Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cute Stuff - CREATE - Fancy Pants

I want to share my second layout that was published in the April CREATE magazine.  You can read and download this free magazine HERE.  The sketches can be downloaded HERE.  The second challenge of the month is to use either the card sketch or the tag sketch for something else.  I love this challenge the most each month...and I always end up making a page using the card sketch.  I used a photo of Dewan for this page:

Supplies used:  Cardstock: Daler Rowney acrylic paper;  Patterned papers:  Fancy Pants; Stamp:  Kaisercraft; Title:  Blue Fern Studio; Stars cut with Quickutz; Buttons:  Fancy Pants;  Other:  Gesso and Machine stitching.

This is the card sketch that you can download:

When I looked at the card sketch I was drawn to the panels across the card and the star.  I made that my focus for the page I made.

Here is some close ups:
Some added texture with gesso, stamps and machine stitching.  The first time I am using some twine under my photos.

The stars are always such a cute accent for a boy page.

Thank you for looking and leaving love.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Happiness - CREATE - My Minds Eye

The April issue of CREATE magazine have gone live.  You can read and download this free magazine HERE.  The free sketches can be downloaded HERE.  I still get a thrill every time when I see my layouts in the magazine....and I feel so very blessed.  I used a photo I took of my youngest son and his wife on Christmas day.

Here is the page I made based on the Sketch:
Supplies used:  Patterned papers:  My Minds Eye (Find your wings and fly); Tickets: Printable download; Flowers and wood leaves: Prima; Happiness title: Blue Fern Studios; Brads, buttons and enamel dots: My Minds Eye; Other:  Silhouette Cameo/ Fiskars border punch.

This is the sketch that you can download:

Variation 1:  I turned the sketch on it's side.

Variation 2:  I replaced the 2 6x6 patterned paper squares that was to be placed across the page with a die cut panel.

Some close ups:
I love the touch the enamel dots gives...and the little heart rub ons.

I found the printable "people" tickets on Pinterest, downloaded and printed it.  It makes an awesome accent.

I hope you are enjoying all the inspiration in the CREATE magazine.  It is amazing that this is shared with people the world over as a free gift.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly

Yup...that is life.  
The trick is to learn to keep your joy in the midst of it all.
Have I mentioned that I have tried and failed numerous times.
I have this awesome find the beautiful in the ugly.
Then the ugly happens and I turn into a a quivering mess.
I am disgusted in how quickly I cave.

I have to turn this around...and you all know hind sight is ALWAYS, ALWAYS 50/50.  So if I look back then I can see the beautiful in the bad and the ugly.  I can see how that which was meant for harm was turned into a blessing.

So lets start with the UGLY.  Ugly is when you are betrayed by people that you trusted.  Ugly is when the betrayer tries to drag your name through the mud. Ugly is when you find that people you trusted were dishonest and only intent on "what is in it for me".  Looking back on the hindsight...I know that our organisation had people in it's structure that were not supposed to be there.  Looking back I realize that the Lord was doing the shaking and the burning and was removing that which wasn't of Him.  Looking back we realize that some of our controls were not in place and it had to be done to prove our integrity and honesty. We realize that it is in times of the ugly that the true colours come out.  That you learn who are standing with you and who will keep you standing when you become weak.

Let's move on to the BAD.  Bad is when stress levels get so high that sleep goes out the window and appetites are lost. Bad is when the old forgotten Fibromyalgia pain starts creeping up on you like a bad memory.   Bad is when a loved one's  blood pressure spikes to 160/100 and you know that although he appears to be weathering the storm, his body is telling a different story.  Looking back on this we realize once again that it is the difficult things...the hard things that binds us together.  It is the hard things that keep us on our knees.  That keeps us humble before the Lord.  That knowledge that we aren't in control...only He is.

Ahhh...that brings me to the GOOD.  The good is that the Lord is in control of each and every situation in our life.  The good is that we can be intimately involved in the lives of our children.  The good is that He always provides...always heals...always loves.  A reminder that God is always God...and that God is always good.

This little man turned two.

A  little boy through and through

We are blessed.

I love this little freckle face.

We are blessed.

The Mission took occupation of the old Dutch Reform church....and we filled the building.
God is good...all the time.

...and for the first time ever...there was joyous singing and dancing in this beautiful building.

After all the drama we were able to take a week break at our favourite place.
...and enjoy the bounty our beautiful country provides.
Sunrise over the bay.

My attempt to capture the full moon before it went behind a cloud.

