Thursday, July 5, 2012

A scrappy post - just saying;-)

It has been a month since my last post and I did say that I would continue to post my scrapbooking creations here.  I have given myself until the end of next week to decide on the future of the blog.  By then I will know whether I will just keep it to showcase my work.  I am in two minds at this stage.  I have a private blog and have been thinking of moving all my musings and family stories there....but then I am still in two minds. is a mini album I finished last week.  It was bought from The Scrappy Gourmet in kit form.  The designer of the kit is Linda Albrecht.  This isn't my usual style...but gosh...I loved making it:-)
 The front page is so bulky and full of texture and dimension that I love everything about it.  The range used for the album is My Minds Eye Miss Caroline.  The album measures 9 inch by 7 inch.
The album is aptly named "faces that make me smile" and I decided to fill it with photos of my DH, my darling children and my precious grandchildren.  They are truly my treasures and the faces that make me smile.  This photo was taken during a photo shoot in 2011 and before Stefan and Juan was born.  Here is DH and I with our then four grandchildren.

There was a lot of painting, machine stitching and hand sewing done on this little album.
The photo of Leane (nearly 5 years old and my only grand daughter) and the pony (Benji) was taken on Wynand and Nadia's small holding.
Also taken at the photo shoot.  Wynand (my second born), Nadia and their two boys Christian and Lukas.
My baby, Bianca...with her baby, Stefan (my 5th grandchild).
Little Stefan when he was only 12 days old.
Leane...obviously not happy to see the camera again;-)
Christian (aged 10) on his motorbike.
Wynand and Nadia while on holiday.
Leane and Dewan meeting their baby brother Juan for the first time.
Kobus Jr. (my first born), Lache and their two little ones (pre Juan days)
These three go to the same day care and the photo was taken at their end of year school concert.
Lukas (aged 4) is such a happy little guy and he adores his Oupa.
This beautiful child is Dewan (aged 3).

When I look through this little album I am reminded how much family means and how blessed I am to have my children and grandchildren living within 3 kilometers from our home.  I cherish each moment spent with them.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous family xxxx

  2. Oh it's beautiful - so mich thoigh an work went into it, i think I may have lost my link to your other blog.

  3. Simply stunning! Hope you continue to blog...

  4. I am also a grandma and what a blessing! I love reading about your grandchildren and love your layouts. I also understand this is all time consuming. Best wishes.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, Lynette!! I love all of the Miss Caroline, you used throughout the book! What a great way to showcase all of these photos!!

  6. This is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I love love love all the details and the photos!!!

  7. Just love this – a real feast for the senses. Wishing you a fab Friday.
    Digistamps4Joy DT Member
    Doing Life

  8. Hello Lynette,
    Have missed seeing posts here this month, so happy to see this.

    What a sweet and pretty album this is, love all the family photos inside. How fun it will be to look thru this and see all the family you have and love.

    I love all the embellishments for this album, so pretty!!

    Will miss seeing your pictures and hearing stories from you but understand the need to not continue it.

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying the new baby, hard to believe it's been a month already. Take care!

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous.

    How you had the patience to do it thou - i don't know! Well done as it is truly a work of art xx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous album... made me smile even!!! Good luck with your bloggy decision... do what is best for you!

  11. Wow! I can honestly say that I haven't seen anything quite as beautiful in long, long time. What a wonderful keepsake Lynette. xx

  12. This is such a lovely album Lynette! I love all the textures, stitching etc!!

  13. wow ! so much going on in your wonderful family's life , Lynette ! especially the new grand baby additions ! woohoo !

    I dare say you still create far me than i do ! lol I too have lost steam with scrapping especially - too few meaningful pics to scrap with - I'll definitely always keep making cards !

    otherwise these are the best & worst of time - on the best end of things - real life keeps me busy good and off the crafty table - on the worst end I have stupid people on my hands who just tried overdosing themselves with drugs that cant kill 'em !

  14. Okay, that album is just adorable...and so is your family!

  15. i absolutely adore this!!! you did such a wonderful job!! really pretty!!


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