Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just Imagine....

...if people stopped sitting on the sidelines and stopped throwing

 stones at people who are actively involved in uplifting the community. 
 Then maybe...just maybe we would be able to make a difference in 
this beautiful country of ours. Here follows the Facebook post that 
made me particularly hot under the collar.
Dave Coates

Why would 'vissatarius mission recycling' be dumping a truck load of plastic at the dump?!
 That's not quite how recycling works? Am I missing something?
Photo: Why would 'vissatarius mission recycling' be dumping a truck load of plastic at the dump?! That's not quite how recycling works? Am I missing something?

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  • Bernadette Raven Meistre Shocking. Take it further!
  • Derek Barber well surely they / all parties involved are missing something,...BRAIN!!
  • Andrew Botha Maybe they have sorted he plastic and this is the leftovers that can't be recycled...
  • Dave Coates Maybe aye. There was a lot of 2l plastic bottles. I thought was recyclable? Interesting point tho
  • Dave Coates *Were a lot
  • Catherine Louise van Rensburg Hey Dave, perhaps before posting this for all to see, maybe it's best to contact them directly to get the facts. They have a page on Facebook too. Vistarus Mission Station.
  • Catherine Louise van Rensburg I contacted Vistarus. The plastic that was dumped is plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Lynette Jacobs Thank you Catherine van Rensburg. That was waste that couldn't be recycled. It costs a lot to take it and to dump it at Arlington. The recycling program makes the Mission self sustaining and allows them to take care of hundreds of people. Think carefully about the good that is done before posting incorrect information.
  • Robyn Zieseniss Um Lynette Jacobs if you read Dave Coates's post it did not defame them and it was ACTUALLY posted as a question to find out what was going on. So before YOU post information that is incorrect please could I ask that you read carefully before implying that someone means harm by these posts. It is disappointing that people cant discuss these things without people jumping down their throat. Its social media. People are encouraged to ask, learn and educate.
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  • Samantha Barris Shocking that there is still so much plastic that can't be recycled!
  • Dave Coates Hey Lynette. Thanks for the response. I was a little taken aback when seeing the truck but it was really just a question. I did not mean for it to come across as an 'attack'. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was really confused when I saw all the two Lorre bottles too but that makes sense yeah. My wife did post but just in case...if you guys have any 2l bottles animal anti cruelty can use that would b great!! Esp with winter coming up! It's such a shame that there is so plastic that can't be recycled 
  • Dave Coates 'Litre' ! Damn autocorrect. 
  • Dave Coates Actually I'm getting animal anti cruelty confused with another project where they use 2l bottles to build and insulate homes. So there is plenty use for them. Might even save u guys some cash! Maybe I can put you in touch with Taryn Coates? She has all the finer details...
  • Dave Coates Oh! Catherine Louise van Rensburg! Thanks for getting in touch with Vistarius ! I've been working like a Trojan and haven't had a chance. I happened to have a couple spare seconds while at Arlington. (And truthfully my first thought was that they prob wouldn't have a Facebook page ... Bad Dave!!)
  • Robyn Zieseniss I am feeling particularly woes tonight so wont say anything except this Dave Coates. I really dont think that you have to justify yourself. Big ups toCatherine Louise van Rensburg for actually investigating and letting everyone know!
  • Richard 'Rush' Ashworth 2L bottles are made from PET type plastic. One of the easiest types of plastic to recycle. 