So in all things, the good, the bad and the ugly...we know that the Lord holds it all together.  We know that which man intends for evil...God turns into blessings.  We know that He works all things to the good of those who love Him.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

When we DREAM big...

I don't very often write posts about our calling and our work at the Mission.  If you want to know more, you can read THIS post.  You can imagine that in today economical climate it is increasingly difficult to keep a non profit organisation going.  We started the Mission nearly 16 years ago and from the get go we had to work very hard to get the Mission self sustained.  One of our main source of income is a recycling job creation program.

More than 3 years ago K found out that an entire plastics extrusion plant is going to be sold on auction.  He went with the goal of just obtaining a granulation machine. This machine takes huge pieces of polypropylene plastic (found in dashboards, bumpers and other components in the car industry) and chops it up into little pieces. He had a budget of R50000 to work with.  As the auction progressed K ended up buying the whole extrusion plant and granulator for a mere R65000.  I can promise you that he was praying through that whole auction.  If one of the components were bought up by the many scrap metal dealers on the auction it would make what he bid on worthless. That was miracle no 1.
The extruder

When we tried to get the plant running we found that the electrical cables that we have on the property cannot carry enough KVA so everything came to a standstill.  Approximately 3 months later a large cable company arrived at the Mission with a huge roll of cable on the load was a donation.  That was miracle no 2.  As you can imagine with each breakthrough came another stumbling block.  In our case it was that the owners of the property where we wanted to put up the machines were not prepared to give us more KVA on the property.  So our dream was put on hold for more than two years.

Now for the good news.  We found a warehouse where we could put up the extrusion plant quite near to the Mission.  Better news was that the length of cable that was donated was just long enough to take the electricity supply from where the cable enters the premises to where the machines are set up.  Two weeks ago the plant was up and running and I am going to show you what is being done there.

This is what the product looks like that we get from the motor industry:

and this:
from here.... gets put through the granulator:

...and are transformed to this....
granulated plastics that is still to large to be put into the extruder.

Now it is put through another granulator that makes smaller granules.

...that look like this.

Now comes the exciting part:
Thr granulated plastic is put into the inlet to the extruder.

In the yellow part the plastics get melted down.  You can see the steam above it.

The black spaghetti like strands are the melted plastic that now goes through a cooling process in a water bath.

It comes out on the other side of the bath hardened.

It then feeds into the pelletizer.

The final product that is then sold to companies who do plastic injection moulding.

Sorry if I bored you.  
I am just so excited that we are moving on and that the product that this Mission Station produces can be compared to any other professional company out there.  It excites me to know that God is our sole provider.  He has shut doors that He didn't want us to go through and He opened the ones that He wanted us to go through.  I am thankful that the Mission can take care of more than 500 people without the help of government or grants.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just Imagine....

...if people stopped sitting on the sidelines and stopped throwing

 stones at people who are actively involved in uplifting the community. 
 Then maybe...just maybe we would be able to make a difference in 
this beautiful country of ours. Here follows the Facebook post that 
made me particularly hot under the collar.
Dave Coates

Why would 'vissatarius mission recycling' be dumping a truck load of plastic at the dump?!
 That's not quite how recycling works? Am I missing something?
Photo: Why would 'vissatarius mission recycling' be dumping a truck load of plastic at the dump?! That's not quite how recycling works? Am I missing something?

