Friday, September 27, 2013

Vacation time....woohoo!!!!

The time has come!  
Tomorrow morning we leave for two weeks in Plettenberg Bay.  
To say that I need this break would be a serious understatement.
I cannot describe to you just how absolutely weary and bone tired I have become.  I feel so OLD!
One doesn't realise just how much you give of yourself when you work with broken people on a daily basis and how emotionally draining it can be.  Please don't think for a moment I would give it up for ANYTHING.  Nothing, no money or material thing in the world, can beat the feeling of seeing a person become free of addiction and become emotionally and spiritually whole.
With this comes the realization that we need to take a two week break every six months.  If we don't we will end up burning out and be of no use to anybody.
We need a time of refreshing and resting in the Lord, He is the filler of these empty wells.

Today I would like to share with you the latest  CSI  (Color, Story, Inspiration) case file.  The colour combination is so summery and makes me feel happy.  

I chose photos of Stefan taken when he experienced a walk on the beach for the first time.  Here is my layout.
 Supply list:  Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned papers:  various Fancy Pants lines; Title and black seaweed:  Silhouette Cameo; starfish, green seaweed and crab: American Crafts Remarks; Hearts:  Pink Paislee; bling:  Kaisercraft; Other: coarse sandy texture paste.

 It is always my personal challenge to use the Silhouette Cameo for each and every layout I make.  I like my patterned papers to stand out and have matted it on the black cardstock.

 Triangles were one of the evidence and I applied coarse sandy texture paste through a  Crafters Workshop stencil.

Further evidence...items no longer considered trendy....the little clips at the top of the photo.  Hearts coloured according to the colour combination required.

I love the little crab and it was the perfect touch to go with the seaweed.  I journaled Stefan's first visit to the beach.  I still believed there was "something" missing and was happy once I added the rhinestones to the cut out Quatrefoil.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some love.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Photo catch up

I am counting the days.  On Saturday we leave for our two week vacation in Plettenberg Bay. I am sure by now you all know that Plett is my happy place.

Our weaver families are still building nests like crazy.  More often than not we wake up to nests that have been blown down by the crazy wind.

It makes me wonder just how many times they will rebuild.
I am still enjoying waking up to birdsong in the mornings.
This little man is very happy that summer will soon be here.
All he to play outside.

On Sunday we went for a walk along the beach at Sardinia Bay.

Favourite beach to humans and animals.

Strange looking blue bottle.

I love how unspoiled this beach developments and building projects.

Proof that everyone knows my man.  Two lone horse riders and they know him.

Big handsome guy.

The old lifesaver building.  Abandoned and falling into disrepair since the huge dune cut off the road to the main beach.

Vegetation is slowly taking over the walkways and the braai areas.

Road to nowhere...and disappearing under the dune.

This is still one of my favourite places...and maybe it is good that it is no longer popular because you have to climb the huge dune to get down to the beach.

Today this little man helped Oupa outside in the garden.  Here he is tasting the salty water of the pool.
So cute!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Be You - CSI #89 - Fancy Pants (Be You)

I have to admit that I am hooked to the CSI challenges.   I love that I can dig through my extensive stash and pick the colours and embellishments to solve the case file ;-)  This is Case File no 89. 

I chose some photo's taken at the little one's school nativity in 2011.  Here is my layout:
Supplies used:  Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned papers:  Fancy Pants (Be You); Bracket, heart chipboard, quote and title:  Fancy pants (Be You); Giraffe:  Jolee's, Flowers: Prima.  Other:  EK Success edge punch; The Crafters Workshop Cubist stencil; Neocolor II water pastels, texture paste.

I first completed my background. I used the Cubist stencil and traced the blocks onto the bazzill and then coloured them with my Neocolor II water pastels.  A wet paint brush and the blocks were painted.  Once it was dry I applied smaller blocks over the painted blocks with the texture paste.  I love that the texture paste is translucent and allows the colours to shine through.

I love this three little ones.  They are exactly 10 months apart in age and have grown up like siblings.  I edged all the patterned pieces with a black edge punch.

Lastly I dressed my page with the little giraffe and some little flowers.

I used all 5 the colours,  Evidence: Animal accent, polka dots, brackets, scallops. Testimony. Placed bracket next to title.