    Just saying.
  • Taryn Coates Hey Richard Ashworth the ones they were dumping were contaminated, so can't be recycled.
  • Richard 'Rush' Ashworth Point taken Taz
  • Lynette Jacobs Forgive me Dave, for finishing this post off with a few facts. This is not aimed at you. Robyn Zieseniss....I presume that you are a lawyer and I salute you for taking such a defensive stand for your friend Dave. I wouldn't mind having you in my corner when an attack comes  I do have to correct your statement that on social media people are encouraged to ask, learn and educate. I have found that on social media people think that they can say whatever they like without consequences. You know that in a court of law your case can be won or lost by simply sowing doubt. It works in a very similar way in just need to create a little bit of doubt and the reputation of an organisation can be affected. We have build this organisation over 16 years with lots of blood, sweat and forgive me if I become defensive when negative comments are made about our life's work. Let's take the first two comments....that this is shocking (should be taken further?)...and that we must be missing a brain. Now if Catherine Louise van Rensburg's husband didn't work at the Mission, nobody would have been able to get answers to their questions. Now put those individuals in a different setting where the name of the Mission comes up and see how they react and what they say...simply based on a photo posted on FB. That could be seriously damaging. My suggestion to anybody who wants true facts would be to go to the source...or else everyone will just remain opinionated and not informed.
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  • Lynette Jacobs Lastly, I need to educate (forgive me I cannot help myself) you about the Mission. The vision and mission of Vistarus is to take in abused, broken, addicted people and assist in their healing...putting them back into society to become productive people. We have nearly 600 people who are housed at the mission. 28500 meals are supplied per month. The recycling is simply a way of providing for the needs of these people and not our main concern. Every person at the mission is a child, sibling or parent of somebody out there in society...I am pretty sure that if they were your family members you wouldn't like it if we made them sort through waste that looks like doesn't matter if there is a few 2l bottles in there somewhere. Please...I invite you to become a friend of theVistarus Mission Station. That way you become part of the success stories that come from here.
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  • Lynette Jacobs Nobody would be uplifted or made to feel better about themselves if this is what they had to deal with. What do you think.
  • Lynette Jacobs Sorry Dave Coates for hijacking your page.

One thing that we have learned since we started the Mission 16 years ago is this fact. If you stand up for your community or the environment you set yourself up as a target. Anyone and everyone thinks they have license to take cheap shots at everything we do and say. You will usually find that they are not involved in anything that will cost them time, money or effort.

What I didn't mention is that we actually recycle around 4 tons of waste per day....that which is seen on the truck and land up in landfill is only the tip of our recycling mountain. I get upset with people who are just opinionated and uninformed and then have a lot to say. Now that the facts have been mentioned not one of these opinionated people responded...makes you think doesn't it? :-P

What do you think?
Should I just grow a thicker skin?
How would you have reacted?



  1. I'm proud of you for standing up and speaking truth in love, but still firmly!


  2. Nope...I think you handled it beautifully. Asking is one thing, attacking is something else completely.

  3. You did the right thing!!! So proud of you!

  4. Sjoe Lynette, it is clear to my why you are, where you are. Well said. You are doing an amazing job, sterkte. xx

  5. You're amazing! Your love shines through and the work that you're doing is incredible and appreciated. XOXO

  6. I think you handled it perfectly. Wouldn't change a thing. Just keep on being who you are xxxx

  7. You are such an inspiration to us all, Lynette. I agree with Herlien - you handled this perfectly and I would have reacted the exact same way.

  8. You go girl...I actually get really hot under the collar too, with social media...because one can say so many things and not actually have to face anyone! It's the same with email wars....really so cowardly, instead of having a face to face conversation! The facts will always emerge!!

  9. Good on you for taking a stand Lynette. I have a huge problem with people using social media just to create 'conversation' and not thinking of the consequences and how it can harm others. You've done a great job! :) xx

  10. Well spoken Lynette, but I agree it is very disappointing how carelessly people comment within social media.

  11. You know that what you are doing is good and God is in charge ... Sometimes people attack without even thinking of finding out what the story really is ~ As usual you are an inspiration!!!!

  12. Lynette. Ek raak ook so kwaad wanneer ek dinge soos die sien op Social media sites en die mense het nie feite agter mekaar nie. So ek spring ook op my perdjie. Dalk moet ons 'n dikker vel groei maar dis makliker gesê as gedoen.


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