Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is where the story begins - CSI #108 - counting blessings

 Hallo there, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  I want to share my take on the Color Story Inspiration Case File 108.  I decided to use a very old photo of me holding Bianca in December 1989.  That was the first time I ever held her...and "this is where the story begins". Here is my page:

Supplies used:  Cardstock:  American Craft; Patterned papers: Echo Park (Victoria Gardens);  Flowers: Prima; Birds: Enmarc; Title, flourish and hearts cut with Silhouette Cameo; Other: Gesso, Prima Stencil, Doily from my stash, Gelatos.

The case file:
This is how I solved this case file:

The Scheme: All the colors were used.

The Evidence: Mixed media (gesso stenciling), birds, music papers used and then colored with gelatos, hearts and flowers.

Testimony: The title contains the word "story" and this is my journaling on the back: My darling girl, this photo was taken in December 1989 when you were 6 months old and we met you for the first time. At the time we didn't know that you will one day become our daughter...all that we knew for sure, is that we fell head over heels in love with you. With your big blue eyes, wide smile and soft little body you crawled right into our hearts. We went home after our holiday and felt a big empty feeling in our hearts. Initially we thought that we should have another baby...but after a while it dawned on us that we didn't want another baby...we wanted YOU. The day that you eventually became ours were a happy day and one that we will never, ever regret. Love you so much...child of my heart xxx.


This past week has been a hard one for me.  I had such an overwhelming sadness that I couldn't explain and therefore didn't know how to get out of this hole I found myself in.  I don't know if that ever happens to you?  I had to dig deep to find my joy and find the beauty in every day.

#101 ~ I am thankful for my laugh shows that I am living, laughing and loving (call them twinkle wrinkles)

#102 ~ A beautiful bunch of flowers from my darling man.

#103 ~ A friendly smile from a cash register attendant.

#104 ~ Making someone else smile.

#105 ~ Starting a brand new book.

#106 ~ Being trusted with a secret.

#107 ~ The pleasant surprise to find someone who are very much like me.

#108 ~ A good night's sleep

#109 ~ Soft drizzling rain after a very hot day.

#110 ~ Crossing off that last item on the to-do list.

#111 ~ Scrapping an old photograph...the story of Bianca.

#112 ~ A refreshing shower after working hard at getting the house clean.

#113 ~ Thick soft fluffy towels

#114 ~  The pleasure of baptizing two of our precious friends in our pool.

#115 ~ A sparkly blue pool

#116 ~  Freshly baked bread with butter and biltong

#117 ~ Sleeping on freshly laundered bedding

#118 ~ Those first moments after crawling into bed.

#119 ~ The pleasure of having the grandies on a sleepover.

#120 ~ Warm little bodies crawling into bed with you first thing in the morning.

#121 ~ The soft, heavy feeling of a baby sleeping in your arms.

Do you ever feel sad for no apparent reason?
What do you do when it happens?



  1. Absolutely stunning and such a precious photo.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Such a GORGEOUS lo!! I love love love the photo, the beautiful/touching journaling and loveeeeeee all the hearts!!!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and you are so gifted with always being able to choose the perfect match when comes to paper and embellishments!

    Sending love from Singapore!

  4. Wonderful Page Lynette! And what a beautiful young mother! Oh, how we were young ... (by the way is our old song with the same name,... can enjoy?) Sadness and sometimes rolls, but look at the little grandson and then same smile and sadness out.

  5. Your layout and journalling is amazingly special! It is amazing how we don't have to give birth to a child ourselves for them to be our child.

    I unfortunately have a melancholy personality and get sad very easily ... Scrapping usually helps me to get out of it but the devil tries very hard to keep me away from it as I am sure he loves it when we are sad so he can play harder with our heads and hearts.

  6. I love that photo!!!

    And all your gifts :)

    Now tell me - is the biltong the filling on the bread? Checking because I've never heard of it. Mind you, in Clarens there was a place that sold roosterbrood with cottage cheese and biltong. The two roosterbrood were on the plate with two little bowls - one of the c/c and one of biltong. I had it twice in 4 days :) DIVINE

    1. is simple. A warm slice of freshly baked bread, a thick layer of butter and then a layer of sliced biltong on top...yummy.

