Monday, February 4, 2013

For the love of the game

...and by game, you must surely know that in South Africa that would be RUGBY.

At the beginning of December this little one played his final games of RUGGA.  The teams are all made of 4 year old little boys.
Oupa took some stunning photos of the games.
The TEAM -  Don't you just love those OUTSIZED shorts and jerseys.
Just look at the fierce expressions on these 4 year old little faces.
They tackle....
...and sometimes play the "man" instead of the ball.
Each one of them get a turn to "kick off".
I just love that expression on our little one's is so funny.
The determination....
...and it is a try!!!!!
Then it is time to compare "ouchies"
...too sweet.
...and getting a hug from his favourite person in the whole wide world.

This past weekend was Wynand and Nadia's wedding anniversary.  We arranged for them to go to Plettenberg Bay for the weekend and they left Lukas with us.  On Friday Bianca went to have a sist removed from her it was left to me to pick up Stefan and Lukas from daycare.  I want to be able to remember the cute things the little ones say and this is the perfect place to record it.  Lukas:  "Ek wens ek was Stefan."  (I wish I was Stefan).  Me:  "Waarom Lukie, Stefan is net 'n babatjie en hy kan nie eens lekker rondhardloop, op die trampolien spring, swem en speel soos jy nie". (Why do you want to be Stefan, he is only a baby, he can't run around, jump on the trampoline, swim or play like you do).  Lukas:  "Maar as ek Stefan was dan het ek altyd by jou en Oupa gebly." (If I was Stefan, I would be able to stay with you and Oupa all the time.)  Me:  "Lukie, maar jy is mos lief vir jou mamma en jou pappa en klein seuntjies moet by hulle mammas en pappas bly." (But you love your mommy and daddy and little boys should always live with their mommys and daddys."  Lukas:  "Ek wil eerder net by Oupa bly". (I would rather just stay with Oupa).

There is such a precious bond between these two.  I have to admit that Oupa was rather wrung out by the end of the weekend, because Lukie needs Oupa to do everything with him.  So Oupa was riding bicycle, jumping on the trampoline, swimming and playing all weekend ;-)



  1. Loved reading this post! Such a lovely relationship documented. Those photos were just too sweet. Oh there is something so special about little boys. I hope I have a grandson one day as I never had a boy. Age 4 has to be my favourite age for children.... they are just so much fun at this age!

  2. oh man, oh man, oh man, I love all the pics - they are ADORABLE and they look like they actually know what they're doing :)

    I LOVEEEEEEEE his relationship with his Oupa :) I'm sure it's really nice to be the most favourite person in the whole world to a child!

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Love love love the expressions on his little face and the happiness with his Oupa!!! :)

  4. What a sweet little story! I love it!!! And LOVING the photos!! They are just the cutest!!

  5. That is totally worth recording. Lucas is so sweet! Love the pictures of the little boys playing.

  6. Kids are great arent they! Love the photos and the story's under the photo!! precious memories!!

  7. Beautiful little story! So great that your grandson has such a special relationship with his Oupa! ;-)

  8. Agh nunu pie man! That is so lovely. My daughter has this bond with my mom - it is very hard on them both being so far from each other :(

    Love the rugby photos :)

  9. Cutest ever! We also have Rugga here for the boys!
    Love the photos where they look at all the einas!

  10. What a lovely bond they have! Cute pictures, really captures the game.

  11. That is an incredibly sweet story. Truly precious!

    And I love the rugby photos--the looks on his face are hilarious. I played rugby many years ago . . . it was quite fun.

    So glad you received your package. :)

  12. I've never seen a rugby match, but if I ever do I want it to be one just like this!!!

    Very sweet post.

  13. oh, those photos are stunning!!
    I think if Little OL had her way she would live with her Granny too. When I went to pick her up from a play date at Granny's I was to told to go running.

  14. Oh gosh Lynette, that is so incredibly sweet!

  15. Go Oupa!! I'm an English girl who grew up with an Oupa en Ouma - I recommend both!!

  16. Awww ... you had to give him a hundred extra hugs for that - so precious and just a reminder of how awesome you and oupa are! Love love love the photos!

    Hope your weekend is stunning Lynette ... big hugz

  17. Wow, some fantastic photos captured here, the expressions on their little faces & they all look like they are thoroughly enjoying the game....go boys!

  18. Totally adorable! Fantastic photos and memories in the making!!

  19. this is just too sweet!!! what a wonderful blessing it is that your little ones have such a wonderful oupa!

  20. Awwwww, Lukie and the boys are too cute. And your narration just makes it all the more interesting almost like one is at the game.

    That's such a wonderful bond he has with his grandpa!!! Too sweet :)

  21. Awww...these pics are sooooo adorable. I just LOVE how he loves his Oupa. Child2 had a relationship like that with FIL.


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