Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If I could have a superpower....

....I would have loved if I could capture images with my eyes and then print it our later...seriously.  After the burglary last year in which my camera handbag and all my valuables were stolen in one swift swoop...I stopped carrying my camera with me.  On Sunday morning on the way back from church I saw the beauty of birds all perched high on a high voltage wire...and I couldn't capture it.  I had to go back two days later to get an image.  Now I am back to carrying my (heavy) camera with it's long lens.  I want to capture all the beauty I see around me...and count the things that I am grateful for:

#54 ~ Lukie holding the sun in his hands

#55 ~ Two new worship CD's

#56 ~ The ability to lose myself in a book

#57 ~ The full moon over the bay

 #58 ~ Birds on a wire

#59 ~ Sardinia Bay...our closest and favourite beach ♥ ♥

#60 ~ The feel of sun on my skin and sand under my feet.

#61 ~ Trust

#62 ~ A big man's ability to be "oh so" gentle.

#63 ~ Psalm :34:8:  "Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him."

Now that the CREATE  magazine has been live for a week and accessed by more than 37000 people from 64 countries....I want to show you the full reveal of the layout that I made that was included. It was a colour challenge and this is the inspiration photo.

Although we have warm Christmas seasons...I wanted to show that we still use very much the same colours during this season.  The photo of me with three of my four sisters were taken on Christmas day in 2009.

Supply list:  Cardstock:  Bazzill; Patterned papers:  Echo Park(Winter time), Fancy Pants(Hot Chocolate); Journal strips:  Theresa Collins (Journal It); Brads: My Minds Eye (I Believe); Flower: Petaloo; Snowflakes: Little Yellow Bicycle; Alpha: American Craft; Together diecut and star border diecut:  Silhouette Studio:  Other: Prima stars template, Shimmerz Sandy Stone Texturez. 

Here is a close up...I love the latest trend of gold:

If you could have a superpower...what would it be?
What is the things that surrounds you that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling of gratitude?



  1. I take my camera everywhere - but with my little 50mm. I only take the big one if we're going somewhere specific, but the little is in my bag all the time.

    I love capturing images of our farm, life, the kids. Love to show the 'townies' what life on the farm is like

  2. I have my iphone with me always which is good but not great. On the weekend if we go anywhere I take my camera... and of course, on holiday I schlep it everywhere!

    Superpower? TO know what's going on in people's minds - what are their motives and motivations! I'm already a good reader of people but to REALLY know what they're thinking would be awesome :)

    That and to always take the photo as I see it!!! (I'm on my way there.... but working on the light and shadows!

  3. Brilliant images!!! I love the moments captured. Maybe in the future they will create sunglasses cameras? Lol! That would be cool. I would love to time-travel for my superpower - how fun would that be! I'd be going back to the 1950's first… love that era! :D

  4. Oh your photos are beautiufl.. there is always something of wonder to see in each day.. I carry my small camera in my bag everywhere, and of course these days a mobile phone can take photos too.. Love your layout, you and your sisters are all so beautiful.. love the gold stars too.. and if i had a super power.. humm... that could be dangerous>!! what a hard question... if I could turn evil into good the world would be a much better place.. can dream i guess!

  5. AMAZING photos, Lynette & thanks for sharing them with us. I'm so glad that you've started taking your camera everywhere with you...and that the theft from last year will no longer rob you of something you obviously love doing....and are very good at too!!

    Love the layout of you & your are all such beautiful ladies!

    If I had a superpower??? ....I'd like a power of be able to heal all the sick people, especially children..and animals <3

  6. Ohhhhhh I just love love love your photos ... that first one is just precious!!!!! And I loveeeeeeeeee your lo!! I love love love the stars and that photo!!! And I think I would want the superpower of reading minds ... so I could know if they were plotting evil and I could help stop it :)

  7. I have tried but just can't get into the swing of carrying my big camera in my bag!

    LOVELY pictures :))

  8. Love your page! Those stars are amazing! Your photos are stunning. Love birds and a wire and the sun photos are beautiful!! Not sure what my super power would be.... maybe the ability to blink my eyes and have a good supper meal prepared in front of me. Yeah, I hate cooking!!

  9. Ha! Love the pictures I'm in awe!!!

    You need to start posting pictures on Instagram.

    I always whip out my iPhone and that way I'm able to get some good shots but not as great as if I had a big camera...

  10. That first photo is absolutely AWESOME!!! Yep, I hear you, I wish someday someone would invest a pocket camera with all the lens and feature a real good camera has, that would be happy days for me, and my shoulders!
    Wonderful layout too, pretty and glittery elements that I really love!

  11. Oh wow, your photos are SUPERB. Even though it's a pain to lug around a big camera, I'd say the end result is worth it. And hey, just think of the fun you'll have scrapping all these photos. :)

    In answer to your questions... For a super power I'd choose teleportation. It would be so great to pop over to Russia in the blink of an eye!!! The things that make me feel warm and fuzzy include: my family, getting a real letter in the mail, trips to the library, spending time in nature, cute cats, and, of course, playing with paper. :)

  12. Beautiful photos Lynette, and I love your layout that's included in the magazine!!

  13. Gorgeous photo's and so pleased you are starting to carry your "Moment Catcher" with you again! Love the photo's and certainly amazing moments! If I had a super power it would be the ability to recall every moment, from when born to death...I wish I could remember everything...especially when I was small...!
    Super page of you and your lovely and such a gorgeous moment to capture! You are all such beautiful girls...your parents were so very blessed!
    Have a super day today...

  14. 4 sisters?! Wow.
    I like the one where he's holding the sun.
    If I could have a super power, I'd want to be able to fly.

  15. I was so happy and proud when I saw your page in CREATE! I was literally jumping up and down saying "I know her!!!".

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous ... I love every one and my favourite is with Luke holding the sun. And of course all the strong photos with your gorgeous man in them are wonderful and your grandchildren are really going to appreciate them as they get older.

    1. I had to come and make another comments today ... It is Monday and as I was driving towards the highway the sky was absolutely stunning and I thought of your super power and how amazingly that would help me with my sunrise and sunset photos!!!

  16. A beautiful design and a wonderful photo journal of gratitude.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  17. Your photo's are all stunning. I love the 1st one, it is absolutely beautiful.
    I love following your gratitude journal, thanks for sharing.

  18. Oooo, that's a great super power. Haven't thought about it before but this would be such a cool power to have :)

  19. What a pleasure filled post this is. Your snapshots are wonderful - I need to carry my camera with me more - because I don't possess that superpower either. And I really like your combination of stars and snowflakes on that page - both make it twinkle and shine.

  20. love you pictures! love your ability to notice all the pretty things around you! and you are so blessed to live at the see! oh how I would like to go for a walk on the beach and then just sit there and watch the waves!
    you LO is gorgeous! love the sparkling stars! :-)

  21. Just imagine being able to "photograph" with our eyes? Fantastic idea. I would love to know people's true intentions.

  22. WONDERFUL layout! Congrats on the pub!! I would want exactly the same superpower as you!! I've thought about it so many times before :))))

  23. A lovely layout of you & your sisters! As always, your photos are awesome, so glad that I finally had time to has been very hectic lately trying to pack and move to care for my beautiful grandson, Grayson! Hope to get back to my scrapping very soon!


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