  7. Hi Lynette, such a wonderful little story and Bianca had the cutest of smiles! When I am feeling a bit down I usually go for a walk in the woods behind our home, nature seems to cure what ails me even if I don't know what it was! Hope you feel more yourself soon. xx

  8. What a lovely layout, loved hearing the story and it is so pretty - I pinned it. Yes, I do occasionally get the blues, and I often have a good cry to help get past it. I have several sentimental movies on DVD just for that purpose, to get the tears flowing. It is better for me to get it out than let it stew.

  9. Gorgeous take on the CSI case file, Lynette! Loved reading your story behind the photo!!

  10. I do sometimes feel sad for no reason. I try not to make big life decisions when I'm in that headspace. To shake it off I either take a long nap, go sit quietly somewhere green, or grab a cup of coffee with a good friend.

  11. A beautiful layout and sweet story & photo!

  12. I love the photo of 1989. Such great memories :)
    Feeling sad with no reason? No, not really. I usually know what makes me sad. I hope this week is better for you.

  13. What a lovely memory my friend! Ai. I have the saddies regularly - hope you feel yourself soon

  14. What a beautiful page and beautiful story Lynette. I love the stitching and the hearts and such a precious photo.
    I also sometimes get sad for no apparent reason and a lot of the time I find it very hard to get out of it. Mostly I get rid of it by talking to my hubby. I am blessed (and so very grateful) for a loving and understanding husband. Don't really know what causes the sadness though, but it seems like we are not the only ones. Life can be tough sometimes, but there is always so much to be grateful for. Hope you feel better soon my friend. xx

    1. Marelize, I am also fortunate to have a husband that always makes me laugh and I believe that sometimes he understands me better than I do myself. I am in a much better head space this week.

  15. Yes sometimes I do feel sad, and I try and think of all my blessings, sometimes I wonder if the ol hormones are out of wack a bit and this influences things more then what is going on.. Love your layout, and the journalling really touched my heart.. and love each one of your thankful notes too.. God bless..

    1. I think you have a point where the hormones are concerned. I have never allowed myself to use PMS or menopause as an excuse. I am not a melancholy sort of person and always see the positive in life...but it might be the old hormones after all. xxx

  16. Stunning layout Lynette and your journalling is SO special. Precious photo! And the dark hole...ons almal beland een of ander tyd en meer as een keer daarin. En almal beleef die intensiteit daarvan anders. Dan is dit net geloof en opkyk en die talle seëninge om ons wat ons weer daar uitkry. Sterkte liewe Lynette, hoop hierdie week is great...♥♥♥

  17. Pragtige "journalling" en wonderlike herinneringe. Jou blad is pragtig en ons almal voel van tyd tot tyd of daai put ons insluk. Dit is hoekom ons mense is met ware gevoelens. Dankie tog ook vir wonderlike vriendinne. Ek hoop jy het stunning wonderlike hoogtepunt week

  18. What a precious photo .. and wonderful page! Yes, I get sad sometimes. Usually when I'm stressed. Then I know that it is time to rest and time to pray. But indeed a list of our blessings works miracles! Hugs!

  19. Such a super page Lynette! Love the design and love the sewing! Stunning! Such a fabulous photo too...look at young and alive! Bianca was such a delight too! Sorry to hear you were in a little dip...I guess we all have that sometimes and it is about digging deep and getting to the bottom of the reason! But the best way to get out of the dip, is to focus on all those blessings around you...that always does the trick for me. May take a day or two...but it shifts the energy from "feeling like something is missing" "abundance"...xxxx

  20. Sending you lots of hugs and peace.

    Hard to sometimes picture grown-ups as babies. Thanks for sharing

  21. Lynette, what a gorgeous page!! Love the stitched details!! Such lovely things to be thankful for!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  22. Lynette, This story is wonderful! I love how you have so many amazing details on your layouts! Impressive!

    As far as sadness, I hear you. I think it may have been the week! (I was also saddened this week without any particular reason.) I pray, try to find joy in the simple things, scrap, and make sure I get enough sleep. Eventually, it passes over. I am glad to hear that you are having a better week! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

  23. Such a wonderful layout Lynette!! Fun to see an old photo of you too!!


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