Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around here

After 14 years in full time ministry to the poor, the homeless, the addicted and the thing still profoundly affect me....and that one thing is young people in general.  It breaks my heart to see the brokenness in our young people.  I look at them and I imagine them as babies and how much happiness their birth must have brought their parents.  Out there somewhere they have family that might not know where they are or maybe their family no longer care.  You know how much I adore my children and my grandchildren and how fiercely I will protect them.  I can't get my head around the fact that young people who are so in need of love can become so rejected that nobody cares anymore.

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a mother in Gauteng.  Her son is a heroin addict and on the streets of Port Elizabeth.  She wanted us to help.  Our policy is not to go out and look for people on the streets.  They must come out of their own and because they are serious about getting better. Yesterday this young man came to us for help. His mother was overjoyed. He is in his early twenties and totally addicted to the worse drug possible.  He injected directly into the arteries on his hands and I could hardly look at his hands they were so infected.
We sent him to the hospital this morning (with a leader as we need to protect them from themselves) to have his hands seen to.  Now the withdrawal symptoms and the long walk to health start.  I am just praying that he will hang in there and not jump the wall when things become too difficult and the craving to big.  If it is part of your habit to pray, please pray for us and pray for the many people in our care that, like this young man needs healing of body, soul and spirit.


Monday, September 24, 2012

In my life right now

Okay, where to start. When I don't blog regularly it is always difficult.  These past few weeks I have written and deleted a number of posts.  So I guess I have to dive in.

I will start by telling you what a delight it is to have this little man in the house. Every morning he comes to our bed for his early morning bottle.  He is a bundle of giggles and has the cutest personality. 
He started sitting on his own at 5 months. He started going to daycare when he was 4 months and within 3 weeks he was so sick that he had to be put on his first dose of antibiotics.  We removed him from the daycare and took him to work with us.  Next month he will be starting a new daycare where only 6 babies are cared for. He will be sleeping in his own camp cot and sleeping under his own bedding....much better.

His mommy is in a relationship with a friend of six years and very much in love.  She is happy.  The new man in her life absolutely adores Stefan.  DH and I both like him...enough said;-)   Yesterday morning B and Stefan left early in the morning to attend a church service with the boyfriend and his parents.  They were then invited for lunch...Stefan being very much part of the invitation.  We are happy.  Life has come full circle.

We have had a rather hectic year and I am counting the days to Saturday when we will be leaving for Plettenberg Bay for a two week vacation.  I am pretty sure that this coming four days will be frantically busy at the mission.  I plan to eat, sleep, read, walk along the beach and rest. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life is about using the whole box of crayons - Scrap Africa challenge 9

This is the image that is the inspiration for challenge no 9 at Scrap Africa this week.
You can use the phrase on your project.
You can use crayons in any way you like - colour something with it on your LO or use it as embellishments.
Use the quote as inspiration and tell a story through your project about living life to the full.

 Now many of you know me...I don't colour outside the lines and I struggle to think outside the box. So for me this was about having fun...YES!!!!

I found this is my extensive stash:
It is a 12x12 inch piece of canvas fabric by Prima.

...then I remembered I had this beauties:
I discovered these awesome Caran D'ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons when I did an online art course.

I took the canvas and randomly coloured patches with the crayons.
Then I misted it with water and the crayon pigment dissolved.  I continued to use a paint brush to shade the colours.

Supply list:  Background canvas:  Prima; Printed papers and embellishments: IOD by Creative Imaginations: Black rubon lace: Hambly; Quote: Kaisercraft; Pearls: Kaisercraft; Other: Neocolor II crayons and texture paste.

After the canvas dried in the sun the background was set and I pasted the canvas onto cardstock.  I used some texture paste and a stencil to make the circle dots.  I found this very blurry photo of myself (the self that I would love to be) twirling in the seawater at the beach.  I added some black brushes by Rhonna Farrer to frame the photo.  I then cut a lot of pennants and placed them behind the photo.  I did some hand stitching, added this awesome quote and it was done.  I HAD FUN:-)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The gifts of grandparenting

Today I want to show you how much Stefan resembles his Mamma.  Here he is at 5 months.

And here is a photo of Bianca at around the same age.  The photo was scanned after it was in an album that wasn't acid free and that is why the photo is spotty.
We now have six grandchildren and I can honestly say that no other life event changes a person more than become a grandparent.  I remember how fierce and strict DH and I were with our young children and we have become marshmallows when our grandchildren arrived.  I believe that we have our children in some of the most stressful years of our lives.  A period when we are building our careers, building our marriages and meeting so many financial demands that all we take home to our children is irritation and stress.  When our grandchildren arrives we are older and wiser. We are financially more secure and we have time. 

We have a chance to do better with our grandchildren than we may have done with our children.  We are indeed blessed.


Friday, September 7, 2012


There is a lot to be said about forgiveness:

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."   ~ Lewis B. Smedes
"You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well."   ~ Lewis B. Smedes

If you're a child of God, then you know that in order to be forgiven you have to forgive.  You also know that with forgiveness comes healing.  I have found that forgiveness isn't a instant is a continual thing.  Thoughts and actions of others could be trigger points to bring back feelings of resentment and anger...and then you have to lay it down again.  I have come to the point where I know that forgiveness is not an is a command.  I forgive easily and more often than not I forget too.  If somebody hurts me badly, I will guard my heart more carefully and not trust that person easily a second time around.

A problem I have encountered is the fact that forgiveness doesn't necessarily lead to healed relationships.  Some people never acknowledge their part in the hurt and don't take responsibility for the havoc they caused.  Some relationships can be cut off and you can move on....but with family, well, it is complicated.  If you have a family member that has caused strife and discord in the family that has left the family totally is complicated.  When this destructive behaviour continues and you see the hurt it is causing,  sooner rather than later you know that it is time for action. It is time to set boundaries. You have to make a decision that you will not give that person any further power to hurt you or your loved ones. I am now taking that next step.  I am putting my foot down and saying no more messing with my emotions.  I will not give ear to any bad mouthing of those I love.

Do you get something called the "perfect" family?
What would you do, if a close family member continues with this type of behaviour?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I absolutely ADORE you - Scrap Africa sketch # 9

What a shame that I am only scrapping a photo of Stefan now...when he is already 5 months old.  This little man has been such a delight to us since his birth.  It is awesome having grand children and it is even more awesome when they grow up in your home and you see how they develop.  It was also an awesome journey to see B grow into a wonderful mother to Stefan.  We are so proud of her.

I made this layout for Scrap Africa's sketch #9.  Please visit our blog and see what beautiful layouts the design team made based on this month's sketch.
Supplies used:  Cardstock:  Bazzill;  Printed paper:  My Minds Eye (Follow Your Heart); buttons and banner: My Minds Eye (Follow your heart); Butterfly: K& Company; Punch: Martha Stewart: Twine: WeR Memory Keepers.

I even experimented with ink splatters;-)  Very brave of me:-D  
I love the hexagon pattern that is such a trend right now and wanted the circle and the hexagon's to pull the photo's together.

Here is Evgenia's sketch.  You have until 15 September to make a layout based on the sketch and upload it to the Scrap Africa blog.

And one lucky winner will receive this lovely prize from our sponsor:

There are 17 sheets of Art from the heart papers sponsored by

Happy weekend...