Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A weekend with a difference

Last week I moaned so much about the grey and cold days we were experiencing.  Saturday morning broke beautifully and oh so sunny....bliss.  My darling man decided that it will be a day with a difference...and boy, he had no idea just how prophetic his decision would be.  We went to camp out on the deck of a neigbourhood restaurant...and there like "dassies"  we sat in the sun and had the most divine french toast for brunch. (for my readers outside of South Africa - a dassie is  also called a Rock Hyrax , it is a small, plump and tail-less guinea-pig-like animal is about as large as a big rabbit and it loves basking in the sun on large rocks in the mornings and late afternoons).

Then we invited Kobus Jr and Lache for a "braai" (bbq) and to watch the rugby.  They arrived, we had the snacks and biltong ready and then "poof" off went the electricity.  Nearly the whole city was cast into darkness because one individual decided to steal electricity and in the process shorted out a large line to the city....and we believe it was an electrifying and sizzling experience that left the thief resembling a Simba chippy.  In our home four little ones were bathed by candlelight, the food was cooked over the braai fire and rugby was "listened" to via a car radio.  Very different wouldn't you say?  Three hours after the outage and as we were getting ready for bed the electricity came back on line.

The most was made with the beautiful sunny weekend.

Lukie had a ball playing in the mud pools on their small holding.

Yup...we still believe a dirty child is a happy child.  There is nothing that cannot be cleaned again.

Is it ever too cold for a child to get wet?


The Lord has blessed me soooo much with my family.  I am happy!  In fact....I can't stop smiling.  Nothing makes me as happy as my children and grandchildren.

What is it that makes you happy?



  1. Loving the photos!! Looks like an amazing weekend! LOVING the mud photo! Tooooooooooo cute!!

  2. I am happy that you feel blessed because you are :)
    Friendship and family makes me happy.

  3. Hi Lynette - despite the power outage, seems like it was a perfect day in itself.

    Thanks for the prayers - they mean so much to me. You're an angel.

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  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend despite the power outage ... thank heavens for a braai!!!

    Simba chippy sounds like the perfect ending to the one who decided to do something so silly!!!

    Love your photos ... Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. It just shows that we can survive without Eskom. Love your beautiful family photos.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  6. Wow, amazing what one can do without electricity! Lovely photos:-) And enjoy your visit to CT!

  7. When the kids are happy - Mom happy. A great weekend despite the blackout. But there lived people without electricity before, and now have forgotten how, just that a disaster?...

  8. Family also makes me happy. We have 5 grandchildren from 16 (17 next month) to 6. Our daughter is expecting in Sep. We are praying hard for that little one to wait until closer to due date to arrive. Issues started at week 22.

    Love your photos and you have beautiful grandchildren.

  9. Boys and mud definitely are a perfect match!! :) Great photos of your family, Lynette!

  10. It sounds wonderful, and boys are noise with dirt on them!! what makes me happy, seeing my family together sharing a meal.. simple pleasures are the best!

  11. These photos are so beautiful! I love the ones on getting dirty.

  12. Oh wow, playing with mud just look fun to me, I probably should try it someday! : )
    Family is.... just make me happy!

  13. Super photo's are surely blessed! Love those muddy boy and so fun! ;-)

  14. So true, family is what life is all about. And yeas, a dirty child is a happy child!

  15. Living in Florida, the lightening capital of the world, we often find ourselves without electricity. When the kids were young, it was a fun time running around the house with flashlights in hand, eating by candlelight if it were after dark, and just waiting for the "lights" to go back on.... And little boys (and sometimes girls) were meant to get dirty. Remember the definition of a boy...A boy is a noise with dirt on it!! And we have a "crank Radio", and more than once, have listened to a game on that radio during our unfortunate black outs. Those are the times we remember. As long as family is together, we get through it all with them at our side. xoxo

  16. oh! i can see the difference!!! lol - the child is dirty, muddy and he is with his parents :-)) lol
    I must say that over all the years we had very few times when electricity went off for some considerable amount of time. but i am sure your candle light dinner was very special!

  17. What a beautiful post - lovely photos - we had far too many power cuts in Zim & the novelty wore off eventually but glad you could turn it around and have fun :)

  18. Definitely a weekend with a difference. I couldn't agree more, getting dirty is all part of being a child.

  19. Well you certainly have had a lot of fun with your family, bathing by candlelight sounds fun, and the way you described the electricity thief had me giggling no end.... too funny. I am glad you made the most of the situation though.... love the photographs of your family... so precious Lynette. What makes me happy .... the small things in life, including - life itself... :-)


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