Monday, December 17, 2012

My favourite kind of "date".... my dates with my grand bambinos.  I don't do it nearly often enough.  A few weeks ago I took them to Garden Lovers where there is also a children's play area.
I can't believe my only little princess will be going to "big" school next year.  Time goes by much to quickly. 
 The three cousins never get enough of playing together.
 He is becoming such a tall three year old.
 ...and they have such is just go...go...go ;-)
If there is only one of a kind thing to play on...they always need to be on it at the same time. 
 See, Ouma...I got my way.
 This one is a little bunny hugger.
 Once inside the bunny enclosure...she wasn't letting go of this little bunny.
 ...and this is where I had to go and fetch her when it was time to go.
 This gorgeous little man is now 8 and a half months.  He adores his Oupa and he knows when Oupa takes him they will go outside.  He loves being outdoors. 
He is crawling all over and pulling himself up against anything he can find.  

As you have noticed, I have started posting here again.  It is just two much effort to try and keep two blogs up to date.



  1. Hi Lynette. You have got beautiful grand bambinos, so blessed you are. Your photos of the outing with them is just stunning and I can some gorgeous pages coming up featuring some of them.
    Glad you are posting here again.
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  2. Oh beautiful photos, that play area looks wonderful for kids!

  3. I am so happy to read your posts again. Beautiful grandchildren. Grandchildren are such a blessing!

  4. Your grand-babies are just so beautiful!! I can't believe he is all ready pulling himself up on the furniture! WOW! Seems like he was just born!! :) I totally understand about the two blogs -- that's why I haven't done what people have begged me to do for Brookie -- open a blog just for her!! LOL!! I don't have the time :)

  5. What a fun day, and yes, they do grow up way too fast!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  6. I love your beautiful relationship with your grandbabies - they are all gorgeous!!!

    I do plan to make a detour to PE next year - we need to meet up :)

  7. Precious times!

    Love the photos!

    (I am struggling to comment from my iPad, so sometimes I do a whole comment, and have to do it all over when I am at the computer)

  8. Looks like so much fun, Lynette! I love these photos so much!!!! Thanks for sharing their beutiful smiles with us!!!!

  9. Lynette, you are so blessed. Your grandchildren are the sweetest. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I always love seeing photos of your gorgeous family Lynette. Thanks for sharing. xx

  11. Beautiful photo's!!! It's wonderful to have family! They are the "stuff" of life! Re the pearls idea down the paper...I would not mind at all if you used the idea! I look forward to seeing your creation! ;-)

  12. I would so love to have a date with those cuties too!

  13. Awww, such a sweet post! They are all growing so fast! I can't believe your youngest grand baby is 8 months already - WOW! And look at those sweet cheeks!!! :)

  14. Awh, so very sweet. And once she is in grade 1 they just grow up too fast

  15. Ah beautiful! I am sure you are going to have TONS of dates with the Bambinos in 2013. I LOVE that you enjoy them so much. xx


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