Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I am struggling to get back into blogging, even now that I am private.  I read back on my blog the other day and it all seemed to flow so easily, so I guess maybe I just need to get back into practice.  So here goes, I suggest you get a cup of tea or coffee as this is going to take a while....and you are in for a photo overload.

As the year is winding down for some of you, it is speeding up at a dramatic pace for us.  It is our own grandchildren's end of year events...and it is all the planning of Christmas parties and events at the Mission. Before I get into the children's concerts I want to show you photo's of the first time my two baby grandson's were together and actually took notice of each other.
 My two baba's.  Juan on the left (5 months) and Stefan on the right (7 months)  I have a feeling this two are still going to be getting into all kinds of mischief in the future.
 Juan has the most beautiful dark blue eyes with a white ring around his pupils.
 Time has gone so quickly and this little man is getting ready to crawl.
 Leane is becoming a real little mommy.  She wants to pick up the two babies and carry them around.  Stefan loves his cousins and is always laughing when they are around.
 Living with Oupa and Ouma means that little Stefan is starting to do "chores" from an early age.  Here he is helping Oupa mow the lawn.

Leane started with ballet this year and last Friday afternoon it was their concert and prize giving.
 I love the "attitude" she shows in the photo.
 It is amazing to think that these little girls are only 5.
 The absolutely loved it.
 Kobus Jr, Lache and the Oumas and Oupas was sitting in the front row.  Leane had a lively (loud) conversation with us while the certificates were handed out.
 My beautiful little girl is so allergic to mozzie bites...that is the marks you see on her legs and arms.

The very next day.  Saturday morning last week it was the Siembamba School's concert and we realize again how blessed we are to be so closely involved with our grandchildren.
 Leane was a princess....
 Dewan was a bee....
 ...and Lukas a little pig.
 After the concert I wanted to take photos of the little ones.  Lukas was all posed out and didn't want the pig snout on his face any more.  It was a hot day after all and he had been in this suit for a few hours. Bribes wouldn't even work.
 Leane and Dewan was quite happy to pose as long as they could eat at the same time.
 My beautiful little Leane.
A very handsome little bee ;-)
 The first smile I got from Lukas was when he was in Oupa's arms.  
He was also quite happy to pose with Popsie the clown and her husband.



  1. It must be so wonderful to have the grandkids around. Beautiful grandkids you have from the ballet princess, the big, the bee and the littlest grandsons. I see more fun times in your future ouma (LOL)

    Have a lovely week ahead

  2. i just loved these photo's....the dancing ones are my best as a ex dance teacher....such attitude I are truly blessed with your family my friend....x

  3. oh, these are lovely! I love how they get into the spirit of things with the concerts:-) Beautiful photos too!! it is a busy time of year, I am looking forward to my holiday too!

  4. Hello Lynette,
    So nice to see these FUN pictures and the SWEET ones of the babies!! WOW, they are getting big too quick even for me. I'm so happy for you getting to see them and enjoy their events and everyday moments. How awesome for all of you to have this time together. What a beautiful family you have!!

    Blogging can be hard, you are very much involved with more important things and that is GREAT!! So blog when you can and not feel quilty when you don't. We will understand and be here when you can.
    It is going to be a busy holiday so enjoy these first ones and soak up all that babyiness!!

  5. Beautiful pictures and I loved the catch up.

    My favourite part was the loud chat she had with you in the front row. Gorgeous !

  6. Wow, stunning photos. Loved catching up. The year is rushing by too quickly now, I also want to slow it down and just take a breath.

  7. So cute! I love all the end of the year concerts! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am so happy that you & DH are so involved with your grandchildren, a true blessing for everyone...I pray that I will get to live closer to mine in the near future! Thanks for sharing your precious photos with us!

  9. How precious ... thanks for sharing your photos with us Lynette.


  10. these are the cutest pictures:) thanks for sharing. you can be so proud.

  11. Such sweet photos Lynette - they always make me smile. I love the rich family life you have & you always make me look forward to the years ahead!!

  12. It was great to catch up on all your news Lynette! You have so many beautiful photos and amazing memories of your grandchildren. You are truly blessed to be so close to your family. I'm sure these pics are going to make gorgeous scrapbooking layouts.
    Take care. xx

  13. Fantastic post! You have such a gorgeous family!!!! XOXOX

  14. I am so happy that you will be blogging more! I do find that the more regularly you do the easier it is. Catching up is close to impossible. Lovely pictures, lovely concerts. I am amzaed every year at what ballet teacher can accomplish with even the small little girls.

  15. I loveeeeee these posts of yours - a glimpse into your life with your family.

    All the kiddies are so cute and yes, that little bee is just the most adorable :)

    For me, the more I blog, the easier it is, but if I take a little break (never on 123 but on the organising one) it's difficult to get back in.

  16. Thanks for sharing Lynette. I know that blogging can sometimes feel like just another thing on the looong 'to do' list, but it's also an awesome way to reach out and connect to a community which is outside of your immediate environment. Higs to you

  17. STunning fotos!! BAie dankie dat jy dit mens ons deel :-)


  18. Awwwwwwww what precious photos!!! I just loveeeeeeeeeee all of these!! They are so adorable!!!


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