Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can't believe we are already halfway into January.  Sometimes it just feels as if the more I try to grasp hold of time...the more it slips away.  At the beginning of this year my DH and I had a good talk and decided that we needed to have date nights.  I know we work together everyday...but even after nearly 34 years of marriage there is still something magical about going out on a date and we can still sit and talk for hours.

We have had 3 date nights so far this month...not bad if you think it is two weeks ;-)

We discovered Angelo's restaurant on the beachfront where they advertise a NEW Angelo's at OLD prices.   As you can see the view from the deck is amazing.  And watching the sky turn from blue to pink and watching the ocean turn silver is just awesome...and I can, quite frankly, not get enough of it.  The boat you see in this photo is the Jester and the owner arranges sunset cruises.  Something we will soon be doing on another date night.

On our first date night we had supper at Angelo's and then strolled over to the Boardwalk and Casino complex to watch the beautiful light and music fountain show.

Our second date was to the movies.  We went to go and see "The Life of Pi" in 3D.  I loved this movie...and I am pretty sure K humoured me when I told him I wanted to see it. That is what marriage is all about...a lot of give and take. Last weekend we again had supper at Angelo's and then went to the movies to watch the 007 movie "Skyfall".  I humoured K in going to watch this one.  I am not a very big fan of 007, it is always just too far fetched...but then again I guess the Life of Pi was also a tad far fetched. 

We started our year at the Mission on a very uneasy foot.  Traditionally the festive season is a difficult time for addicts and people with problems, as they are far from their families.  There was a lot of relapses.  There was a lot of picking up the pieces.  We uncovered a scam that has been ongoing for months.  A lot of the women on the program are addicted to pain killers and they buy Stopayne on the black market for R10 a tablet.  The codeine in the tablets are opiates and taken in large doses gives an addict very much the same rush as heroin.  For the past months we have repeatedly tested some of these women when it was obvious that they were as high as can be...every time the tests were negative.  So we decided to use a potty instead to get urine samples and the ladies tested positive.  They have for months been scooping water out of the toilet bowl for testing.  This was the sign to us that they were quite happy to be were they are and that they were not planning on changing or coming clean.  All of these women have little children and because we have a heart for children they were using the children to stay addicted because they assumed that we wouldn't let them go because they have children.  This time they had to take responsibility for their actions and we let them go.  Life is hard and it breaks my heart that people don't grab the chances they get with both hands.  It breaks my heart that they don't care enough for their children to want to want to give them a better future.

How is your first two weeks of 2013 been?  Are you and your husband spending quality time alone together?  Have the new year had it's challenges?



  1. I think it's great that you and your hubby decided to have more date nights together. It's so important in any marriage.

  2. Date nights don't happen very often in our house - a mix of being too lazy, too far away and just not making the effort.

    Not good hey?

    You are sounding well though m y dear xx

  3. Gosh that is heartbreaking :( My cousin was involved in running a similar centre in the Natal Midlands and it was heartbreaking visiting there!!!

    I hope they realise they need to stop and get help for their children's sake!!

    YAY for date night!! David and I are desperate for at least one!!! We are away for the Iron Man this weekend so will get Sunday night and most of Monday kid-free!!

  4. Awwww! That is so wonderful that you have gotten to have THREE date nights with your hubby!!!! The photos you posted here are awesome and so beautiful, too!

  5. HI.. Yes this year is off and running, already it is half way through the first month.. and good on you for investing time into your marriage.. I have been married for 30 years and my husband is a truckie, so he is away a lot and when he is home he is tired.. so we very rarely go out on a 'date'! I am sad to read about your clients at the mission.. addiction really must take hold and make them desperate to try anything rather then give it up.. and yes I feel too for the children.. that cycle needs to be broken.. May God give you wisdom and strength... I hope the rest of this week is good for you!

  6. Your year has started well - enjoy the date nights. Its heartbreaking about people but addiction is so hard to break. Hubby & I celebrate our anniversary in Jan (33years this year) & we always try 7 plan our year from this date, discuss our dreams & needs & goals - we also spend at least one day a month on a date night - also making the effort of getting dressed up & going out is so good. We hope to have more this year lol.

  7. Ooh, Lynette, your date nights with hubby is a wonderful idea and by the sound of it you two have made the most of your date nights thus far. It is sad, that some people have just given up on a good life and are not prepared to take a chance on a better life. You can take a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. Its just the children that gets hurt in the process and they do not deserve it. I take my hat off to you, to have to deal with this on a daily basis - you must be the most special caring person out there I know. Keep up the good work, as I am living proof, that it does pay off in the end, even if you only touch one or two lives a year - its all worth it.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  8. Love your date nights...think we should do the same more often xxx

  9. It's lovely to read about your date nights. I agree, marriage is all about give and take. We saw 'Skyfall' 2 weekends ago and I quite enjoyed it. Now that our kids are grown up and doing their own thing a lot of the time, we find that we have more time for just the two of us. We will be going away for a weekend soon, so I'm really looking forward to it.
    It must be so tough and frustrating for you to see parents struggling to do the right thing by their kids. I really admire you for the work you do. xx

  10. My in laws told us about th emusic fountain - apparently very good! I love that you do so many date nights - we certainly have to make the time.

    Ai it must break your heart Lynette - to see those relapses.

    And although I certainly am a fan of alternative movies and love the book of Life of Pi I have to say that it is way more far fetched than 007, but then I am a fan of the man

  11. Your date nights sound terrific! It is always fun to get out. This time of the season is somewhat long for us with our early darkness and cold weather. A movie sounds like a good idea! So sad about the little children who are effected by addictions. :(

  12. Your date nights sound wonderful!! I heard Life of Pi was good!!

    Sorry to hear about the mom's and their addictions -- I have been sober for 23 years and know first hand that it isn't an easy road -- but they have to be the ones to change it .... no one else ...

  13. Praying for the women you are reaching out to. Only the Lord can take the place of the drugs when they have such a hold.
    Gorgeous photos, and although I started the year out with a nasty cold, it has been great otherwise and I'm nearly recovered. ~ Blessings, Tracey

  14. So glad you had some fun time to start the year.
    I had my girls back for winter break in January, and then we made a short trip to Phoenix, and I drove up to the girls again 2 days ago, so.... so far so good!

  15. 3 date nights amazing.

    The ladies at the mission - heartbreaking :(

  16. Hubs and I still love date night too! I have so much to say about 2013!! So much has happened in such a short time. Outwardly for me it seems bad but in reality I think it is God doing a work in our lives and already I feel happier for it.


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