Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teniqua Treetops - Photo post

Hi my dear friends.  I am sorry that I haven't been visiting your blogs this past week.  We have our financial year end at the mission and on top of that I have been dealing with an emotional issue.  I normally shut down when I am going through an emotional turmoil.  I promise to visit your blogs during this coming weekend.

This past weekend was my darling husband's birthday.  I booked us a (for him) surprise weekend at Teniqua  Treetops.  We drove down the Garden Route and he only knew where we were going when we turned off on the Karatara road near Sedgefield.
The secluded tree house perched over the Karatara Gorge.
The path leading through the forest to the tree house.
The entrance to the Eyrie.
The tented bedroom.
I took a lot of books because I thought that there will be a lot of time to read.  There is no television or radio in the tree houses.  You are surrounded by silence, the sound of cicadas and birds.  I didn't open a book.
The rustic bathroom without windows. Through the slats of the floor you see the forest floor.

The first night I lay awake listening to the sounds of the night.  I heard monkeys jump onto the tented house and look for a way in.  The only thieves in this area it seems.  Anyhow...when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I woke DH and asked him to go with me. I don't know what I thought or whether it was the possibility of meeting a creepy crawly or a monkey that spooked me more.
The birthday boy was delighted with the surprise.
On Saturday morning we decided to go on a hike.  There is two routes.  One the forest walk which takes about 50 minutes and then the River walk that takes up to 3 hours.  Here DH is standing at the lookout point with the Karatara river below.
I ♥♥♥ this man..
We decided to do the river walk and this is the little beach at the bottom of the trail.  Did I mention that the fall to the river is approximately 180 meters...and most of it is straight down?
Enjoying the beauty of nature.
Then we were off again....and it was jumping from one rock to another in the river bed.
There  is nothing as refreshing as being so close to nature...
...and seeing the beauty.
Taking a break before we go UP again.
Yup...straight up!
We came across this beautiful spot filled with huge ferns on our way up.
Then we had a bath "close to nature"....and yes...that cola coloured water can leave you clean and refreshed.
In the late afternoon we braaied (BBQ) on the deck and then pulled a couch onto the deck.  There we sat until late into the night.  Listening to the crickets sing and watching the stars.  Slowly our bodies started to take on the rhythm of our surroundings and we slowed down and enjoyed the quiet and the peace. 
Spectacular sunset.
...and another...
Not very good at self portraits.

This is an experience that I will repeat.  It is the best thing for you when you are tired and you need peace and quiet.  We came home feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos of nature! What an incredible place to visit. I just want to be there now. That outside bathroom is so great and love the tented bedroom!

  2. Lynette this is like a little Eden in itself. Stunning photos as always. So pleased you both had a good time away from it all.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Like the sunset pics very much but love the ones of you and hubby. Glad you got some much needed time-out and that hubby had a wonderful birthday.

    Hope you are feeling better?


  4. What a wonderful retreat! And by the sounds of things - perfectly timed. Happy Birthday to your darling husband! I hope things get better for you soon!

  5. Oh wow what a wonderful place to just get away from everything

  6. What an amazing place!!! Hope you were able to draw closer to the Lord and let Him refresh you before returning to "normal"!

  7. Спасибо, что делитесь своим счастьем, Линнет! Ведь этобыл ваш чудесный день! Такая красивая, прекрасная местность, замечательные фото! Было интересно все это увидеть вашими глазами. Спасибо.
    Thank you for sharing your happiness, Lynette! After etobyl your wonderful day! Such a beautiful, beautiful area, great photo! It was interesting to see it all through your eyes. Thank you.

  8. What a beautiful place!! LOVING the photos!!!

  9. What an amazing trip Lynette and great way to celebrate your hubby's birthday! Love the beautiful photos you captured!!

  10. It sounds like it was just what you both needed.. and such beautiful scenery too..

  11. This looks gorgeous - it is very close to Lake Pleasant where we were last year and I kept meaning to pop in and look at it. Stunning pics and I can see exactly why a place like this would be food for your soul.

  12. I hiked that trail too - as a youth, but still!

    You look absolutely GORGEOUS in that shade of blue :)

    I love the sunset pics but I always enjoy your reading and relaxing pics too :) :)

    Last night I put a reading pic of D!

  13. what a gorgeous place.

    How is it that you still manage to look stunning even after hiking down then up a gorge?

  14. Year end's can be so be so hectic. Understandable.
    Looks like you and hubby had a ball and such a beautiful place as well.

  15. wow, these are so nice to look at especially since it's so dark, cold and cloudy today!! thanks for sharing!

  16. How very sweet of you to surprise your darling husband with a such a special treat for his birthday, so romantic! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.....bless you!

  17. Amazing photos, looks like both you and the birthday boy are having some relaxing time!

  18. Awesome Lynette! I feel joy just watching your wonderful photos. Very nice place. Such a beautiful and sweet surprise to your hubby for his bday.

  19. Oh my, what a beautiful place! Never knew such places excisted! Love seeing your photos and great to see you're feeling relaxed again!!

  20. This is amazing. What a sweet gesture for you to do this for your husband..I'm sure he appreciated this more than words! So sorry to hear you are dealing with some difficult/emotional thoughts are with you

    What an amazing place to take in! Sounds perfect to me right about now! Just a gorgeous place and such beautiful surroundings. So happy to hear you took some much needed time to stop and just "be"..

  21. How beautiful this place is, so quiet and peaceful. That is my kinda vacation. I'm not sure about all the hiking though, I'm afraid of heights and not much into hiking. WAY TO GO on going down then back up and LOOKING GOOD!! So glad you had a good time! Happy Birthday to your awesome husband. I hope you do a layout with these pictures!

  22. I have not been reading blogs lately either. Just been too busy and also a tad emotional about a few things. Don't feel bad about it though. I think that you and I have EXACTLY the same idea about HOW to holiday. These pics are beautiful. Am going to google this place for my DH and I. Am sure he must have LOVED his surprise!

  23. WOW! Your photos are amazing! What a gorgeous place. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to get away from it all for a bit.

  24. Wow - I feel like I have been on a vacation just by looking at your photos! Such amazing beauty that God has created!
    Joanne xo

  25. Looks great to have a get-away every now and then!! ;-)

  26. Looks amazing!! The only offputting thing for me would be the bath. Even if it is clean I would just feel I was bathing in mud! Great photos!!


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