Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teniqua Treetops - Photo post

Hi my dear friends.  I am sorry that I haven't been visiting your blogs this past week.  We have our financial year end at the mission and on top of that I have been dealing with an emotional issue.  I normally shut down when I am going through an emotional turmoil.  I promise to visit your blogs during this coming weekend.

This past weekend was my darling husband's birthday.  I booked us a (for him) surprise weekend at Teniqua  Treetops.  We drove down the Garden Route and he only knew where we were going when we turned off on the Karatara road near Sedgefield.
The secluded tree house perched over the Karatara Gorge.
The path leading through the forest to the tree house.
The entrance to the Eyrie.
The tented bedroom.
I took a lot of books because I thought that there will be a lot of time to read.  There is no television or radio in the tree houses.  You are surrounded by silence, the sound of cicadas and birds.  I didn't open a book.
The rustic bathroom without windows. Through the slats of the floor you see the forest floor.

The first night I lay awake listening to the sounds of the night.  I heard monkeys jump onto the tented house and look for a way in.  The only thieves in this area it seems.  Anyhow...when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I woke DH and asked him to go with me. I don't know what I thought or whether it was the possibility of meeting a creepy crawly or a monkey that spooked me more.
The birthday boy was delighted with the surprise.
On Saturday morning we decided to go on a hike.  There is two routes.  One the forest walk which takes about 50 minutes and then the River walk that takes up to 3 hours.  Here DH is standing at the lookout point with the Karatara river below.
I ♥♥♥ this man..
We decided to do the river walk and this is the little beach at the bottom of the trail.  Did I mention that the fall to the river is approximately 180 meters...and most of it is straight down?
Enjoying the beauty of nature.
Then we were off again....and it was jumping from one rock to another in the river bed.
There  is nothing as refreshing as being so close to nature...
...and seeing the beauty.
Taking a break before we go UP again.
Yup...straight up!
We came across this beautiful spot filled with huge ferns on our way up.
Then we had a bath "close to nature"....and yes...that cola coloured water can leave you clean and refreshed.
In the late afternoon we braaied (BBQ) on the deck and then pulled a couch onto the deck.  There we sat until late into the night.  Listening to the crickets sing and watching the stars.  Slowly our bodies started to take on the rhythm of our surroundings and we slowed down and enjoyed the quiet and the peace. 
Spectacular sunset.
...and another...
Not very good at self portraits.

This is an experience that I will repeat.  It is the best thing for you when you are tired and you need peace and quiet.  We came home feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I choose love ♥

I have walked with a heavy heart and a sick feeling on the pit of my stomach since Thursday.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think that my post "Taking a stand"  would have such a devastating affect.  As a result of my opinion a life long friendship have been weighed, measured and found worthless.  I can now add two more titles to my name, Two-faced and Back stabber. (I was under the impression that you have to actually agree with somebody and then turn away and disagree before you deserved those titles...but sadly that isn't true)

What did I think?  Well actually, I though our relationship was strong and invincible...truly unconditional love.  I had no reason to believe otherwise.

I could have resorted to name calling too, but I just can't get myself to do that.  I love the other person too much.  The fact that I don't agree with her doesn't mean that I don't love her.  The fact that I have my own opinions does not mean I don't respect hers.  So I turn into myself and go quiet.  That way nobody gets hurt.  No I am lying....I am hurting.  I am grieving for a relationship that is lost.  In time the pain will dull and life will go on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Layouts - My Minds Eye Sweetest Thing Bluebell

Hallo friends,  last week Thursday I went to go and visit my friend Carina at her Scrapbook Studio in Jeffreys bay.  We were planning to have lunch together and I had a few hours to scrap before we went.  I started scrapping photos that was taken during the baby photo shoot shortly after Juan was born.  I wanted to put the focus on the photos, so you will notice that my photos are large.

Supply list:  Cardstock: American Craft; Patterned papers: My Minds Eye (Sweetest Thing Bluebell); Title Rub on: Daisy D's; Bling: Prima; Flowers: Bo Bunny and Prima; Sketch: Debbie Sanders of Scrapbook Generation.
The large photo of Juan is taken with him only wearing a purple beanie...yes he was that tiny.  I wanted to pull the purple through to the rest of the layout and matted my photos on purple cardstock  and added the Bo Bunny flowers that I got as a gift from my US friend Melanie.
...and a little bit of purple bling from Prima's e-line.
In my attempt to purge my stash I came across this beautiful title rub on by Daisy D's, a paper company that didn't survive the economic crisis.  To this day I believe that nobody makes rub on's of the same quality as they did.

The next two pager is of my handsome oldest son, Kobus and his tiny new born son.  I used three 5x7 photos and a 4x6 photo for this layout.
Supply list: Cardstock: American Craft; Patterned papers: My Minds Eye (Sweetest Thing Bluebell); Title and embellishments; (My Minds Eye (Sweetest Thing Bluebell); Rub on quote: Kaisercraft; Sketch: Debbie Sanders of Scrapbook Generation.

