Friday, November 1, 2013

Plettenberg Bay Vacation (photo post)

At last I have gotten to my Plettenberg Bay vacation photos.  It becomes a bit difficult to take "different" photos when you go to the same destination for your holiday.  It took me ages to edit and decide which photos to upload here goes!
 A life guard on duty?  You tell me :-P
 A little shack built entirely from recyclables and drift wood.
 You have to agree that it created a great photo opportunity.
I can imagine how many hours it took to build this structure.
Tall bamboo fishing rods with thatch grass fishes dangling from the ends.
Spectacular.  Would love a few hanging from the palm tree in my garden.
On the other side of the lens ;-)
Look Out beach at sunset
Birds in formation.
Silhouettes at sunset.
Reading a book on my tablet and sunning them white legs.
Have I told you how much I love this man?
This is the life people!
A feet photo.  This time at least I have painted toenails.
On one of our many walks.
Okay...enough of that now!
A selfie of the two of us.
Last day of our vacation...and this seem to be their job?
The first night the gazebo terrace were opened.
The little pansy shell I picked up on Look Out beach.  After so many years of beach combing.  I am happy.

Which one is your favourite?
Do you try to get that "different" photo at the same destination?


  1. Looks like an amazing time! LOVING that shack!!!!!

  2. I love Beacon Isle…i do hope we get to stay there one day but the Family of 5 option does not exist there!! I enquired for next year but we would have to take 2 rooms -eish $$$$$. Your photos are always just so deliciously inviting - i do love the one of you "Enough already" - makes me smile. xx

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Lovely photos!

  4. Ok, I seriously wish I could go there to get away from the British winter! Lovely photo's AGAIN!. xx

  5. Hi Lynette, so nice to catch up on reading your blog. I can certainly see why you choose to vacation in this place over and over--it looks so relaxing and fun there! It's impossible for me to choose a favorite from among these photos; they are all great. I hope you're a good swimmer, because those lifeguards don't look like they could actually save anyone!

  6. LOL! I think you should send those lazy photos into various municipal , newspaper & tourist offices. If someone were to drown they'd be none the wiser! I LOVE that driftwood shack!! That is pure textural ART!!!

  7. I love the birds in formation!!! And the one of you saying enough :)

    I think all the time about how to take different photos of my favourite place at work - that walkway. I took some slightly different pics which I'll share soon but... I still like my old ones better :)

    thanks again for that scripture - it blessed me greatly!

  8. Love the two of you and your hubby at the shack.

    I look for different ways of taking photos at the same venues. Your photos are gorgeous!

  9. I love beach photos and I do like it when the sun is either early morning or late in the afternoon.. great little shell.. and that life guard sure is flat out!!

  10. Gorgeous photos, Lynette! I love every single one of them. Thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us! I especially LOVE that life guard hut. So cool!

  11. Beautiful photos Lynette! I love all of them :) The lifeguard house photos are my faves :) Looks like a great place to visit! TFS

  12. Beautiful photo's Lynette...and all are beautiful! I love that last one though....that shell is certainly rare and so beautiful that you found one! ;-)

  13. Hahaha, I had such a lugh at that this is enough now photo. I have loads of photos like that (of other people). All your photos are stunning, it look like a great vacation!

  14. Beautiful photo Lynette! it is clear that the stay was wonderful! Such a beautiful place and the ocean! It's great! Most of all I liked the photo - from sub-wood shack, and the last with a shell. very interesting -Tall bamboo fishing rods with thatched grass fish dangling from the ends. Thank you for sharing such interesting photos!

  15. Oh those grass fishes are stunning. Lovely photos my friend - it looks like a great well deserved break with lots of time together.


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