Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currently I am....

I am playing along with Julia today.

Currently I am:

Reading:  Katchy Reichs' "Bones are forever.   I love thrillers and crime stories.  Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist and most of her books are loosely based on true life cases.
Listening to: Algoa FM.  I was listening to my favourite gospel group 5th Avenue North...but changing CD's every few minutes is irritating me today.

Laughing at: Stefan.  He is a bundle of laughs and is quick to pick up what we find funny...then he will do it over and over just to hear you laugh.  What a sunny personality this little man has...I hope he stays so sweet and funny forever.

Swooning over:  My gorgeous red Hyundai Elantra.  I was so sad when my DH sold my Volvo C30, it was such a sporty, zippy car.  Initially it was a pain to drive with an automatic car, I kept trying to change gears;-)  Now I am loving my sleek new ride.
Planning: A two week holiday in April.  A week in the Drakensberg and another week in Durban and Margate.
Eating lots of : sweets and chocolates.  I don't know how I am going to get rid of my sweet tooth.
Feeling: Elated.  I just received an e-mail from our insurance broker telling me that the insurance company will be paying out for my stolen camera, lens and external flash.  (Doing the happy dance)
Discovering: that I am again spending too much time on the computer and not getting to what I should be doing...another guilty pleasure?
Looking at: my garden.  Since the drought more than a year ago we haven't activated our sprinkler system and the garden is looking very thirsty and tired in the current heat.
Wearing: shorts and a strappy top.
Cooking: B has been cooking for the past two days...and she is pretty good at making scrumptious meals...but tonight we will be eating at a nearby restaurant called Bonamia.
Wondering: whether I should sign up for a Precept Bible study course.  I always find that when I have committed to a bible study, I get closer to God and lately He feels so far away.  I know it is my fault, I spend way to little time with Him.
Trying out: a new hairstyle. I am growing my hair into one length and trying to get used to not having a fringe.
So. Share your current stuff please, either in the comments...or let me know if you are going to be doing a post.  I would love to read it.


  1. Lynette is was wonderful reading about where you are standing in life at the moment. Very uplifting reading. Thanks for sharing. I am planning to share my standing in life following your pointers here, in my post going live this Friday.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. HI..It sounds like you are having a busy happy day!! and it is so dry here too, the heat has dried everything off!!

  3. Oh I love this! And love that the insurance will pay out

  4. Hooray for good insurance! Stefan is SO cute--love the little tooth :) And what a sweet car! My minivan doesn't seem so zippy . . .

    Currently, I am . . . ok. :) I'm realizing that being imperfect is the perfect way to be. We should strive to do all we can but we will stumble and make mistakes. We can't beat ourselves up about it. Forgive ourselves and move on. Have a wonderful day!

  5. So happy the insurance is going to cover the camera!! Stefan is just ADORABLE!!! And have you ever read Patricia Cornwell?? I loveeeee her books! They are so good!!!

  6. You are sounding a lot happier and at peace again. good.

    Love the pic of stefan.

    Love how you husband wheels and deals with your vehicle at his whim!

    Have you tried Jo Nesbo? If you enjoy Kathy Reichs am sure you'll like him. Great thriller.

    Lots of love xx

  7. If I had realised you were in PE I would have made a plan - I assumed you were in CT to be honest *blush*

    I also have a sweet tooth - its almost an obsession - I don't keep anything sweet in the house and if it gets really bad I buy a small packet of sweets and then I am ok for a while again.

    YAY for the camera!!!!!

    Dont you just love when the babies do that!!!!

  8. Oh it seems like today is a good day, good news about your camera!

  9. Thanks for playing along! Soooo thrilled that the insurance is paying for your new camera. I actually can't have a fringe even though I would love one. My face doesn't stop itching if there is hair on my forehead. I know, WEIRD!

  10. Cool post Lynette! Great that you have a new ride too! Awesome...
    Love the pics of the little one too! Have a super day! xx

  11. The Volvo c40 is currently making my heart beat faster. I wish I could afford it though, but weddings aren't cheap!

  12. oOOOH love your new car & happy to hear you are heading my way! Hopefully we can meet up for coffee when you are in Durbs?

  13. Shayne - I read The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. I also love books by Lynda La Plante, Lisa Gardner and Donato Carrisi. I hate it that my husband wheels and deals with my car at his whim...I am going to strangle him if he sells this one soon.

    Laura - next time.

    Helen - That is a date...will contact you closer to the time.

  14. A fun post to read! Stefan is sooo cute and he has a tooth!! I'm spending too much time on the computer too. ;)

  15. Such a meaningful post! Great for you to look back on too! :D

  16. Oh, I think computer time is a guilty pleasure for all these days :)

  17. Great meme.
    Great to hear that you are able to replace the camera!

  18. Good to read about the fun things in your life now, enjoy!

  19. So glad the insurance will be covering your stolen camera!! Today I am blessed to be preparing for our son and his lovely wife to come over after church tomorrow for dinner. He is a pastor and we're going to his church tomorrow and are always blessed by the messages our Lord gives him. I hope you are having a lovely weekend! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  20. Another fun glad that the insurance company is covering the cost for a new camera! Love your car and the darling photo of Stefan! Thanks for sharing!


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