Hope you are having a lovely long weekend...if you are living in South Africa.  xoxo

Friday, September 20, 2013

Handbag contents

I have been wanting to do a  fun post about a handbag forever :-)  You would however be incredibly bored if I had to share the contents of my bag.  Two weeks ago Leane, Dewan and Lukas had a sleepover at our house and she brought her handbag with her.  In fact when their Oupa took them for a walk on Sunday she insisted on putting the bag over the handle bar of her bicycle.  I told her to leave it at home as the bag would pull her off balance ( is THAT heavy).  She decided that she would then rather walk...but the bag goes with her.  So I decided that I will show you what a well turned out bag should look like ;-)

 Our pink princess with "that" bag.

 I giggled when she first opened it for me.  Flip, it is more organised than mine any day.  The reason I laughed though is that this reminds me so much of my late MIL.  She always had a bag in a bag in a bag. (if you know what I mean?)

 She unpacks the little bags....and there is even more underneath.

 There you have it!  Tissues, a coin purse, glitter, pen, paintbrush, 5 elastic wrist bands, gel, spray, perfume, 2 mirrors, brush, perfume, cellphone, eye shadow, Barbie hair extention, pendant and chain, two hair clips, 3 lipsticks (you have got to have the right shade babe), three lip gloss, nail polish, sunglasses, bath salts (you never know when you will need it) camera (she is Ouma's girl after all).

There is no way that I can top about you?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Puppy Love - Sketch Week - Mixed Media

I am playing along with Allison Davis and Sketch Week again. I really went totally overboard with a mixed media twist to Allison's sketch as you will see ;-)  I used photos of my grandson Christian with the puppies their dogs, Nina (a ridge back) and Baron (Great Dane) had earlier this year.

Supplies used:  Mixed media paper; Bazzill cardstock; Patterned papers:  Basic Grey Serenade; Journal prompt and Joy quote:  Basic Grey Serenade; Stickers used for the banner:  Basic Grey Serenade; brads: Basic Grey Serenade; Title and paper piecing:  Silhouette Cameo; Other:  Texture paste, Stencils, Watercolor paints, Panpastels, twine.

Make sure you go grab the September free sketch at the Scrapbook Generation online store. It's the sketch that I used as a starting point for my layout and looks like this:
I varied my layout quite a bit.  

Variation #1:  Instead of the large background piece, I stenciled some texture paste through a brick stencil to make my background block.  The width of my bricks are approximately 5 inches.  I used the inspiration of the star on the corner of my bricks.  I used PanPastels to shade my bricks and the star and then set it with artists fixative.

Variation #2:  Instead of using horizontal paper strips I used to strands of twine at the top and the bottom of my bricks.    I love the way the little dog is peeking over the brick wall ;-)

Variation #3:  I used two 3x4 photos instead of three and I used them landscape instead of portrait.  

Variation #4:  I painted some aqua and lime watercolor paint below the bricks and then used my heat tool to make it run.  I used little flags that came with my Basic Grey Serenade kit to make the banner underneath the photos.

Variation #5:  I splattered some of the aqua and lime paint on the bottom and top part of the layout and then gave the white space a little brush of PanPastel in aqua.

All in all I am very happy with how this layout turned out.


Friday, September 13, 2013

The need to become quiet

I have been thinking about this post all week.
Unsure of whether I should post it.
Not knowing if it is wise to be honest and thereby show vulnerability.
But here goes.......

I have been trying to figure out how it all started.  How does one get your heart and your head into such a mess?
  • Two months ago a man came to see K at the Mission. He wanted to become involved in our recycling job creation program. On meeting this man I just had strong feelings that we shouldn't go into an "alliance" with him.  
  • DH doesn't really go by "feelings" and discounted how strongly I feel about this "alliance."
  • I withdrew and didn't want anything to do with the "alliance" because I was just not comfortable with it.  I can't put my finger on just went against my grain.
  • We stopped having our quiet time together in the mornings.
  • My man became impatient when I didn't "come round" to his way of thinking. He put it down to stubbornness.   (pout...pout)
  • Usually we discuss the matters of the day in the evening...cuddling up before we fall asleep.  This stopped  He would sleeps on his side of the bed and I would sleep on mine.
  • "Hy is nie meer my maatjie nie."  (now I sound like my grandchildren) I felt that in this whole crazy thing I lost my very best friend}
  • During this time my mom came for a three week visit.  Let's just say that my mom is not comfortable in silence and I get "noise" overload which makes me grumpy (hanging my head in shame)
  • Then"tit-for-tat" kicked in. (head hanging even lower in shame) and I was confronted with my spiteful nature.(I don't like me).
  • Usually my man gets angry, erupts and it is all over, but this time he sulked  (I love silence, but not this icy silence)
  • Both of us were unhappy and I was sad most of the time.
  • I lost my zeal to go to work.  The ministry that was always my delight became just a job that needed to be done.
  • I was so empty.  How could I possibly help this broken people in our care.
Last weekend it came to a head!
Harsh and cruel words.
Lots of tears and apologies.
We kissed and made up.

