Monday, July 16, 2012

I am angry and sad angry and sad that I need to get it off my chest.  So here is another post that will probably soon be deleted again.  Over the past 14 years many people have asked me the question:  "How does your heart handle the work you do at the Mission?"  My usual answer is that you get used to any and all circumstances that come your way.  When we started the Mission 14 years ago, our prayer was "Lord break our hearts with that which breaks Yours."    Well...BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR.

This cute little man came into our lives when he was only a few months old.  His parents (both addicted to alcohol and drugs) were living in a car wreck at the time.  They came to the Mission and did really well.  This little character developed the most amazing personality and crawled into our hearts from the word go.  A year ago his father realized his dream to become a heavy vehicle driver and things looked so good.  Then within a month it all changed.  His parents fell back into their addiction and this innocent little man was dragged along with them.  It broke our hearts that a little boy has to pay the price of his parents mistakes.
A stone's throw from the mission, across the railway tracks...that is where they went to live.  The tracks you see are the tracks where numerous trains travel between Port Elizabeth/Couga/Uitenhage.  There are a number of adults and children living in these shacks.  In the day the children can be seen playing on the tracks.
We pleaded with the parents to bring William back and to come back on the program so that they can be helped with their addiction and back onto their feet again.
Last week the little boy crossed a busy road to get back to the Mission on his own.  The staff took him, bathed him and dressed him in clean clothes...gave him food.  Then his mother arrived and took him away again.
I couldn't sleep.
What if he gets knocked down by a car the next time he ventures out.
What if he gets hurt on the railway tracks.
What if one of the adults violate him while they are drunk or high.
I could never live with myself if I didn't do something.
So the next time he came we wouldn't let him go again.  We called in the authorities.  They gave the father an ultimatum.  Return to the Mission or they will remove the little boy.  So he came back and we were so happy.  All's well that ends well...or so we thought.

This morning the father had disappeared and so has the little boy....and I have no words.


  1. Oh Lynette, how my heart breaks not only for this precious little child, but for you too at the mission who try your best and whoo has grown to love and care for him.

    I will pray, and pray.

    Lots of love.
    (Missing you here)

  2. Lynette I can't imaging what kind of person you are - I admire your strength! it breaks my heart just to read some of the stories you share here and there is so much more that you must handle basically every day of your life... all what is left to pray but luckily it is so much!

  3. I have no words either. I feel your heartbreak and am at a loss to even encourage or say something uplifting. Sterkte.

  4. Your story brought tears to my eyes Lynette. I really hope everything turns out well for this little guy and I pray that you have the strength to deal with your own emotions. Take care. xx

  5. Oh my goodness. The poor child. Is the mother in any condition to say where she thinks he may have gone? We all live in our safe little worlds and have no clue of the struggle that some people are faced with. I pray it's a good outcome, I really do. xx

  6. Heartbreaking Lynette!! I will pray for the little boy and his family and for you and those at the Mission!! Some of the hardest work involves being attached to children, who are neglected or endangered by their parents!!

  7. Prayers go out to you and this little man.

  8. Prayers go out to you and this little man.

  9. Lynette u are one amazing woman!
    The love you have for others....amazing!

  10. Oh no!! I am so sorry Lynette!! I will pray for his beautiful heart and hope that he returns to you soon.... my heart is bleeding from this...

  11. How sad for all of you, especially the little boy. I'll keep you in my prayers. xx

  12. The really breaks your heart. You do such amazing work and yet some people just can't see the good in amongst all their bad. Lots of hugs and prayers for you.

  13. My dearest Lynette,

    I am so heartbroken to read this posting..please do not delete it as it is so sad but surreal.

    May GOD always bless those who help unconditionally.

    hugs and prayers coming your way,

  14. This is soo heartbreaking! I pray that the little boy is safe and healthy and that he will find his way back to the mission! Please dear God!

  15. I am so sorry & really just pray for you all & that precious child. Its so sad and what you do is so worthy & life saving.

  16. What a gorgeous kid!
    And how heartbreaking for you that love him.

    He seems resourceful, with a mind of his own.
    I'm guessing he will run way from his father, and come back.
    Lots of love

  17. I'm so sorry to hear of your heartbreak ... so sad but my friend, we'll pray.


  18. Oh dear Lynete - what a sad story :( I suppose you can't keep everyone under lock and key all day or that would be a jail. Pity that you can't care for the children without the adults & that the adults don't voluntarily surrender their children to people that can do a good job of raising them. That cute little boy will probably go on to become a criminal like so many others. It is very sad to see a cycle self-perpetuating...

  19. this is a very sad story, and i hope and pray for a happy ending:)

  20. Oh lynette... that is so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to this poor innocent child... and for you: You can only help those that WANT to be helped. As heart breaking as that is. I am sorry :( (((Hugs)))

  21. Heartbreaking. The powerlessness must be overwhelming. Sometimes it can all just be too much, much love to you. Mel .

  22. I am sitting here thinking about this sweet little boy and what his life is going to be like if the situation doesn't change... I am so sad for him and of course also his family.
    Addictions are so hard to break and in their 'lucid' moments the parents ought to stop and think about what they should do for love. I am sure they do love their little boy and want what's best for him.
    I am sittingh here with tears in my eyes hoping that the little darling will be able to come back so you can keep him out of harm's way.
    You are doing a wonderful job Lynette and you are so strong!!

  23. Wow! Hugs and prayers to you and your family for everything that you do at the very sad that young children have to pay for their parents weaknesses! Praying for a happy ending for the little boy, praying for his safety! Bless you for your heartfelt work to others!

  24. prayers prayers and more prayers.


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