Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Storms River mouth breakaway

Have you come to that place where you know that ENOUGH. IS. ENOUGH?
You know that the next straw will be the one that breaks the camel's back.
That thought that if you don't get quiet NOW you will be taken away in a straight jacket foaming at the mouth.

That was me by the end of last week.  I am an introvert and too much noise, movement and people around me drains me.  I often NEED mini breaks in quiet places to remain sane.  I was becoming moody and snappy.  Fortunate for man knows me well.  On Saturday afternoon we booked into a wood cabin on the rocks at Storms River mouth.  I could settle down and see the beauty around me once again.  

#71 ~ A wooden log cabin on the coast

#72 ~ Beautiful views of God's creation. ( for the past more than a week the coastal area from Port Elizabeth to Plettenberg Bay is experiencing red tide....hence the murky water)

#73 ~ Spectacular sunset on our first night away.

#74 ~ Waking to the sound of crashing waves.  

I don't know about you...but there is nowhere where I feel quite as close to God as in nature.  I can sit for hours and just look at the ever changing sea.   I marvel that something so wild and so restless can have such a calming effect.

#75 ~ Nature...medicine for my soul.

#76 ~ Amazing texture in twisty branches.

#77 ~ The beauty of a tree that has fallen over and just went right on growing.  It reminds me so much of humankind and the knock we can take...and ultimately He holds everything together and makes it works together for the good of those whole love Him.

#78 ~ Man made hanging bridge to cross the river.

#79 ~ the ability to experience adventure and see beauty

#80 ~ Waves crashing onto a pebble beach.

#81 ~ The sound of crushing and grinding of pebbles as each wave crashes

#82 ~ Sitting for a good hour on the pebble beach just talking

#83 ~ The beauty of stacked pebbles framed in driftwood.

#84 ~ This man's ability to always make me laugh out loud.

#85 ~ A winding boardwalk among indigenous forest.

#86 ~ Fern leaves softly unfurling.

#87 ~ A painting by the Creator for us to enjoy.

#88 ~ Watching dassies (rock hyrax) sunning themselves.

#89 ~ Our final sunset.

...and then sitting outside in the pitch dark and looking up at the beauty of the stars.

#90 ~ The beauty of the galaxy on a pitch black night...makes me think of the words from the song "Indescribable" :Indescribable, uncontainable,You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name. You are amazing God. All powerful, untameable, Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim...You are amazing God
#91 ~ Something ugly in the day....made beautiful in the night.  Because of the red tide the phosphor in the water became a spectacular show of electric blue awe we watched this wonderful display of nature.  The photo above is the best I could do as I didn't have my tripod with me.  I want to share a photo taken by a photographer named Marius that shows just how spectacular this is.

#92 ~ Waking up in total peace...with just the sound of breaking waves and the call of seagulls on my 53rd birthday.

I cannot begin to tell you how much my life is enriched and how much joy I receive by seeing and naming the things that makes me grateful to be alive.  The things that I count as graces and gifts given by the Lord. I challenge you to start seeing Him in your every day life.



  1. You are a lucky girl Lynette to be able to see such wonderful nature! But then England is beautiful in a different way and I suppose I am lucky to live here and see the dramatic changing of the seasons. I think we all need to keep our eyes and hearts open and 'see' the world for the wonderful place it is. xx

  2. Ek het nou so lekker gelag vir daai foto van jou man op die hang brug :)
    Pure bliss when one wakes upon the crashing waves sounds. Thanks for sharing, lovely time you two had.

  3. Oh my friend, you know I feel 100% the same. And Stormsriver is a magic place. And mine also always makes me laugh. I love that

  4. Very beautiful, wonderful place! Thank you for sharing photos!I hope you are well rested and gain strength.

  5. just amazing! Lynette you live so close to all my favorite places! how I wish to spend a few days at the place again!
    I am glad that you had a chance to have this break!
    by the way, when we went to Storm's River camp a few years back, we booking in November for February, and we only managed to get 1 night in a wooden cabinet and then we moved into a flat and could stay there only 2 nights - it was so full! so you are so blessed to be able to have this getaway!

  6. Oh what a place.. what a place to unwind and just sit.. oh how I long for that.. we have not had a holiday now for over a year, we did not get to the beach this last month nor the year before and I long for a holiday.. perhaps I need to drop to the floor and say to my husband I cant take anymore .. I need a holiday...your photos are beautiful.. the world is a beautiful place we just need to slow down and enjoy it more...

  7. What utterly gorgeous photos!!!! i love them all - the texture, God's painting, the photos of you two, etc. GORGEOUS and yes, I agree - when you count your blessings, they are endless.

    I started reading my devotion last night - will start doing my 1000 things in Feb!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing getaway!!! I am loving how the water glowed blue ... that is just beautiful!!!!!

  9. Wow looks like a beautiful spot. Those little creatures are just so cute. Happy holiday! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Lynette! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos!

  11. Stunning photos! What a blessing to have been there.

  12. Also our favourite destination in SA, apart from the Drakensberg. Glad you could unwind again.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  13. What a beautiful country you live in!! Awesome photos! Hoping you'll feel much better!

  14. Wow these photo's are just amazing Lynette! I always come and look at your photo's and think to myself that we really do live in a beautiful country and if we look for the beauty in our lives, we will surely find it!!!! Thank you always, for that little reminder! ;-)

  15. Lovely post - Superb pictures of one of the many beautiful places in our country .

  16. Thanks for this beautiful post ... I would LOVE to go and spend a week at the log cabin with my scrapbooking supplies to "detox" from the world.

  17. Thank You for sharing your beautiful photos!

  18. Such stunning photos. Looks like an awesome place. I sure could do with more mini breaks! My house only has 2 kids in it now & much as I love all my kids I am embracing the quieter evenings & weekends.


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