Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scenes from the Drakensberg (photo post)

Greetings from the Central Drakensberg where sunsets looks like this.

We left Port Elizabeth on Thursday afternoon and drove to a farm outside Stutterheim where we spent the evening with Shayne and her family.  The next morning we left, choosing to take the Queenstown ....Elliot ... Ugie....Maclear road to Kwazulu Natal.  After a day on the road we finally arrived at our destination at 9:30 Friday evening.  We were so tired that we just took a bath and fell into bed.

The next morning we explored our surroundings.  Cayley Lodge with it's comfortable chalets are situated high above the Bell Park Dam.

This is the main building of the resort with it's pools and jacuzzi.

The view on a cloudy can't even see the mountains.

We have had awful sinus since reaching the Drakensberg, so on Sunday we were off to find a pharmacy and also to scout out our surroundings.
I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of seeing so much beauty.  We are so blessed to be living in a country that has such diverse and beautiful areas.

The golf course at Champagne Valley Sports Resort.  This is where darling man is spending his day today.

 On Monday we drove through to Winterton and found an open pharmacy at last.  Then we stopped at the Waffle hut for coffee and waffles.  They have the most gorgeous gift shop we beautiful goodies for the home.

We then set off on the winding road through rural Kwazulu Natal to Cathedral Peak.

 On the road we found hundreds of children on their way from school.  It was good to see that they are cautious of strangers.

...and we found out just how much joy simple pink gumballs can give a child.
One of the many mountain streams.

Autumn can be seen in the lovely colours of the oak trees.

We came across a troop of baboons next to the road.

A little family :-)
 The majestic Cathedral Peak.

 Pretty autumn colours.

Having a drink on the charming Cathedral Peak Hotel's patio.

Rural Zululand living.

Cosmos flowers along the road.

I would love to know how this telephone booth found it's way to the middle of this field.

Yesterday morning we woke up full of energy and decided to go on a paddle boat ride around the dam.

 In the middle of the dam.  Little did we know that the dam is RATHER LARGE and it would take us 2 and a half hours to complete our little excursion.
 The Cayley Lodge chalets high up on the hill....1700 meters of climbing to be exact.

 By now you know how much I love I couldn't resist this pretty picture...and yes I took my camera with us on the paddle boat.
 The beautiful thorn trees of this area with cosmos growing wildly underneath it.

My darling man on the dam wall.

Proof that this bedraggled woman was there too.  We weren't very clever...we forgot to take water and then still had to climb the 1700 meters back to our chalet.  We cleaned up and promptly fell asleep.

He has a natural touch with children and it doesn't take them long to warm up to him.

Well folks, that is all for now.  I am not promising to read blogs during my time on I will probably catch up with you when I get back home at the end of April.



  1. Oh I adore tne Berg! Lovely pictures Lynette and enjoy every moment

  2. What a beautiful, wonderful place! considered with pleasure photo. Thank you very much for sharing with us your journey!

  3. We were at Cayley Lodge the previous December, and we loved it there as well! Thanks for sharing all your photos. Nothing as beautiful as the Berg!!

  4. Beautiful photos, Lynette. So much of the scenery there reminds me of Australia!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

  5. Beautiful looking place to stay, your photo's are great, hope you are having a wonderful time. xx

  6. What a beautiful place!! I love all the photos!!!

  7. Such beautiful surroundings for sure :) I am glad you two are enjoying your holiday.

  8. I know exactly why you are so smitten with the awesome beauty of the Drakensberg. It must be the most beautiful area in South Africa and also our no.1 area to recharge those flat batteries. Your photography is awesome as usual and I love the little baby 'sekelstert'.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  9. wow Lynette! your pictures are stunning!!! I really would love to visit this part of the country in autumn - the colors are amazing. nice seeing familiar places like Waffle Hut :-))
    thank you for sharing all this beauty with us - the views are truly breathtaking!

  10. Enjoy your vacation Lynette! Looks amazing. Love the photos of the children and that baboon family is SO cute!

  11. Glad you're having a nice vacation! Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I really know so little about the landscapes and cultures of South Africa, I welcome anything you can show me.

  12. Looks like an amazing vacation Lynette!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

  13. Beautiful photos, looks like a wonderful place.. enjoy!

  14. Glad you had some fun time, lovely photos!

  15. Loving the awesome photos! Wishing you & your darling hubby a very peaceful vacation. I have no idea what the South Africa is like, so I am thanking you for the wonderful tour. Peace be with you.

  16. Love the photo's Lynette! Have an awesome time! ;-)

  17. What great pics... this brings back memories or me... we stayed at Champagne Cottages across the dam from where you were... and also walked along the dam wall just like you did... beautiful area. Sure looks like you had a stunning holiday.

  18. Gorgeous photos ... looks like you had a superb time. We bought the best biltong and droe wors in Winterton ... I actually want to call and see if 072 Butcher will send more up to me :-)

  19. Oh that was adorable Lynette!! Fantastic photo post!!!

  20. Ai, hoe verlang ek nou Berge toe! Pragtige foto's!


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