Monday, November 11, 2013

Siembamba's year end concert (photo post)

Gosh people, don't you think this year has gone by at an astonishing rate?  I cannot believe that there is less than two months left of this year.  As the year winds down our schedule becomes more and more hectic.  This weekend we had Lukas and Dewan's end of year school concert.  So glad all the children's activities are done and dusted.  What really makes the concert special is that both my son, Wynand and daughter, Bianca attended Siembamba when they were little.  It is also rather special that all the cousins are in the same school don't you think?

 Seeing all the little ones on the stage is always a thrill.  Here Dewan (in red) is looking decidedly bored)

The ballerina second from the right is Lukas' girlfriend, Gabrielle.  Don't laugh.  I told him he is too young to have a girlfriend. 

 There is always a couple of parents that sit with the smallest ones.

 Ah man, just look at those little baby angels sitting in the front row.

 Lukas played the role of Joseph in the Nativity.

 His face lights up when he spots the parents and grand parents.

 Now isn't that too cute.

 Dewan was one of the wise men.

 ...bringing gifts for baby Jesus....

 ...a baby angel carrying the baby....

 The baby is handed to "Mary"

 Father Christmas (Santa) and his reindeer doing the boogie.

 That even got a laugh out of serious Dewan.

 With the show nearly over the tension is broken.

 Joseph and the wise man with Ouma and Oupa.

We tried to get a photo of both of them smiling...and this is all we could get :-P

Thank you for looking.


  1. Oh yes I do not know where the days are going, but they are flying by.. and I love the Christmas pageants that the kids put on for Christmas, the dressing up, the wonderful nativity story and all the characters too.. these photos are beautiful.. wonderful memories to cherish.. all too soon the kids are grown and doing their own things...sigh...

  2. Oh they are adorable!!! Too precious.

    We're not allowed cameras and I almost don't see the point :) :) Our concerts are Thurs and Fri.

  3. OMYGOSH!!! How adorable!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the photos!!!

  4. I am glad that you had the privilege to see your grandchild in his school concert. Adorable :)

  5. Nothing better, we go every year too my nephews concerts and we adore them. Too special.

  6. Fantastic photos, Lynette....and what a fun night it must have been :)

  7. Too adorable!!!! But that's one serious wise man, guess he knows he is on a serious mission (lol)

    Love the last picture

  8. Oh these photos are just too cute! Looks like it was a wonderful production. :)

  9. Your photos are precious of the end of the year special that the cousins attend the same school! It looks like an awesome performance by all of the little ones! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Adorable photos! You really got some amazing shots!

  11. Wow, what sweet photos!! Your photography is amazing. It's not easy to get good indoor shots and your composition is fabulous! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  12. Oh what precious photos! Looks like a lot of fun! Great photos Lynette!

  13. Well those photos sure put a smile on my face! What cuties they are - such a blessing to you & you to them!!

  14. Adorable photos that really get me in the Holiday spirit!

  15. Lynette, I am so happy that I stopped by your blog this morning. I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved seeing these amazing photos! Every single one of them warmed my heart and made me smile. I especially LOVE the one of "Joseph and Mary" with their heads together smiling. So adorable! And Santa and his elves boogieing! (is that a word?!LOL!) All are wonderful and I feel very festive and in the Christmas spirit now! Thanks!!!!! Oh and I want to thank you for always leaving such nice comments at my blog too. With the holidays upon us, I have so much to be thankful for, and one of them is finding you here as a good friend.

  16. How very special are these pics - the last one is just perfect I think!


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