Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Stefan - new life

Our little grandson was born on Friday 30 March at 1:45 pm, weighing in at 3,34kg.  I was so blessed, I was Bianca's birth partner and could be with her throughout the C-section.  I was there to hold her hands and help her relax while they administered the spinal block.  I could sit beside her and watch my little grandson come into this world.  What an awesome experience.
My very first view of him emerging from his mommy's womb.
I immediately noted his big hands:-)
Just before his first cry. Just look how blue those little hands and feet are.
Slightly cleaner and with a clean bill of health from the Pediatrician. Exercising those little lungs.
Meeting Mommy....what an awesome moment.
In Ouma's arms for the first time.  Weighed and already given shots.
Then it was into the incubator until Mommy came out of surgery.
In Mommy's arms.
Ouma and Oupa admiring their new grandson.
Such a beautiful, perfect child.
One day old and already only wants Mommy.
Oupa's big hands completely covering Stefan's little body.
Even now, after a week this is still his preferred position.
Going home and looking so tiny in his baby chair.
Leane and Dewan couldn't wait to meet their new cousin and couldn't get close enough either.
Dewan...such a beautiful child.
Leane, being the BIG cousin...insisted that she needed to hold him too.

Thank you for the opportunity to brag about my new, tiny little baba.


  1. So precious and such beautiful photographs! Praise God for new life!

  2. oh congratulations!!!! he is looking so strong!! he is beautiful!! may God bless him and mommy:)

  3. Oh Lynette, I am in tears....what a wonderful experience for you as the granny and mother to your daughter.
    Brag my friend, this little boy is a gift from God...we share your joy with you.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Oh, so beautiful! Mommy & baby are beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Sending lots of blessings!

  5. Congratulations to Bianca on the birth of Stefan!! He is beautiful!! I totally enjoyed these amazing photos of new life! How exciting that you have another grandbaby to love, Lynette. Loved the photo of the little cousins enjoying this sweetie!! :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse into this happy time! :)

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson Lynette. He is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family. xx

  7. Finally!

    I have been waiting for this post.

    Such gorgeous pics and what a priviledge to be at Bianca's side during the birth. You will forever have a bond with this darling little boy of yours.

    Thank you for sharing with us xx

  8. What a beautiful blessing Lynette! I know he is precious and a gift!

  9. Sjoe. I have goosebumps looking at these pictures. How fantastic that you got to be part of the birth. Must have been an amazing experience. Congrats to all.xx

  10. Baie geluk! Ek het gewonder wanneer gaan ons hom sien.
    Mag hy vir julle 'n groot seën wees.

  11. The miracle of life is so amazing and you did a beautiful job of capturing this special moment!!! Congratulations again!

  12. Such beautiful photos Lynette, that capture that indescribable moment as a new life enters this world. It almost makes me want another one. Enjoy every moment - I'm sure I don't need to tell you how fast it goes x x

  13. Hi Ouma,
    He's absolutely gorgeous. Love your photos. You really captured him so beautifully.
    Hope Bianca is doing well and adjusting - I too was lucky to have my Mom with me at my first delivery and her help in the first months was invaluable.

  14. COngratulations to Bianca and to your whole family - he is GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Wow Lynette. How beautiful you all look. How wonderful that you were able to be with Bianca through the whole experience. What a blessing to be witness to such a miracle. I am so happy for Bianca to have bought this precious child into this world and to your family. You are all very blessed. Congrats.

  16. Congratulations! He is just SO beautiful!

  17. He is so BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats to Mom and the entire family!

  18. Congrats! He is beautiful! What a blessing he is to your family! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  19. Congrats! Stunning photos, such a wonderful blessing to enrich your family.

  20. OH wow, congratulations!!!!
    I had to say, this is the closest I ever come to a new born baby, when I had mine, I was in C-secion, my baby was fully dressed when I first meet them, LOL!
    Thanks for capturing those wonderful moment and shared them.

  21. Oh! He is beautiful! What a privilege for you all to welcome this new little fellow.


  22. Looking at these pics of this exquisite child and his Mommy, I can't help thinking of the journey to this point.
    And the faith it took to see good on its way when things looked so dark.
    Now we witness the faithfulneess and grace of God and to rejoice with you all.
    Congrats to Bianca - may you all find great joy in this baby.


  23. Congratulations, Lynette. Thank you for shraing.

  24. What an awesome experience to have as a ouma. Enjoy every minute of Stefan as a Ouma and as a family. xxx

  25. oh my, he is so darling! Congrats on being a grandma once again!

  26. Congrats on the new little baby!! He is soooo adorable, love all the pics of him. How sweet that you got to be there to help and see him come into the world. So happy all went well for baby and mommy!!
    Enjoy this blessed gift and your Easter with the family.

    Thanks for sharing with us!! Just what I need right now!

  27. it is just so beautiful! he is such a little chubby cutey!

  28. Congratulations Lynette on the birth of such a precious little grandson! Wow what a wonderful experience to be there for his birth day and to capture such awesome pictures for him to look back upon!

  29. Simply Wonderful, What a little perfect gift from God.

    For Bianca:

    God gave this Child to you to Guide,
    To Love, to Walk through Life beside.

    A Little child so full of Charms, to fill a pair of Loving arms.

    God picked you out, because he knew,
    How safe His Child would be with You.

  30. What fabulous pictures! Congratulations!! I simply cannot WAIT to be a gramma!! :D

  31. A huge huge congratulations on the birth of this precious blessing of a boy. And what great moments to share.

    Please tell Bianca too - many many blessings for the road ahead for them.

  32. Absolutely amazing! Congratulations, you have a beautiful family.

  33. Congratulations, to all of you! What a special time for you. Had a lump in my throat looking at the photos, they are precious. You have a stunning family. Charni xx

  34. I came looking for these! Knew I would get to them eventually!! Congratulations! Beautiful photos! That one of him in the incubator he has the Jacobs mouth...


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