Thursday, March 27, 2014

Around here...

It feels like an awfully long time since I really blogged about what is happening around here.  I am shocked when I look back and notice that it has only been a few weeks.  So much have happened in such a short space of time.  This is what I have learned in the process:
  • That very few people are trustworthy.
  • When people in your ministry don't share your dream and vision...they shouldn't be there.
  • That God will remove that which isn't in line with Him.
  • That it is extremely painful when God starts burning away the dross.
  • That if you stand up for your community or the environment you set yourself up as a target.
  • That stress is a diet. (seriously I have lost heaps of weight)
  • That stress is a killer.  (K's blood pressure shot up to 160 over 100 on Saturday)
  • That I am in serious need of a holiday.  (Two weeks and counting.)
Now I will share some of the "things" that make me happy.

Stefan at Kiddie Lovers

You really have to focus when you try and capture him...or else he would just be a blur.

My little sunshine.

Juan riding Donald Duck.

Isn't that an awesome pout?

These two little imps will probably grow up to be best friends.

I am so blessed to have such gorgeous grandchildren.

I think they were both half asleep and sitting like zombies on this ride.

Dewan has become very camera shy... grateful for my zoom lens.

She wanted me to take a picture of the squirmy worm...

...I wanted to take a picture of her pretty face.

My beautiful daughter.

How much do I love you...

Juan...eating sand.

I am blessed.  I just need to be reminded of that fact more often.



  1. Awesome joyful photos. Loads to be thankful for here.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. When did the grandkids get so big! Beautiful children...

    Just remember the promise in 2 Corinthians 12: 9 and know that this too shall come to pass. Sending you lots of hugs

    1. Mrs FF it gives me a lot of peace of mind, knowing that God is in control of this.

  3. Your grand babies are precious!!!!

  4. Lovely photo Lynette!! Wonderful children - this is happiness, the soul rejoices!

  5. Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful grandchildren. Our grandchildren are a blessing from God......God be with you!

  6. Your grandchildren are gorgeous! What a joy to have them so close. :)

  7. So sorry you and hubby have been stressed :( I love love love the photos of your family ... they must bring you so much happiness and joy!! :)

  8. Your grandbabies are beautiful!
    Sorry that you're going through a rough patch...

  9. The devil sure is active!!!

    Gorgeous photos of your grand babies ~ It is evident how much you adore them.

  10. You're so right. God does remove what isn't inline with him. You sound stressed. Hugs

    1. It is slowly getting better. It is like spring cleaning. Initially it is overwhelming and as things come into place it gets better and better.

  11. Oh you DO have the most gorgeous grandchildren! My dear friend, I will keep you and K in my prayers. I know that in the end your work for Him will be blessed beyond our imagination. Lots of love

  12. Yes yes and yes to those things you listed at the start of your post. Pruning is painful, but freeing. And your grandies are so precious. I do not have any grandies, but know they are a blessing from God. Take care, God is in control!

  13. Praying for you LOTS. And for Kobus. This too shall pass, my friend. Focus on your holiday that is just around the corner.
    These pics are just BEAUTIFUL.
    Love you.

  14. Sorry to hear about the rough patch you are going through!
    Great photos! Your children and grandchildren are definitely a blessing!

  15. Sorry to hear you've had such stress that you've lost weight and that K's blood pressure is so high!!!

    Start ticking off those days on a calendar and at least there's something to recharge your selves...


  16. Hope that you are making it all right through some tough times. Those pictures are full of joy, though. Thank God for that.

  17. Life certainly throws some curveballs, just to keep you on your toes!!!! Doesn't mean you have to get as light as a fairy though!!!! Mind you...I am sure you had wings sometimes, so you could just float away to a serene and happy place!!!! ;-) But luckily you also have your serene and happy place with your family....these are the things that keep us oriented and grounded! xx.. Beautiful photos!


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