Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Vistarus Dinner and Auction

What comes to mind when you think Charity Dinner and Auction?  LOL!  Well... I heard this weekend that what comes to mind is white tablecloths and check serviettes.  Apparently some of the people were hesitant to come because charities spend as little as possible to make as big a profit as possible.  People were blown away when they arrived at the venue and was greeted with this:
We decided before hand that as this is an art auction that our decor should be dramatic and a little over the top.
We managed to find the most awesome black tablecloths embossed with silver glitter.  Just enough glitz and glamour to provide what we wanted.  This teamed with beautiful mirror center pieces and some gorgeous arums, lemons and apples sprayed purple and green provided the rest.  The greenery in this arrangement is parsley...I kid you not!
We started on Friday to get the tables into the right position.  Our men folk was still framing paintings late into the night on Friday.  On Saturday morning early we started getting the tables ready and doing the display of the paintings. I loved how vivid the green stood out on the tables.
 Little crystal pins stuck into the lemons and apples and voila....glamour.
The black tablecloths were teamed with purple.
The purple and black damask tablecloths got the green.
 After the lighting was added the venue was transformed.
Two Tone provided the musical entertainment...and if you love Katie will love them.

Some of the rare, collectable wines that were on auction.
This included this box with three KWV bottles.

Some of the art that was auctioned.
 The display of wines and some of the art.
These beautiful paintings reached the highest bids and was painted by my friend Reynette.
More of the paintings on display
We used the 2 Sisters Auctioneers and what entertainment they provided.
They squeezed the people for the next higher bid.
Reynette's paintings were very popular.
A highly successful fund raiser and enjoyed by all who attended.  Well worth all the effort that went into it.  A total of R82000 was raised.



  1. WOW WOW WOW!!! These tables are GORGEOUS AND STUNNING!! The green does pop so against the black/purple. Great job on all the decorations, how fancy and fun this must have been.

    The artwork is also WOW WOW WOW!! I saw some that would be great for me. Happy the night went well and was a success!!

    Hugs and love for you!!

  2. being in the business Lynette I am totally intrigued by the tablecovers - stunning x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Love how it all came together.

    And congrats on all that was raised - a good evening all in all!

  4. Well done! As always everything you do is just fantastic!
    So glad you had a great evening.
    Please say a little prayer for me and the rest of the staff at our school on Friday night as we host a social for the High School in aid of little Tiani. No rain and no drama would be great! LOL

  5. Absolutely stunning decor.
    Love Ansie's paintings - such talent!

  6. This is stunning Lynette!! Absolutely beautiful job on the venue, it looked amazing! I really hope you guys did well, and I know that everyone who attended would have been blown away! Great job!

  7. Everything looked stunning Lynette and the centre pieces are so creative! Great job to all.
    So happy that it was a great success. xx

  8. Looks amazing! Huge congrats on such a great success!! Only thing missing is a picture of you!! Sure you were looking glamorous on the night too!!!

  9. WOW!!! Everything looked amazing! I'm so glad the auction was so successful!

  10. Stunning!!! Beautiful!!! And very fancy. Glad to read it all went well. Congratulations

  11. Fantastic decor & evening! Well done!

  12. Wow, absolutely stunning. So glad it went well.

  13. Congratulations, it looked lovely

  14. Wow....What an amazing event!!! Beautiful job!!! So happy that the auction was a success!! That is wonderful!! Everything looked so elegant!

  15. Wow, everything looks so stunning and stylish. A great event and good money raised

  16. gorgeous, gorgeous tables and decor. Those mirrors are striking and yet so simple. Love that your friend did so well and that you guys raised a lot of money! :) :)

  17. Geluk sus!!

    En weet jy wat -= julle kan maar gerus julle dienste as event planners ook aanbied!! Pragtig!


  18. Fantastic decor & the colours were dramatic - loved the look. Congrats on the money raised thats fabulous.

  19. Wow, what a gorgeous venue!!! And such amazing art work!! Congratulations!!

  20. Gorgeous...everything! Love the color combination and table decorations! Looks like a wonderful evening, so happy that all was a success! Stunning artwork!

  21. That is AMAZING!!!! WOW!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all the photos! The tables look so elegant!!!


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