Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He is pretty amazing....

Yes he is.
If I ask little  Lukas why he loves his Oupa so much he tells me:  "Want hy is so "cute"! (Because he is so cute)
I have to admit that he is a pretty amazing husband, father and Oupa.
So last night I embarrassed him by telling others just how cute and awesome he is.
Unashamedly I bragged about him.
How many Oupa's of nearly 59 do you know that not only teaches their grandchildren to do back flips on the trampoline...he shows them?
...and here is the proof.

A uber cool Oupa...wouldn't you say?
Now I am sure you wouldn't be surprised that I count this as a gift?   Nope!

# 36 ~ a pretty amazing husband, father and Oupa

#37 ~  Ice cold water melon slices

#38 ~  the beauty of the world...alive with colour.

#39 ~ the gift of spending a lot of quality time with our grandchildren

#40 ~ health and high level of fitness

#41 ~ Sunday night fellowship with cell group friends

#42 ~ the support of our cell group friends at the Mission



  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Those are great pictures to capture the moment!

  2. Sure he is, and it is amazing that you captured those back flips!

  3. Wow! I certainly can't do backflips. I'm impressed that he can!!!

  4. "Pretty Amazing" is certainly the right word for your hubby Lynette. I am amazed at how well he does the back flip ~ Don't think I have ever done one!!! I love your gifts ... I was saying to a friend the other day that we so easily overlook the gifts/blessings we have in our lives because they look so "every day".

  5. Ek hou van julle sommer baie!!! Weet jy dit?

    What a lekker Oupa and such awesome memories being made for the little ones - they're priceless.

    Have a wonderful day sweet Lynette.

  6. Definitely an uber cool Oupa! ...Lovin your gifts girl...!!!

  7. Goodness that is quite a feat LOL - no wonder the grandkids think he's so cool!!


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