Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am back:-)

After a two month break, I am back.  My life is still hectic, but it is slowly getting back to normal. A lot has happened these past two months and I decided to do a "catch-up" post in photos.
At the beginning of June our sixth grandchild, Juan was born.

June started cold and wet and in this pouring rain Kobus Jr's best friend Estienne got married to Felicia.
The wedding was beautiful and the newly married couple very much in love.

A week later we travelled to Cape Town for the wedding of my nephew Michael to his bride Simone.
Many of these photos were taken by Stefanie.
With me is my sister Ansie....and there wasn't one photo of me without Stefan in the arms.
Bianca with her girl cousins Stephanie and Robyn.
My mother with my sisters Anita and Herlien.
My love and I.
The beautiful and scrumptious wedding cake was baked by my sister Ansie.  Death by chocolate cake.
Little Lukas turned 4 in June and here he is with his "Toy Story" cake and his Buzz Lightyear suit.
...a half eaten Woody....
...the cake was a work of art....
...and he was a very happy little man.
Oupa was caught by the cowboys and cowgirls and taken captive.
Lukie received a Leap pad for his birthday.

Time is flying and I stand in awe when I see how quickly the two new babies in our lives are growing.
Stefan will soon be 4 months.  He has been sleeping through from before he was a month old.  He does, however, believe that he is too big to sleep in the day and fights sleep with all his might.  He is a happy, smiley baby.  His hands are constantly in his mouth and teething is possibly the next stage in his life.
Leane remains the only little princess in our lives...and that is good, because when Ouma sees a cute skirt like this one...she is sure to get it.
Dewan had a collision with the floor and he has grown from our baby to an older brother.
Her birthday will only be in August...but after seeing Lukas' Leap pad she insisted that she needed one too.
Gorgeous little Juan is already 6 weeks.
....see...I told you totally gorgeous!
Little Stefan...another gorgeous little treasure.

I am hoping to catch up with the goings on in blogland in the coming day or two.  Can't wait to see what I have been missing.



  1. Busy, busy, indeed. You are so blessed with such a beautiful family.
    Lots of hugs
    PS: Sorry we did not pop in this time when we were in PE, but things were just very hectic with the funeral and family matters this time round.

  2. So very very happy to see you back! And lots of lovely goings on. Is it the Felicia we know from the past? Gosh she looks gorgeous! And the Leappads are really great toys.

  3. @Cat - yes it is the Felicia that Kobus Jr dated after his divorce. She is a beautiful girl.

  4. Welcome welcome back!! Great to see you and have a little catch up. xxx

  5. Wow, so much has happened, lovely photo rich post. That was a fabulous Buzz and Woody cake! Love that Woody was eaten as well. A real treasure trove of eye candy looking through your images. Thanks for that.

  6. so much happiness and love in your life and family, Lynette! it is very nice you and your dear once again! ♥ I am glad you are back! ♥

  7. Missed your updates! Sounds like you've had a lot of stuff going on. Hope things start to settle down for you soon enough. Kids are GORGEOUS.xx

  8. What a fun photo tour!! Such a lot happening in the lives of the Jacobs! Glad to have you back Lynette!!!

  9. What a precious batch of photos celebrating your beautiful family, Lynette! You are so sweet to always leave such nice comments on my blog.

  10. Such wonderful photos!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the Toy Story cake!! And your grandbabies are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  11. Congratulations on the new grand babies...they are adorable!

  12. Loved seeing your pretty photos... weddings, babies, and parties!!! Looks like fun!

  13. Great to see a new post Lynette!! Great photos of your family and I love the Toy Story outfit and birthday party!!

  14. Welcome back! Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. The 2 babies are beautiful!!
    That Toy Story cake is the best!

  15. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures of your life. So gorgeous and what a beautiful family. Nice to see you back and hang in there, you know He doesn't give us more than we can handle (with lots of serious knee-mail).


  16. I hoped when I saw your comments in my inbox that you had perhaps blogged again.

    Such gorgeous pics which definately capture your family perfectly.

    The babies are getting SO big!

    Good to have you back - now don't be a stranger for too long again, see?

  17. So glad your back and sharing these beautiful pictures of your family!! How cute the babies are, growing so much already, glad you had so much time to spend with them. How fun with the Toy Story, loved it!!

    Hope you are doing well also, take the time to care for YOU!!
    Thanks for sharing these with us, and hope to see more of you soon!!

  18. great catch up!! the photos are beautiful and that cake...stunning! the babies are too sweet:)

  19. great catch up!! the photos are beautiful and that cake...stunning! the babies are too sweet:)

  20. Left you an award on my blog

  21. So glad you are back! Wow, what a beautiful family you busy, and full and beautiful..what a great thing to have in life :) I am glad you are taking the time to enjoy every little bit of it!

  22. Welcome back Lynette! I love looking at all your photos. You certainly have been very busy and all those new little ones in the family can be oh so time consuming (in a wonderful way). Hope to 'see' you around more often. xx

  23. Love your photo's Lynette and you are truly blessed to have such a great family, with such gorgeous little one's! They are so precious! Yesterday my little boy turned 5 and I am still so amazed that a little boy could have added so much joy to my life! ;-)
    Thanks also for your kind comments re Scrap Africa is really appreciated!

  24. So lovely! Thank you for sharing your sweet photos, especially both of your new little grandsons!


  25. Horay! So nice to see that you are back. I know you have been so so so super busy. The new grandbabies are just way to beautiful and it looks like you have had quite a year. Hugs my friend and blessings.


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