 I love these quote rub on's ...they just add so much to a page.

 I loved working with this line of paper and those enamel dots are lovely.
Another little cluster of embellishments to round off the layout.

Thank you for visiting me today.  Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Taking a stand

Okay,  I admit it.
This is something that I have been brooding about since Friday.
On Friday the cause was "standing against rape" and wearing black.
There is always a cause.
We are called to either stand against something or to stand for something.
Last week was particularly bad on social media.  Julia wrote about it beautifully, calling it  "so much NOISE".

Through all ages there has been causes people stand for passionately.  Let's take organised religion....and see how much violence resulted from that.  People who kill in the name of religion....even to this day. On Friday I didn't wear black.  I don't like wearing black.  I don't even wear it to funerals.  It is such a depressing non colour.  Does that make me ignorant or uncaring?  NO, it does not.  I work with the victims of all the various forms of abuse on a daily basis.  I have a lot of compassion for them and the ones that I deal with know just how much I care about them.

On Friday I sat on the sideline and watch things unfold.  Those who passionately call up others for the "cause".  Then those who question whether it actually means anything, how can wearing a certain colour stop violence?  Those who don't feel as passionate.  Those who didn't wear black.  Isn't it ironic that people stand so passionately against abuse....and yet when they are questioned or others don't feel the same passion...they become the abuser.  They abuse with their words.  "You are ignorant"...."You live with your head up your a*s"...."indifferent".  Since when can a "cause" be more important than relationship?  Since when does standing for a cause give us the right to slate anyone that doesn't stand for our cause?

It would appear that when in adopt the law of Africa, and you resort to mass action to bring about change. In fact you start believing that it is the only way, the only hope.  Well, this is my little spot in cyberspace and here I can voice how I feel.   I don't agree that this is the hope for our country or our nation.  We have left our Creator out of the equation.  I am not governed by the law of Africa or the law of the world, I am governed by the Word of God.  Over the past nearly 15 years at the Mission we have learned that only One can heal the hurts of the abused.  Only One brings wholeness....and only He can heal our land. So instead of taking a day to wear black...take a day of humbling yourself before Him and praying for Him to heal our land.  That is the sort of  "mass action" we are called to. I stand passionately for one cause only and that is showing the love of Christ in my daily walk.

Just saying.

PS:  This blog post is MY OBSERVATION and MY OPINION.  That does not mean that I don't respect your opinion or love you less because you have an opinion different to mine.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Remember all the good times - My Minds Eye

This weekend my DH and youngest son is camping in the Baviaanskloof.  I marvel at how much the boys want to spend time with their father doing the things that they love and sharing it when him.  To me that means a whole weekend of in the next few days this little blog of mine is going to be flooded with layouts I have made or completed over this weekend.

Today I want to show you a layout I made based on the My Minds Eye February sketch challenge.  
 Supply list: Cardstock for matting: American craft; Patterned papers: My Minds Eye (Follow your heart); Title: My Minds Eye (The sweetest thing); Brads and buttons: My Minds Eye (Follow your heart); Chipboard heart: Maya Road; Glitter: Doodlebugs; Butterfly: Silhouette; Pearls: Prima; Rub on quote: Kaisercraft; Sketch: MME.

By now you know that I love stitching on my layout.  I also love the effect I get when I mat my patterned papers.
The butterfly is a Silhouette cutting file.  I used a scrap of  orange My Minds Eye paper from the Stella and Rose range and covered it with rock candy stickles...then I added pearls for the body.  I absolutely love the rub on's that Kaiserscraft makes.
I used this photo of me and my reflection.  I ♥♥♥ reflections and the way it can resemble an abstract painting .  I made the button border with buttons and a piece of brown twine.

Here is the sketch that was used for inspiration:

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a lovely Sunday.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Keeping them from harm.

I have been quiet around here and it was not as a result of not having anything to say.  We have been very busy recruiting members for our neighborhood watch.  If I knew what hard work it is to get people to commit to doing their share, I might never have started this.  Last night our first patrols went out.  Neighbors are greeting each other again and getting to know each other....a positive spin off of the whole affair.
Friday nights are date night for Bianca and Eben.  This is how our little man fell asleep tonight.  He would love to have a human pillow.  When I look at him my heart swells with love. It is amazing how our hearts grow and expand with each little one that is added to our family.  Love increases with each new little one.  I wasn't going to blog about the storm that broke over this little one's head this week.  I pray that he will never know how small minded and petty some people are. The whole affair started on Facebook.  This week I realised again how easily people "talk" on Facebook without taking the feelings of others into account. I realised that people easily post things on Facebook that is hurtful and things which they will not have the guts to say to your face.  Eben posted a photo of his mom with Stefan with the comment "Ouma's big boy".  His parents have accepted Stefan as their own (and not step-grandson) and  Eben's brother and sister-in-law, who is expecting a baby girl in four weeks, is not happy with this.