  • 4 people like this.
  • Bernadette Raven Meistre Shocking. Take it further!
  • Derek Barber well surely they / all parties involved are missing something,...BRAIN!!
  • Andrew Botha Maybe they have sorted he plastic and this is the leftovers that can't be recycled...
  • Dave Coates Maybe aye. There was a lot of 2l plastic bottles. I thought was recyclable? Interesting point tho
  • Dave Coates *Were a lot
  • Catherine Louise van Rensburg Hey Dave, perhaps before posting this for all to see, maybe it's best to contact them directly to get the facts. They have a page on Facebook too. Vistarus Mission Station.
  • Catherine Louise van Rensburg I contacted Vistarus. The plastic that was dumped is plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Lynette Jacobs Thank you Catherine van Rensburg. That was waste that couldn't be recycled. It costs a lot to take it and to dump it at Arlington. The recycling program makes the Mission self sustaining and allows them to take care of hundreds of people. Think carefully about the good that is done before posting incorrect information.
  • Robyn Zieseniss Um Lynette Jacobs if you read Dave Coates's post it did not defame them and it was ACTUALLY posted as a question to find out what was going on. So before YOU post information that is incorrect please could I ask that you read carefully before implying that someone means harm by these posts. It is disappointing that people cant discuss these things without people jumping down their throat. Its social media. People are encouraged to ask, learn and educate.
    22 March at 21:29 · Edited · Like · 4
  • Samantha Barris Shocking that there is still so much plastic that can't be recycled!
  • Dave Coates Hey Lynette. Thanks for the response. I was a little taken aback when seeing the truck but it was really just a question. I did not mean for it to come across as an 'attack'. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was really confused when I saw all the two Lorre bottles too but that makes sense yeah. My wife did post but just in case...if you guys have any 2l bottles animal anti cruelty can use that would b great!! Esp with winter coming up! It's such a shame that there is so plastic that can't be recycled 
  • Dave Coates 'Litre' ! Damn autocorrect. 
  • Dave Coates Actually I'm getting animal anti cruelty confused with another project where they use 2l bottles to build and insulate homes. So there is plenty use for them. Might even save u guys some cash! Maybe I can put you in touch with Taryn Coates? She has all the finer details...
  • Dave Coates Oh! Catherine Louise van Rensburg! Thanks for getting in touch with Vistarius ! I've been working like a Trojan and haven't had a chance. I happened to have a couple spare seconds while at Arlington. (And truthfully my first thought was that they prob wouldn't have a Facebook page ... Bad Dave!!)
  • Robyn Zieseniss I am feeling particularly woes tonight so wont say anything except this Dave Coates. I really dont think that you have to justify yourself. Big ups toCatherine Louise van Rensburg for actually investigating and letting everyone know!
  • Richard 'Rush' Ashworth 2L bottles are made from PET type plastic. One of the easiest types of plastic to recycle. 

    Just saying.
  • Taryn Coates Hey Richard Ashworth the ones they were dumping were contaminated, so can't be recycled.
  • Richard 'Rush' Ashworth Point taken Taz
  • Lynette Jacobs Forgive me Dave, for finishing this post off with a few facts. This is not aimed at you. Robyn Zieseniss....I presume that you are a lawyer and I salute you for taking such a defensive stand for your friend Dave. I wouldn't mind having you in my corner when an attack comes  I do have to correct your statement that on social media people are encouraged to ask, learn and educate. I have found that on social media people think that they can say whatever they like without consequences. You know that in a court of law your case can be won or lost by simply sowing doubt. It works in a very similar way in just need to create a little bit of doubt and the reputation of an organisation can be affected. We have build this organisation over 16 years with lots of blood, sweat and forgive me if I become defensive when negative comments are made about our life's work. Let's take the first two comments....that this is shocking (should be taken further?)...and that we must be missing a brain. Now if Catherine Louise van Rensburg's husband didn't work at the Mission, nobody would have been able to get answers to their questions. Now put those individuals in a different setting where the name of the Mission comes up and see how they react and what they say...simply based on a photo posted on FB. That could be seriously damaging. My suggestion to anybody who wants true facts would be to go to the source...or else everyone will just remain opinionated and not informed.
    14 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Lynette Jacobs Lastly, I need to educate (forgive me I cannot help myself) you about the Mission. The vision and mission of Vistarus is to take in abused, broken, addicted people and assist in their healing...putting them back into society to become productive people. We have nearly 600 people who are housed at the mission. 28500 meals are supplied per month. The recycling is simply a way of providing for the needs of these people and not our main concern. Every person at the mission is a child, sibling or parent of somebody out there in society...I am pretty sure that if they were your family members you wouldn't like it if we made them sort through waste that looks like doesn't matter if there is a few 2l bottles in there somewhere. Please...I invite you to become a friend of theVistarus Mission Station. That way you become part of the success stories that come from here.
    25 March at 15:51 · Edited · Like · 1
  • Lynette Jacobs Nobody would be uplifted or made to feel better about themselves if this is what they had to deal with. What do you think.
  • Lynette Jacobs Sorry Dave Coates for hijacking your page.

One thing that we have learned since we started the Mission 16 years ago is this fact. If you stand up for your community or the environment you set yourself up as a target. Anyone and everyone thinks they have license to take cheap shots at everything we do and say. You will usually find that they are not involved in anything that will cost them time, money or effort.

What I didn't mention is that we actually recycle around 4 tons of waste per day....that which is seen on the truck and land up in landfill is only the tip of our recycling mountain. I get upset with people who are just opinionated and uninformed and then have a lot to say. Now that the facts have been mentioned not one of these opinionated people responded...makes you think doesn't it? :-P

What do you think?
Should I just grow a thicker skin?
How would you have reacted?