot!!!


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