The first comment was that he isn't of their BLOOD and that in 4 weeks the REAL grandchild will be born. Bianca was deeply hurt. She knows that a child doesn't grow in blood, they grow in your heart. She has learned that it is all about unconditional love.  His brother then commented that Eben isn't Stefan's REAL dad, it is his "so called fiance's" baby and Eben only "plays" dad over weekends. That hurt Eben.  He has an amazing relationship with this little man. Eben's brother doesn't accept his choice of wife-to-be and he does not accept that Stefan will be a full member of their family.  How is it possible for a grown man of 30 to feel threatened by a little baby?  The whole thing caused a split in the family. His mother was forced to choose. If she accepts Stefan as her grandson, she will not be allowed contact with her granddaughter when she is born.

I can't believe things like this still happen in this day and age.  Tonight I sat with his sleepy warmness against me and I want to shield him against all the pain and the ugliness of the world.  I am reminded that all I can do for him and for my other loved ones is to intercede and pray that they will taste love, joy and peace.  Then I have to trust that He who holds all things, will work all things to the good of those who love Him.


PS: On the 21st February, Eben's brother apologised for his all ends well, praise the Lord.

Sketch N Scrap blog hop WINNER and a challenge

Hallo friends, I first want to share my layout based on the new sketch over at Sketch N Scrap.  The photo of my grandchildren were taken a few days after Juan's birth.   I have also entered this layout for the Gossamer Blue/My Minds Eye Guest Designer contest.  My Minds Eye papers and embellishments are my all time favourite products to scrap with.
Supply list: Cardstock: Bazzill for matting the patterned papers: Patterned paper: My Minds Eye; Brads, buttons, doily: My Minds Eye; Flower: Prima; Rub on: Kaisercraft; Title: Silhouette die cuts; Sketch: Brenshevia.

A close up of the cuts made with the Silhouette.

Just a sprinkle of embellishments...just the way I like it.

This is the sketch:
You have until Thursday, 28 February to upload your layout to the Sketch N Scrap blog.

Now for the winner of our recent blog hop:

Sandy Lewis, please e-mail your postal address to and your blog candy will be on it's way to you.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sketch N Scrap Blog hop

Sketch N Scrap Blog Hop

Welcome to the very first Sketch N Scrap Blog Hop!!! This is a very exciting hop due to the amount of PRIZES along the way! Tons of prizes are being offered along the way so be sure to start at the beginning of the hop and end at theSketch N Scrap blog! You won't want to miss this one!  :)
We decided to try something new this month and our team is sharing artwork today featuring a bonus sketch! Also we have a special phrase for you to decipher along the way. Each of our blog hop ladies has a word(s) BOLDEDfor you to complete the phrase from the beginning to the end of the hop. Once you have completed the phrase, EMAIL it to for another chance at the grand prize!  If you have come here from Monica's blog, then you are on the right path. Most of the blog hop ladies will also be doing a RAK. You need to leave a comment on each blog to stand a chance of winning blog candy. If you want to take part in the hop it starts at Lisa's blog.  

Here is my layout based on the bonus sketch:
Supplies used: Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed papers: My Minds Eye (Lucky in Love); American Craft(XOXO); Man and Woman badges: Hello Forever; Hearts: Pink Paisley Artisan; Buttons: MME Lost and Found; Pearls: Fabscraps; Hearst die cut: Silhouette; Alphabet: Basic Grey. Essentially I used the January Studio Calico Wildberry Court add on. 
My DH and I have been married 34 years in March of this year. It is love that has brought us together and today we are blessed with 3 children, six grandchildren, the ministry we were called to. Our love for our Creator and Lord is the golden thread that runs through our lives and keeps us bound together.

This is the bonus sketch:
Here is our hopping order in case you need to find your way back:
1) Lisa - 
2) Kelly - 
3) Crystal - 
4) Tamika -
5) Amy
6) Mandi -
7) Kerry -
8) Heather -
9) Monica
10) (you are HERE)

And now for a chance at the prize I have for one lucky winner!!! I have put together some brand new clear stamps that have been in my stash for some time.  
In order to be eligible for the prize, please make sure you are a FOLLOWER of my blog and that you leave a comment below by midnight (Central Standard Time) on Feb.14th.  That is it! I will announce the WINNER on Friday, Feb. 15th and the winner will have until the following Friday, Feb. 22nd to claim their prize. If unclaimed, winner will forfeit prize and another winner will be drawn. Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

My blog is the final hop, now hop on over to to the Sketch N Scrap blog and leave a comment that you completed the hop. Thank you for hopping along;-)