Friday, March 21, 2014

Sometimes life gives you a fairytale....

Nearly four years ago Penny came to the Mission.  She was brought in from the streets by the police. Neglected, scrawny, bruised and angry.   Set in her own ways and too stubborn to listen.   We knew that this tough woman was going to be a hard nut to crack...and we had our work cut out for us!  So the journey began and years later we can proudly stand next to this beautiful woman and call her our daughter.  She has found her worth in Christ and she loves to help others.   Penny has taken charge of the front office and does her work with pride.  How privileged we are to be part of her journey and see her grow into the daughter of the King.  Corrie came looking for a room to rent after a harrowing divorce.  A few months ago Corrie came to K and asked for Penny's hand in marriage.  (K and I are mom and dad to the people at the Mission)

On Saturday 15 March they were married and I was given the task to play photographer. 

 The bride and her beautiful daughter arriving at the church.

 K getting ready to walk Penny down the aisle.

 I always love to catch the look on the groom's face when he sees his bride.

 K hands the bride over to the groom.

 Soon to be Mr and Mrs.

 Flowers all done by a friend of the Mission.

 First communion as a married couple.

 I love capturing the little things.

 The wedding shoot in the grounds of a church.

 The family.

 Daughter gives mom a kiss.

 Two beautiful girls.

...and my prayer for them is that God will be the golden thread that binds them together throughout their life together.



  1. Lovely story & stunning photos, thanks for sharing x

    hugs sally x

  2. I love all the details in the photos - great job! She is a beautiful bride and that dress is stunning :)

  3. Great event, thanks for sharing with us(Wonderful photo Lynette)! Let love and happiness escorted Corrie and Penny on their life path.

  4. God is good!!! Amazing that they found each other after their individual difficulties in life!!! Gorgeous photos Lynette. They are very fortunate to have you and K in their lives.

  5. What a beautiful couple! LOVING the photos you took!!!

  6. Such stunning photos, Lynette...I enjoyed reading their story, they sound like a lovely couple :)

  7. This just brought tears to my eyes Lynette, happy tears for people who get a second chance and found love in the end, God blessed the couple and god blessed the thing you both done for them!

  8. Beautiful! My prayer for them is many many years of love and friendship

  9. And God comes in and gives us a new start!! How wonderful.. the photos are beautiful and I do bless them with the love of the Lord for His guidance and blessings for their new future together!!

  10. Oh, what a wonderful story of hope, love and friendship! May they have a wonderful future together. Btw, the photographer did a stunning job! 😉

  11. Oh what a beautiful bride and wonderful post Lynette! Wishing them nothing but the best! Thanks for sharing!

  12. A real fairytale and captured so beautifully with your wonderful photography. Wishing the couple endless happiness.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  13. That is such a beautiful & happy story & I do hope it has a very happy ending!!!

  14. LOVE this!
    How divine that he came to ask K for her hand in marriage?? I love this story soooo much. She's a beautiful bride and yes, I LOVE seeing the grooms face the moment he sees his bride.

  15. LOvely story, and beautiful pictures!

  16. A lovely story Lynette and such a lovely occassion to start their lives together! Beautiful photo's for a beautiful occassion!

  17. Lynette - I tell you - I've cried at all sorts of things today ... from my friends 'step' grand daughter passing away to a chat with a homeless jobless man and now this ... all kinds of everything ... but how beautiful and happy are they.

    Great photos Mev. Photographer ;-)

  18. A beautiful memory for all of you! Bless you & K for all of your time and hard work at the mission. Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a special fairy tale Lynette! And love your pictures and what a gorgeous colour for a wedding dress. Both bride and bridesmaid looked stunning

  20. Thanks for sharing the fairy tale with us - how wonderful is the way it is unfolding under heaven.


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