Monday, October 21, 2013

Our weekend

I have still not edited my photos from our time away at Plettenberg Bay.  I have however taken a lot of photos this weekend and today is the day for sharing those.
This weekend the three musketeers stayed over with us on Saturday night.  At bedtime I usually bundle them up in our bed, give them a sippy cup with pink Nesquick milk and let them watch CBeeBies until they fall asleep.  Little Stefan was enjoying his big cousins and was watching their routine with interest.  When he didn't get pink milk he threw himself down on the floor and screamed.  I quickly took him to the kitchen where he pointed to his bottle and told me he wanted his Nana.  I made him a bottle and he rushed off to get into bed with his cousins.  It is so sweet that Oupa and Ouma's bed is still where they want to be.  We carried them all to the guest room when they were asleep and then early on Sunday morning they woke us to have coffee in bed with us.

Leane (age 6)  My only little princess.

Lukas (age 5) 

Dewan (age 4)  Got stitches this week after he fell on stairs.

Stefan (18 months)  The only one missing is Juan.

You can see that this little monkey watches me closely when I do my Pilates ball exercises :-D

Yesterday morning we loaded all the little ones in the bakkie and drove down to Sardinia bay.  On the way we found these trees wrapped  in pink cloth for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Dewan says:  "Kyk, die bome het serpies aan."  (Look the trees have scarves on).

At Sardinia we climbed the high dunes and down the other side to the beautiful beach.

Oupa and the three running on the beach.

Leane discovering a sea snail.

We walked a while and then sat against a dune while the children ran up and rolled down.
 Dewan, the careful one...having fun in the sand.

 There is nothing that gives more pleasure than seeing children laugh, run and play. wild princess.  Needless to say they took a whole lot of the beach home with them.

Lots of energy...wish I had that.

A happy sandy face.

Poking and prodding a washed up jelly fish.

Then it was back up and over the dune to have an ice cream cone and then drive back home.  Dewan started complaining early on, wanting to be carried.  Lukas giggled and then said:  "Dewan, jy is so funny, ek vat jou sommer huistoe saam met my."  (Dewan you are so funny, I want to take you home with me.)

One thing is a fact.  Nothing gives more pleasure than little children.  Nothing makes one laugh as much as seeing and hearing their antics.  I am truly blessed.

How was your weekend?
Did you laugh a lot?
Did you have fun?



  1. You are truly blessed to have such gorgeous grandchildren and it's awesome that you have such a good relationship with them! ;-) I had a super weekend, also just spent it at home with the family and did quite a lot of scrapping! The weather was cold and miserable yesterday, so allowed for lots of scrappy time! ;-)

  2. Oh the photos are wonderful.. how lovely to enjoy your grandchildren like this.. my weekend was very quiet compared to yours!!

  3. Stunning photos Lynette - you are an awesome photographer. The little ones are growing up so fast. Lol, love the serpies on the trees.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. I saw the photo with the four in the bed on fb and I thought that was incredibly cute, but I must say the rolling down the dunes pictures are even better! Looks like a brilliant time was had by all. :-)

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend!! LOVING the photos... they are so precious!! Your granddaughter is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Oh Lynette - the love and fun and happiness just radiates from these pics. We had a good weekend - we relaxed and recuperated after the busyness of the last few weeks.

  7. I really enjoyed looking at the photos of these sweet faces. I am chuckling how the kids are playing on the sand hills the way kids in Canada play on the snow hills. Making good use of natural resources.

  8. You know I love the pics of your grandkids! LOVE the one in the bed :) You guys are so blessed to have such lovely grandkids, and have them so close.

    This weekend was good but I had nightmares about work both days. You then wake with that feeling and it takes some effort to shake it. It's because the last two week) but I need to not lose it til it happens.

  9. PS the dune ones are amazing - I can just FEEL the sand and the joy of the kids!!!

  10. You guys are amazing grandparents and the kids arez lucky to have you. Love the photos, especially the one in bed.

  11. Wonderful time, great - kids are good friends - a joy to Ouma and Oupa . On Saturday we visited the great-grandfather, and on Sunday, too, spent a day with little grandson.

  12. Your weekend sounds perfect ... and no wonder you have such a neat figure - I did one beginner Pilates workout and am only now feeling human.

  13. Awesome photos!!! My fave is "happy sandy face" and the very last one up the sand dunes! :D

  14. Wow Lynette! What a collection of sweet photos! I kept scrolling hoping to see more :) TFS

  15. Precious times! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  16. Delightful!! Just love those photos!!! Cannot wait to be a granny & sure hope I get to see the kids alot. I agree - nothing better than children!!!!

  17. You are truly blessed to have these beautiful children in your life! And my goodness do you ever take gorgeous photographs of them!
    I've missed you! I will be diving through your archives to see what I've missed these past few months. XOXO

  18. Awww..... I bet your bundle of joy brings you lots and lots of happniess!


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