Later we realised that it all started really going wrong when we stopped having our quiet time together.  We always say that the Mission belongs to the Lord...but we stopped seeking Him in our decisions.  We needed to become quiet again.  We need His direction.  We need to be filled by His Spirit.  If we don't we would not stand when trouble comes. This whole drama was proof of that.  Don't judge me too harshly...okay.

Do you have quiet time?  
Do you notice a difference in the days where you didn't make the effort to spend quiet time with the Lord?


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CSI Case File #88: The more you READ.....

Since the beginning of the year I have made huge inroads in cutting into my scrapbooking stash.  I haven't bought much this year...thanks in large to the awful R/$ exchange rate.  It is just to darn expensive to buy any of the pretty new paper lines.  I have added the CSI  Case Files to my scrappy challenges.  They are fun and another (colourful) way of using my stash.

This is my take on CSI case file #88

Supplies used:  Ledger paper: Pink Paislee; patterned papers: Scenic Route (Sonoma); Flowers: Prima;  Trim and bling: Prima:  Butterfly/bird:  K&Co; Doily: Websters; Stickers alphas: Papertrunk, Sassafras Lass, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee; Star overlay and bird cage: Silhouette Studio.  Other: Texture paste; Rollergraph; Crafters Workshop.

Here is the CSI case file:

Some close ups:
I used a Crafters Workshop stencil and texture paste with a bit of orange acrylic paint for the clock.

I played with texture paste and neocolor 11 water soluble crayons on the corner.  The title is a Dr Seuss quote.

I cut a birdcage with the Silhouette and added a lace and bling border under my photo.

I cut the star background and then inked up my Rollagraph words roller stamp and rolled the script over the paper.  I then cut out stars from patterned paper to put behind the open stars.

Thank you for visiting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Spectacular sunrise our of the airplane.

I haven't blogged for a bit.  Actually I haven't read blogs for a bit either.  We returned from Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon.    I again realized just how blessed I am to live in a small town like Port Elizabeth.  I will never, ever complain about the wind, ever again. We had a very bumpy landing in Port Elizabeth when the wind of 85km an hour welcomed us home.  Give me the wind any day, it is so much more acceptable to that "traffic".  Gosh, I do believe that I would suffer from an ulcer and high blood pressure if I lived anywhere in Joburg.

Just a few minutes later.

The funeral was sad as funerals go.  It was made worse because the service was held by a very racist and bigoted church group.  If we as Christians are known by our fruit, I honestly have to tell you that the fruit I found here was totally rotten to the core.  I still cannot. for the life of me, believe that an educated, intelligent man could be caught up in a sect that has taken the whole Bible and twisted it to fit their "religion".

On to happier things.  I am home today and decided to play along with CSI Case File no 87.

Here is my layout:
Supply list:  Cardstock:  Bazzill; Patterned papers: Echo Park Victoria Gardens; Flowers: Prima; Pearls: Fabscraps; Rubons: Kaisercraft; Title: Silhouette Cameo; Other: Texture Paste, Crafters Warehouse stencils and Panpastels.

The evidence used: Map print, travel accent, butterflies, wave stitching, rubons.

So close-ups:
I am a little bit addicted to texture paste.  I applied some Panpastels to them when they were dry and then sprayed artist fixative spray to set the pastels.

I love to stitch on my layouts...but here I took the lazy way out and used some wavy stitched rubons and the bitty butterfly.  I also matted all my patterned paper and my photo on black cardstock to create some dimension between the layers.
This photo of my and my man was taken at Margate.  I added some word art directly to the photo as well as a shabby frame.  I printed out a little map of Margate as a play on the travel theme.

 The sticker is also an Echo Park Victoria Gardens sticker.

The butterfly as well as the title was cut with the Silhouette Cameo.  

Thank you for your visit and your kind comments.  I will be around to visit soon.